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10 Factors to consider when choosing PE stretch film

10 Factors to consider when choosing PE stretch film

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Choosing the right PE stretch film can be a challenge. Here are 10 factors to consider when selecting the best option for your needs – cost, clarity, thickness, pre-stretch, elongation, puncture resistance, cling, UV protection, and color.

In choosing PE stretch films, you need to consider factors including thickness, elasticity, tear resistance, clarity, and stickiness before buying the right film for your application. Choose the proper width and thickness to make sure you don’t waste any film and can stretch to secure the load and protect it from dust or moisture.

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When choosing PE stretch film, consider things like film strength, puncture resistance, cling, clarity, memory, stretch, tear resistance, and UV protection. Continue reading to know more!

Definition of PE stretch film

PE stretch film is a versatile, cost-effective plastic packaging solution used in different industries, from food and beverage to industrial manufacturing. It is designed to keep products safe and secure during transportation, storage, and handling. 

This type of packaging is highly beneficial, providing superior protection against dust, moisture, and other external factors. In this article, we will explore the definition of PE stretch film and its various applications and advantages.

Importance of choosing the right stretch film for packaging needs

Choosing the right stretch film for packaging needs is essential for a variety of reasons. Firstly, the right stretch film will help to protect and secure the goods during transit and storage. The film must be strong enough to resist the forces of compression and tearing, while also being flexible enough to allow for proper stretching and wrapping around the products. 

Secondly, the right stretch film can also help to reduce product damage, as it will better protect against dust, moisture, and other external elements. Additionally, it can aid in reducing product loss, as it can help to keep items together so that they won’t be misplaced or left behind during transit. 

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Finally, the right stretch film can also help to lessen costs when it comes to packaging. Films that are of a higher quality and strength can help to reduce the amount of film needed to package items, therefore reducing the cost of the packaging materials. 

Additionally, using a higher-quality stretch film can also help to lengthen the shelf life of items, as they are better protected against external elements.

10 Factors to consider when choosing PE stretch film


The thickness of the film will determine its strength, transparency, and overall performance of the film. The thickness of the film will also affect the cost of the product, as thicker films will generally cost more than thinner films. Thicker films will also require more force to stretch, and may not be suitable for lighter loads. 


Elasticity is a measure of the ability of stretch films to stretch and return to their original shape. A film with higher elasticity will require less tension when wrapping packages and will be better able to conform to irregular surfaces, providing a better hold.

The ambient temperature can impact the elasticity of the stretch films. Colder temperatures can cause the film to become brittle and less elastic, while warmer temperatures can cause the stretch films to become more elastic.

Tear resistance

PE stretch wrap is used to wrap and secure different items, so it is essential to ensure the film is strong enough to endure the pressure of the things it is protecting and transporting. Tear resistance should consider when selecting the right PE stretch wrap, as it will help protect the wrapped items from damage during transit and storage. 

To ensure that the stretch wrap won’t easily tear, test its tear resistance, and protect the items from being damaged or destroyed.


The visibility of the goods will depend on how clear the stretch wrap is and the ability to read the labels on the packaging. Clarity also affects the ability to detect distortion and other product defects. The clear stretch film allows the user to see the product and ensure product quality and integrity than a coloured stretch film. By selecting the correct stretch film that is clear or translucent, the user can ensure that their products are properly protected and remain visible to their customers.

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The right stickiness will ensure that the items being wrapped are held firmly in place and that the stretch wrap will not slip off during transit. A product with too little stickiness may result in the items shifting or becoming loose during transit, while a product with too much stickiness may cause the items to become stuck together during transit. 

UV protection

The film must be able to provide adequate protection against the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. Look for a film that has been created specifically to be UV-resistant, as this will help to prevent the item from fading or becoming brittle due to UV exposure. Additionally, the UV protection level should be listed on the packaging, which makes it easy to determine if the film is suitable for your project or not.


It is important to select the right pre-stretch film to ensure the film layers are not too tight or too loose for the application. If the pre-stretch is too low, the film layers will not provide the desired level of load containment, and if it is too high, the film may be too difficult to apply. Careful consideration of pre-stretch film when choosing PE stretch film will ensure that the desired performance and cost savings are achieved.


The higher the elongation percentage, the greater the stretch the film can provide. This is important for securing items, as a higher elongation percentage will allow for a tighter wrap. Additionally, a higher elongation percentage will also provide greater puncture and tear resistance. Finally, a higher elongation percentage will lead to better load stability, which is important for safely transporting items.


Choosing a PE stretch film with a high percentage of recycled content can help reduce the product’s effect on the environment. Additionally, choosing a PE stretch film with a recyclable label on the package can help ensure that the product can be recycled at the end of its life. By considering the recyclability of the product, you can help reduce the amount of waste produced and help protect the environment.

Types of PE stretch film

Hand stretch film

Hand stretch film is a type of plastic film designed to be stretched by hand around a load, providing stability and protection during transport.

Machine stretch film

A machine stretch film is a type of plastic film that is used to wrap and secure packages, boxes, and pallets. It is often used using a device with the ability to stretch and adapt to the shape of the product being wrapped, such as a stretch wrapper.

Pre-stretched film

The pre-stretched film is a type of stretch film which is already stretched to its maximum tension before being applied. It is designed to be applied quickly and easily, reducing application time and labor costs.

How to determine the right stretch film for your needs

Consider the weight and shape of the items being packaged

Generally, heavier items require a thicker film, while lighter items can use a thinner film. Moreover, the shape of the item being packaged will affect the type of film used. It might be necessary to use a stronger film if the item is being delivered for better protection. On the other hand, if the item is being stored, a thinner film may be sufficient. 

Consider the environment in which the packaged items will be stored

If the packaged items are going to be stored in a cold environment, it is important to choose a stretch film that is designed to retain its elasticity in extreme temperatures. Choose a stretch film that is made to withstand moisture, condensation, and corrosion if the bundled items are going to be stored in storage in a setting that has high humidity.

Additionally, if the packaged goods are going to be kept outside, it’s crucial to use a stretch film that can withstand UV rays and freezing conditions. Lastly, it is important to consider the weight and size of the items you are packaging when selecting the appropriate stretch film.

Consider the handling and transportation of the packaged items

The type of handling and transportation will help you determine the thickness and strength of the film that is required. For example, lighter loads and short-term storage will require a thinner and lighter gauge film, whereas heavier loads and long-term storage will require a thicker and stronger film. 

Consider the cost and budget for the stretch film

It is important to ensure that the stretch film you choose is cost-effective and meets all of your budget requirements depending on the size and weight of the items you are shipping. 


In conclusion, choosing the right PE stretch film for your business or company is an important decision. By taking into consideration the 10 factors discussed in this article, you can make an informed decision about which product is best for your needs. 

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