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Rolls Stretch Film’s bundling stretch film is the perfect solution to secure and protect your products from tampering, dust, moisture, or other damage. Our high-quality stretch wrap is designed to ensure that your products stay intact throughout their journey. Plus, our film comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to meet any custom needs you may have. We understand that protecting your products is critical to any business, so we offer a variety of films to fit all your needs. We also have an unmatched selection of colors and custom graphics, allowing you to brand and customize your product wrapping.

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Introduction to Bundling Stretch Film

Bundling stretch film is a versatile and cost-effective product used to package products of any shape or size. It is often used in combination with shrink wrap or vacuum sealers to provide an extra layer of protection and security. Bundling stretch film can be made from a variety of materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, vinyl, nylon, and others. This type of packaging is widely used across industries and applications including food, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, and retail items.
The benefits of bundling stretch film are numerous – it provides superior tear resistance for safe handling; it has excellent cling properties to reduce product shifting during transit; its low cost makes it a cost-effective solution; and its lightweight design allows for easy storage, transportation, and application. Additionally, it is available in a variety of sizes and colors to meet the needs of any packaging project.
Bundling stretch film is an ideal solution for product bundling and unitizing. It can be used to package products like paper rolls and other large items together, as well as smaller items such as water bottles or cans.

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why choose Our Bunding Stretch film

We take great pride in providing bundling film solutions for grouping tiny objects. Doing away with the need for boxes and other pricey methods of putting together items, can offer several benefits related to cost savings. We offer everything you need, whether you require black bundler wrap to hide priceless items and stop them from deteriorating or a bundler stretch film system that won't leave a sticky residue. We provide stretch film bundles in a range of widths and sizes. Users frequently have preferences on the width of the film, and occasionally a particular width is required to form fit a product. Frequently, the film's thickness matters more than its breadth. The strength of the bundling film is directly correlated with its thickness.

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The Advantage of Our Bunding stretch film

Quickly safeguard a single package or wrap several products together.

Good for objects with odd shapes that can necessitate a more labor-intensive application of the protective layer.

Can be used in place of wire, tape, or strapping

Additionally protects the goods from the elements that are exposed outside.

Can be used in place of strapping, tape, or wire.

Can be used right out of the box without the need for a dispenser, handles, or other equipment.

How do Bunding stretch film work

  • Bundling film is more economical and quicker to use than strapping or tape for combining items for shipment.
  • One plastic dispenser is included in each case.
  • Film will not leave a residue on products.
  • Quiet and clear cast film.
  • Available in case quantities.
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Our advantage

For packaging shipping products, banding items on a pallet for internal transfer, or wrapping pipes and wood to minimize damage from sticky tape residue, our flexible film delivers the best cling and puncture resistance.

For usage in a variety of business sectors and applications, our company provides a choice of stretch films, including regular, extended core, and black security wrap. Stretch film or stretch wrap from us adds still another layer of protection and sales appeal for your products due to its high level of transparency and clarity.

Production processes

1.Use Top Qualified Virgin Material,Refuse to use bad or used materials.


Material is the base of a top qualified product.

2.High flexibility and durable puncture resistance

High flexibility,not easy to be broken when wrapping

3.High stretch ability save your cost

500% stretch,maximun reduce your packaging cost.

4.High cling ability of the films

Material is the base of a top qualified product.

5.High precision stretch film auto-production line

Good stretch films relies on good advanced equipment

Application field

Our high-quality stretch film has the advantages of high transparency, strong toughness, high elasticity, high viscosity, waterproof and moisture-proof, cold and heat resistance,It can be used in industrial production and logistics transportation to protect goods from extrusion.

Packing of building materials
Thermos packing
Packing of furniture supplies
Wood packaging

100% Safety Guaranteed

We provide very good quality and competitive prices for all our products.

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FAQ for Bunding stretch film

Bundling film is used for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Some of the most common uses include:


– Manufacturing circuit boards and other electronic components

– Sealing products in packaging to keep them fresh

– Creating weatherproofing barriers

– Insulating cables and wires

One of the benefits of bundling stretch film is that it can help to prevent product damage. When products are tightly wrapped in stretch film, it helps to keep them from shifting around in the package and from coming into contact with other products. This can help to prevent damage and keep the products safe during transport.

There are three main types of bundling stretch film: hand, machine, and static.

There are a few things you can do to troubleshoot bundling stretch film problems:

– Check the film quality. Make sure you are using high-quality film that is not damaged or defective.

– Check the roll diameter. Make sure the rollers are adjusted to the correct diameter for the film you are using.

– Check the machine speed. Make sure the machine is running at the correct speed for the film you are using.

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