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Color Stretch Film

Roll Stretch Film’s colored stretch film is the best way to stand out on the shelves! With vivid colors like blue, red, and green, you can make your products pop. Our films are also designed for superior performance, guaranteeing that your items will stay secure. In addition, our eco-friendly formula makes sure that no pollutants are released into the environment. Try Rolls Stretch Film’s colored stretch film today and make sure your products get noticed!
colored stretch film

Introduction to Colored Stretch Film

The colored stretch film provides an economical and efficient way to secure, protect and identify products. The colored film is available in various colors such as black, yellow, and red which helps differentiate products for quick identification. Colored stretch films can be used for a range of applications like bundling, product unitizing, packaging, palletizing, and protecting shipments from dust or moisture. It is a cost-effective protective solution that offers protection from scratches, abrasions, and damage due to drops or impacts. The colored stretch films also provide tamper evidence with the added benefit of being visually appealing. As compared to other forms of packaging materials like paper or cardboard, colored stretch films are more durable and offer better protection against water, humidity, and contamination.

Table 1: Comparison of Clear and Color Stretch Film Properties

PropertyClear Stretch FilmColor Stretch Film
Load StabilityExcellentExcellent
ClarityHighMedium to High
TackinessHighMedium to High
Puncture ResistanceHighMedium to High
UV ResistanceLowMedium to High
CostLowMedium to High
Colored OptionsN/AVarious Colors
Printing AbilityClearHigh Quality Prints
Aesthetic AppealN/AVisual Differentiation

Table 2: Common Applications for Color Stretch Film

Food PackagingDifferentiating between products and/or batches, preserving freshness and quality, preventing tampering
PharmaceuticalsEnsuring product authenticity and tamper-evidence, organizing and categorizing medical supplies and equipment
Building MaterialsIdentifying different types of building materials, improving logistics and inventory management
MedicalDifferentiating between different departments, categorizing medical waste, promoting safety and hygiene
Freight and ShippingIdentifying and categorizing shipments, improving supply chain management, deterring theft and damage

Our hot selling products

Mini Stretch Film

Colored Hand Stretch Film

Available Colors: Black, Green, Blue, Orange, Red, White, Purple, Yellow

colored stretch film

Colored Machine Stretch Film

Available Colors: Black, Green, Blue, Orange, Red, White, Purple, Yellow

Mini Stretch Film

Colored Narrow Width Banding Film

Trans-Consolidated Distibutors is an industry leading supplier of colored machine stretch film.

custom printed film

Custom Printed Hand Stretch Film

We will get you the pallet wrap you need, when you need it

Use Colored Stretch Film When:

  • You need to quickly identify your product load.
  • Improving dating and inventory organization.
  • Packages are kept outside for longer.
  • You need a stretch film to spread out gently and smoothly.
  • Packages are needed to be concealed to prevent theft.

why choose us

To give your product a unique and eye-catching appeal that sets it apart from the competition, we have applied our knowledge and manufacturing skills to the production of colored stretch films,and stretch wraps in a variety of color shades that are great for a variety of uses. These films are therefore ideal for stock dating or color labeling in stock. Even our customers will cover and protect the pallets with opaque stretch film. We provide everything you need whether you want color coding for quick identification, inventory management, a beautiful look and feel for your products, or to hide your content. Our stretch films come in a variety of shades, widths, and sizes.

Pre Stretched Machine Stretch Film factory

The Advantage of Our Machine stretch film

Great for concealing cargo contents.

Resistant to dust, dew, and rain.

Lasts longer than standard clear wraps when left outdoors for a long time.

Packages can be color-coded for easier management.

UV inhibitors can be used to strengthen and prolong the life of the stretch film in the sun.

Available in colored hand stretch film and colored machine stretch film

What colors does color stretch film have

We’ve taken our expertise and manufacturing capabilities and applied these to the manufacturing of colored plastic stretch wrap that is designed for unique and specialized applications to create a distinctive eye catching appeal making your product stand out from the rest. Whether you’re looking to color code for easy identification, inventory purposes, attractive appearance for your products, or want to conceal your items, Hi-Tech Plastics, Inc. has what you need. Our stretch wrap is available in multiple colors, widths, and gauges. We also offer one-sided cling and UVI to prolong the film life in outdoor storage applications.

Light & Dark Tints












Standard Sizes of Color stretch film

Width Gauge Length Core I.D. Rolls/Case Available Colors
2″ 80 1000′ 3″ 18 Blue, Black, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, White, Yellow
3″ 80 1000′ 3″ 18 Blue, Black, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, White, Yellow
5″ 80 1000′ 1″ extended or 3″ 12 Blue, Black, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, White, Yellow
10″ 80 1000′ 1″ extended 4 Blue, Black, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, White, Yellow
10″ 80 6000′ 3″ bulk Black
20″ 63 5000 3″ bulk Blue, Green
20″ 80 1000′ 1″ extended 4 Blue, Black, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, White, Yellow
20″ 80 5000′ 3″ bulk Blue, Black, Green, Red, Yellow
20″ 80 5000′ 3″ bulk Orange, Purple, White


Color Stretch Film is ideal for warehouse color coding, dating inventory, identifying international shipments, or providing tamperproof evidence. Colored stretch wrap can also keep you organized by preventing unwanted reloading and cross-docking. Our puncture resistant colored pallet wrap is 80 gauge cast film. Because it is cast, color stretch film comes off the roll smoothly and quietly and still remains transparent for easy load identification. We offer the different colors to choose from when ordering your color stretch wrap.

Our advantage

Our wide selection of special color stretch wraps, available in red, blue, green, and black, are used to mark different types of pallet shipments. We manufacture color stretch film in a variety of sizes including 80, 90, and 100, manual color stretch rolls, and machine color stretch rolls, but we can also customize the thickness, length, and width on request. of customer. For this reason, we wrap many product loads with a stretch film of different colors to facilitate quick and easy identification of loads when transported by pallet.

Production processes

1.Use Top Qualified Virgin Material,Refuse to use bad or used materials.


Material is the base of a top qualified product.

2.High flexibility and durable puncture resistance

High flexibility,not easy to be broken when wrapping

3.High stretch ability save your cost

500% stretch,maximun reduce your packaging cost.

4.High cling ability of the films

Material is the base of a top qualified product.

5.High precision stretch film auto-production line

Good stretch films relies on good advanced equipment

Application field

Our high-quality stretch film has the advantages of high transparency, strong toughness, high elasticity, high viscosity, waterproof and moisture-proof, cold and heat resistance,It can be used in industrial production and logistics transportation to protect goods from extrusion.

Packing of building materials
Thermos packing
Packing of furniture supplies
Wood packaging

100% Safety Guaranteed

We provide very good quality and competitive prices for all our products.

hand flim
machine flim

FAQ for color Stretch Film

There are a few advantages of color stretch film. One is that it is easier to see what is inside the package, which can help with organization. Additionally, it can help with branding and marketing efforts if used correctly.

When using color stretch film, it is important to keep the following in mind:

– Make sure the stretch film is of good quality and will not break or tear easily.

– Choose a color that will stand out and be visible against the background.

– Apply the stretch film in even layers to avoid air bubbles.

– When wrapping an object, start by wrapping it tightly in the center and then work your way outwards.

  • The stretch film machines wrap the film around a rotating drum. The film is then heated and drawn tight by the machine. This creates a very tight film wrap that will not come undone.
  • The way color stretch film works is by having layers of different colors. When you stretch the film, the colors are able to move around and create a design.

To choose the right color stretch film for your needs, you need to know what you will be using it for. Different colors are better for different purposes. For example, clear stretch film is good for wrapping large items because you can still see what is underneath it. However, black stretch film is better for hiding items because it is less visible.

color stretch flim


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