Rolls Stretch Film's pre-stretch films offer the perfect balance of quality, performance, and cost-efficiency. Our range of pre-stretch film products can be used to package a variety of items from everyday consumer goods to industrial machinery. We understand that each application has its unique requirements and we pride ourselves on offering our customers customizable solutions for their needs. With our pre-stretch films, you can rest assured that your items will be securely packaged and arrive safely at their destination. Get in touch with us today to find out how to order Rolls Stretch Film’s pre-stretch films.

Pre-Stretch Film


The pre-stretched film is a highly versatile and reliable packaging material. It is made of polypropylene, polyethylene, or PVC, which are all strong and stretchable materials. The pre-stretched film can be used in a variety of ways to help secure objects during shipping, storage, or transport. For example, it can be used as shrink wrap for items such as furniture and machine parts that need to be protected from dust and moisture during transit. The pre-stretched film can also act as a barrier between products while they are stored in boxes or on shelves, helping to prevent damage and contamination. Additionally, the pre-stretch film can be used to bundle items together for ease of handling, saving time, and reducing waste during the packaging process. In any of these applications, the pre-stretched film provides an effective and reliable solution for protecting products. It is strong enough to provide the necessary protection without being overly bulky or heavy, which can make it an ideal choice for many businesses. Additionally, its ability to stretch allows it to form snugly around objects and hold them securely in place. The pre-stretch film is a great way to ensure that items are well-protected during transit or storage.







Protection Durability



Cost and Time Effective

  • 50% less film consumption.
  • Longer length with the same reel weight due to its low thickness.
  • Less time and effort to wrap a load.
  • Presents minimum neck down while being applied.

User Friendly

  • 50% lighter weight.

Environmental and Economical

  • Less film, less waste.

The results are clear:

  • Less film consumption and thus lower packaging and waste disposal costs
  • More meters per roll for reduced storage space and fewer roll changes during processing
  • High retention forces for best pallet stability

why choose Our Pre-Stretch Film

Pre-stretch films from Rolls Stretch Film Limited enable your staff to pull less film by simply walking forward. In addition, wrapping the film is easier and requires less physical effort because it has already been stretched. Because it is around two-thirds lighter than standard film, the pre-stretch film is much easier to handle. With nearly double the strength and half the thickness, our pre-stretch film delivers superior performance. Even when applying pre-stretch film using a machine, less electrical energy is consumed because of the lower tension settings required.
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The Advantage of Our Pre-Stretch Film

• Pre-stretch films work best in conditions that are ambient, refrigerated, and cold stored.

• Lessened consumption: material savings of up to 50% achieved through higher yield per roll

• Enhanced holding force: Film memory produces a stronger hold force that increases load security and stability.

• Faster, easier, and lighter unwinding, control, and application

• Sustainable: Less wrapping material and trash result from lower thicknesses.

• Uniformity: By removing elasticity, the pre-stretch procedure produces a more consistent stretch.

Standard Sizes

WidthLengthCore I.D.Rolls/Case
5"1000'1" extended12 or 15
18"1000'1" extended4
20"1000'1" extended4

Pre-Stretch Film Application

Pre-stretch is the process that allows the stretch film to be stretched before (pre) being applied to a load.
Pre-Stretch film is a multi-layer stretch film that is made to be thinner and stronger than standard stretch film. This multi-layered stretch film has special characteristics that increase stretch resistance and strengthen load holding for transport. Ultimately, this produces less environmental waste since the operator consumes less material during usage.
The high-performance pre-stretched film brings the benefits of the modern top of the range stretch wrapper to less advanced machines.
Pre-stretch is strong, consistent and stable at a minimum effort of the worker. The cost of consumables is drastically reduced while increasing film coverage.

advantage stretch film

Our advantage

It’s crucial that you comprehend and select the most appropriate kind of film for your particular application. But it might be difficult to select the perfect pre-stretch wraps. Rolls Stretch Film can help you reach the most educated decision. With decades of expertise, the professionals at Rolls Stretch Film Limited can assist warehouses and distribution centers in selecting the ideal pre-stretch film for their particular needs.

Production processes

1.Use Top Qualified Virgin Material,Refuse to use bad or used materials.


Material is the base of a top qualified product.

2.High flexibility and durable puncture resistance

High flexibility,not easy to be broken when wrapping

3.High stretch ability save your cost

500% stretch,maximun reduce your packaging cost.

4.High cling ability of the films

Material is the base of a top qualified product.

5.High precision stretch film auto-production line

Good stretch films relies on good advanced equipment

Application field

By pre-stretching conventional stretch material through a secondary process to its maximum elasticity, a high-yield film is transformed into a performance solution with a decreased thickness, increased efficiencies, and environmental savings. Rolls Stretch Film Limited retains control of the process stretch and pre-stretch processes as well as the supply chain thanks to our specialized extrusion and conversion capabilities. This enables the availability of a variety of both stock and customized solutions. Super hand stretch, BLAST hybrid, and cast stretch are further comparable products that are part of the market-leading stretch film lineup from Roll Stretch Film.

Packing of building materials
Thermos packing
Packing of furniture supplies
Wood packaging

100% Safety Guaranteed

We provide very good quality and competitive prices for all our products.

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There are a few purposes for which pre-stretched film can be used.

  • One is to keep products in place while they are being shipped. This is often the case with items that are fragile or have a tendency to move around during transport.
  • Another use for pre-stretched film is to protect goods from moisture and other environmental factors.

Finally, it can also be employed as a way to secure packaging and help avoid tampering

To use pre-stretch film, first make sure that the film is properly oriented on the pallet. The film should be running in the same direction as the load, and it should be tight against the load so that there are no gaps. If there are any gaps, the load could shift during transport and cause damage.

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right pre-stretch film for your application.

These factors include the weight of the load, the size of the load, the type of material being wrapped, and the type of equipment you are using to wrap the load.

Improved stretchability.
Reduced film usage.
Enhanced load stability.
Improved handling and application.

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