Rolls Stretch Film's electrical wire film is designed to provide superior protection for your delicate wiring. The advanced co-extruded film combines the best of both worlds - extreme durability and superior clarity. This ensures that you will be able to easily identify your wiring and make quick repairs when needed. The film also features an anti-static surface that repels dust, dirt, and moisture; keeping your wiring clean and safe from damage. Plus, the high-performance wrap technology provides maximum cling to hold it in place for reliable protection over time. With Rolls Stretch Film's electrical wire film, you can have peace of mind knowing that your wiring is securely covered with trusted protection. Get top-quality protection for your electrical wires today!

Electrical wire film
Electrical Wire Film (EWF) is a type of insulation material used to protect wires and cables from the elements, such as extreme temperatures, moisture, dust, and abrasion. This specially designed film is resistant to breakdowns caused by Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI). EWF typically consists of polyethylene or fluorinated ethylene-propylene (FEP) with an adhesive backing for easy application.

The main purpose of EWF is to ensure that electrical energy flows safely and efficiently throughout a system without interference from external conditions. To achieve this, it must be applied carefully to properly insulate each wire or cable against heat transfer, shock resistance, corrosion, and conductivity loss.
Electrical wire film
  • An exclusive type of packaging material used to wrap electrical wires prevents secondary contamination.
  • The packaging of the items may look more appealing due to the electrical wire film’s exceptionally high transparency.
  • Appropriate product packaging for electrical cables that is moisture-proof, durable, and of average size.
  • Low-temperature shrinkage, practical operation, and affordable packing.
  • Electrical wire films are used in a variety of products, including wire, cable, hose, steel tubes, all forms of precision rollers, mechanical equipment, hardware accessories, and furniture.

why choose Our Electrical wire film

Electrical wire films are used to wrap the electrical wires, preventing them from being physically harmed and giving them a shock-proof exterior. Rolls Stretch Film Limited has a plethora of expertise as a manufacturer, exporter, and distributor of these wire wrap films.They may get a variety of color shades, widths, thicknesses, and specifications from Rolls Stretch Film, making them perfect for wrapping wires of different thicknesses & inside materials. Wire wrap polyester film from Rolls Stretch Film is continually in high demand because of its strong tensile and anti-impact strength, high heat-sealing capacity, transparency, glossy look, and high heat-sealing ability. Our wire wrapping films are also in high demand on the market because of their stickiness and durability to extreme temperatures. Our executives are available to you 24 hours a day, so feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries.

Electrical wire film

The Advantage of Our Electrical Wire Film

Electrical wire film's cohesiveness is created through static adsorption.

Electrical wire film is soft, water-soluble, self-adhesive, good at withstanding retraction and tensile forces, and puncture resistance.

• It guards against the items becoming contaminated, rusted, and scratched while being transported and straggling.

• Great transparency can enhance the aesthetic appeal of packed cables.

• With exceptional high-and low-temperature resistance.

• It is extremely convenient to utilize in challenging forms and has good dielectric characteristics.

advantage stretch film

Our advantage

High-performance electrical insulation is possible with the help of electrical wire films from Rolls Stretch Film. These heat-sealable polyimide tapes are designed to function at their best in even the most demanding insulating applications. The tapes provide a high dielectric strength as well as superior heat and chemical resistance. Their increased demand is a result of their high tensile strength, narrow thickness tolerance, and speedy wrapping.

Production processes

1.Use Top Qualified Virgin Material,Refuse to use bad or used materials.


Material is the base of a top qualified product.

2.High flexibility and durable puncture resistance

High flexibility,not easy to be broken when wrapping

3.High stretch ability save your cost

500% stretch,maximun reduce your packaging cost.

4.High cling ability of the films

Material is the base of a top qualified product.

5.High precision stretch film auto-production line

Good stretch films relies on good advanced equipment

Application field

Electrical wire films are perfect for cable ends in suspension bridge wires as well as other wire rope rigging applications because they are fray-resistant. These are also accessible, in addition to extended joint-free lengths, exact thickness tolerances, uniformity in the physical property, improved tensile strength, and other characteristics. Since they allow for straightforward repairs and point-to-point connections, they are perfect for prototypes. Rolls Stretch Film Limited's wire wrap films are designed to be more dependable than alloy connections. Electrical wire films are frequently used in electrical wires, cables, doors, and windows made of aluminum alloy, different types of steel, precision rollers, hardware accessories, furniture, and building decorative elements, among other things.

Packing of building materials
Thermos packing
Packing of furniture supplies
Wood packaging

100% Safety Guaranteed

We provide very good quality and competitive prices for all our products.

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Electrical wire film is a type of insulation that is used to cover and protect electrical wires. It is made of a thin plastic film that is designed to protect the wires from moisture, corrosion, and other environmental factors. The film is also designed to provide a smooth surface to make electrical connections easier.

  1. Improved safety 
  2. Reduced costs 
  3. Improved electrical performance 
  4. Easy to install 
  5. Increased lifespan 
  6. Aesthetically pleasing 

Electrical wire film is typically made by extruding a thin film of plastic over a copper or aluminum wire core. The extrusion process involves forcing a molten plastic resin, such as polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride, through a die under pressure to create a continuous film. The film is then wound onto a spool for storage and use. The plastic film acts as an insulator, protecting the wire and its connections from electrical shorts and corrosion.

  1. Insulation;
  2. Shielding;
  3. Connectors;
  4. Corrosion Protection;
  5. Thermal Protection.
Electrical wire film


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