Hand Stretch Film

Hand Stretch Film

Rolls Stretch Film is a trusted provider of quality hand-stretch films for all your moving and storage needs. Our films provide superior protection from dirt, dust, moisture, and other elements that can damage or contaminate your goods. The perfect combination of strength and clarity creates a secure bond around your items that won't let go until you want it to. With our great selection of films, we can provide whatever strength and clarity are right for your specific needs. Whether you need hand stretch film for residential or commercial use, Rolls Stretch Film has the perfect solution to meet your needs. Get in touch today to find out how we can help!

Hand-Held Stretch Wrap

Introduction to Hand stretch film

Hand stretch wrap is an incredibly versatile and cost-effective packaging material. It can be used to secure a variety of objects such as boxes, pallets, and furniture. It is made from plastic film that has been stretched around the object, providing a strong bond that helps protect items from dust, moisture, pressure, and other environmental elements. Additionally, it is also easy to apply and remove by hand using a pre-stretched handle or dispenser. Hand stretch wrap not only keeps items securely in place during transportation but also reduces shipping costs due to its lightweight design. This type of packaging material can also help reduce product damage since it is highly conformable and provides an extra layer of protection. It is also a great choice for businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact since it is fully recyclable and reusable.

Use Hand Stretch Wrap When

hand stretch film

The Advantage of Our hand stretch film

Manual stretch wraps stabilize, unify and hold a wide range of loads and are simple to useright out of the box.

Hand stretch film is applied without the use of electrical equipment.

It works well for packaging processes with smaller capacity and slower turnover.

Buying a film wrapping machine is more expensive than hand wrapping. • Handmade wrap is lighter and thinner.

It reduces the risk of primary packaging and product damage and applies ideal holding force every time.

very effective for securing items on a pallet

why choose us

We have the perfect hand stretch film for every need, including pre-tensioning for heavy loads with very low or high grip. This film is commonly used in supermarkets, logistics, and all general packaging applications. Perfect pallet stability and high transparency will be to your advantage. We offer 100% recyclable LLDPE film for demanding hand-wrapping applications. Our stretch wrap provides a "stop effect", is very user-friendly, and has outstanding clarity (less force required to wrap). The films are suitable for both large weights and cold temperatures. Our films will greatly reduce their negative impact on the environment and create incredible savings potential.

Cast machine stretch film offers superior puncture- and tear-resistance to protect loads during transport. Cast film provides excellent optics and quiet unwind, in addition to outstanding strength and consistent cling. We supply a variety of products to ensure your pallets remain intact and secure.

Pre Stretched Machine Stretch Film factory

Hand Stretch Wrap Maneuver

1. Tie stretch wrap to the pallet (preferably in a corner) to secure.
2. Create a foundation by walking around the pallet three or more times overlapping the wrap over both the pallet and the load. Make sure the stretch wrap covers the pallet corners.
3. Work your way up the load making sure to overlap each previous layer by 50%. Pull the stretch wrap taut as you go – it’s meant to be stretched!
4. At the top of the load, angle the stretch wrap in a way that it pulls the load down towards its center and base. This will minimize the chance of the load shifting in transit.
5. Now, work your way back down the load overlapping each previous layer by 50%.
6. Re-wrap the foundation at least two more times once you get to that point.
7. The stretch wrap will stick to itself. To secure it, cut it from the roll and press it firmly against a previous layer.

Our advantage

advantage stretch film

To provide you with a comprehensive packaging solution and a proven return on investment, we work to develop long-term relationships with each of our customers. We can provide you with a complete packaging solution that increases productivity and maximizes efficiency in your industry by combining our industry-leading commodity, machinery, and packaging experts with a high level of training and expertise.

Production processes

1.Use Top Qualified Virgin Material,Refuse to use bad or used materials.


Material is the base of a top qualified product.

2.High flexibility and durable puncture resistance

High flexibility,not easy to be broken when wrapping

3.High stretch ability save your cost

500% stretch,maximun reduce your packaging cost.

4.High cling ability of the films

Material is the base of a top qualified product.

5.High precision stretch film auto-production line

Good stretch films relies on good advanced equipment

Application field

Warehouses, loading docks, and other shipping or storage locations are ideal places to use hand wrap or hand pallet wrap. The hand stretch wrap application is intended for workers to do without tools. In addition to providing a smooth surface to protect shipping labels, documents, and other important information without damaging the surrounding boxes, it is primarily intended to keep the product intact during storage. management and transportation.

Packing of building materials
Thermos packing
Packing of furniture supplies
Wood packaging

100% Safety Guaranteed

We provide very good quality and competitive prices for all our products.

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To apply hand stretch film, simply hold the film in one hand and place it over the item that you want to protect. Begin at the bottom of the item and stretch the film as you wrap it around the item, working your way up to the top. Use your other hand to hold the film in place and continue stretching and wrapping until the entire item is covered.
Hand stretch film can be used on a variety of items, including boxes, pallets, furniture, and other items that need to be protected during storage or transportation. The film is flexible and can be stretched to fit a wide range of shapes and sizes.
To remove hand stretch film from an item, simply cut the film using a knife or scissors and carefully peel it away from the item. Take care not to damage the item or the film as you remove it.
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