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A thin, stretchable plastic sheet is called a stretch wrap. It is typically constructed of polyethylene. It is used to seal and secure goods onto a pallet. The film is covered around the pallet, applying pressure, and allowing the film to extend its length, making a force that allows it to be held in place.

The pre-stretched film is produced using a method that enables the stretching of the film before application. Two breakers pre-stretch the film. The film is extended between the two breakers because the second one rotates more quickly than the first.

Yes, we focus on a wide range of opaque and colored films. Often a perfect answer for product identification, inventory supervision, theft prevention, etc.

Opaque films do not let light through the film. Since light cannot pass through the film this generates a natural U.V. (Ultra Violet) shield for covered goods. Opaque stretch films also offer better protection from theft! Opaque films protect deliveries while they are in transport by not allowing “would-be” thieves to see the contents of your palletized loads.

Yes, stretch film “stretches” and sticks to itself. Shrink film needs heat applied to it to allow it to “shrink” around the objects being covered.

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