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stretch film equipment
stretch film equipment

Rolls stretch film Limited - Best Stretch Film Manufacturing

As a packaging supply company, Rolls stretch film Limited was founded with the clear goal of providing top-notch packaging to businesses throughout the globe at the most competitive pricing.

We identified our focus, focusing entirely on the stretch film market, with our extensive knowledge and experience in the packaging sector. As a result, we were able to reduce our pricing without compromising the renowned level of quality and quickness.

We are currently one of the top suppliers of stretch films and associated products for the packaging industry. We are continuously modernizing and developing to meet the needs of our active market by affiliating with suppliers to bring inventive solutions to the market. We recognize the demands of our clients to offer superior products, economic solutions, product protection, and eco-friendly responsibility. We test ourselves every day to meet those requirements.

Our customers are the reason we are here. We are happy to hear from you. When you contact us, you will always speak directly to a friendly, knowledgeable team member whose purpose is to help provide a solution to your packaging needs. We are an invaluable resource to packaging distributors — offering extensive product knowledge, industry understanding, and commitment to your needs and growth.

The spirit of modernization motivates our operations to this day. We are constantly working to provide the best quality product and the most comprehensive solutions to the challenges of the packaging industry.

We are always looking to earn the respect of our clients. To do that, we put a high value on customer service and providing high-quality products. In addition, we also pursue the respect of our staff. We foster an atmosphere of creativity and innovation to best assist our clients.


Today, Rolls stretch film Limited manufacture and sell the high-performance stretch film to distributors and businesses worldwide. We can guarantee the integrity of every roll we send by continuously optimizing and calibrating our production process.

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Company Environment

stretch flim factory

Producing department

stretch flim factory

Company environment

stretch flim factory

Producing department

See why we are the best

Superior flexibility and processability are crucial throughout the entire value chain, and we are always exploring for new ways to produce stronger yet thinner films.

With our assistance, you may design, develop, and test the product, enhancing pallet protection, mechanical behavior, and sustainability.

By helping you downgauge your stretch films, we can guarantee great technical performance.

Continuous train of team,grasp new tech,fulfill clients' demands

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All our products meet strict tolerance criteria and quality standards,So our customers always choose to cooperate with us.


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