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The ultimate guide to 23-micron pallet stretch film

23-micron pallet stretch film

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Do you need help finding the perfect pallet stretch film solution for your business? Whether you’re dealing with fragile items requiring extra protection, or bulky products requiring larger loads, 23-micron pallet stretch film might be an optimal choice. Offering enhanced puncture resistance, strength, and elongation capabilities, maintaining a proper balance between efficiency and quality can help optimize packaging costs. This comprehensive guide to 23-micron pallet stretch film covers all the basics so you can make a more informed purchase decision today!

The ultimate guide to 23-micron pallet stretch film

  1. Definition and Overview of Pallet stretch film
  2. Advantages of 23-Micron Pallet Stretch Film
  3. Applications of 23 Micron Pallet Stretch Film
  4. Disadvantages of 23-Micron Pallet Stretch Film
  5. Considerations When Shopping for 23-Micron Pallet Stretch Film
When choosing the right pallet protection for your cargo shipments, getting the balance of stretchability and strength right is essential. That’s why 23-micron pallet stretch film is becoming a popular choice among logistics managers who want their products to arrive safely at their destination. It provides superior holding power, and its optimized elasticity ensures that all sides of any load remain secure no matter how bumpy the ride gets. In this ultimate guide, we’ll explore what 23-micron pallet stretch film can offer you and provide tips on making the most of this incredibly flexible and reliable product. So if you’re looking for an effective way to ensure a safe delivery every time, read on!

Definition of 23 Micron Pallet Stretch Film

23 Micron Pallet Stretch Film is a type of cast stretch wrap that is thin, durable, and highly resistant to puncture and tear. It is made from cast stretch film and blown stretch wrap. Cast stretch film has greater flexibility, while blown stretch wrap provides superior strength.
Definition of Hand Stretch Film
Using a stretch wrap machine, 23-micron pallet stretch film can be stretched to up to 200% of its original size by hand or with the help of a pre-stretch rollers system, resulting in longer-lasting protection. This type of film is ideal for multiple loads per shift because it helps reduce wastage due to its high-yield properties. The low micron count also reduces the cost associated with the pre-stretch film, making it an economical choice for many shipping operations.
Pallet stretch film offers great versatility as it can be applied manually or in automated wrapping machines requiring minimal force and effort for optimal results. The low tack adhesive enables the application with no residue, which helps ensure packaging integrity during transportation and storage. Additionally, the optically clear material allows barcodes and product descriptions to be easily read through the wrap.

Overview of Uses and Benefits

23 Micron Pallet Stretch Film is a specialized thin plastic wrap designed to secure and protect products when placed on pallets. It is made from cast stretch films, which are stronger and more tear-resistant than a thinner stretch wrap. Also, cast stretch films are produced in more gauges than blown stretch films, a softer material requiring additional layers for adequate protection. This also makes cast stretch film easier to use with automatic stretch wrap machines so that it can be applied faster and with less effort.
Colored hand stretch film
The 23 Micron Pallet Stretch Film has a unique combination of strength and clarity due to its thinness. This allows the user to see exactly what they have wrapped while still ensuring the protection of the products and stability on the pallet. A clear pallet wrap does not attract dust or dirt as easily as an opaque stretch film, making it ideal for clean transport environments such as those used in food production and pharmaceuticals.
Using 23 Micron Pallet Stretch Film guarantees superior product safety during shipment by providing increased load stability while protecting against dust, dirt, moisture, and tampering. It also reduces damage caused by unnecessary product movement during transit because it allows for excellent cling properties and better adhesion between the load contents and the pallet itself. The right choice of gauge also reduces costs associated with using too much material or not using enough material leading to broken items or lost shipments due to inadequate protection.

There are two critical types of pallet wrap

Cast Wrap

Cast wrap is made from polyethylene and is highly stretchable, making it perfect for wrapping and securing products of all shapes during shipping. It has a glossy finish, making it easier to scan and identify products during shipping.

Blown Wrap

The blown wrap is a durable and robust pallet wrap solution with a greater cling factor than cast film wrap due to its higher tackiness. This gives blow wrappings greater stickiness and holding power to keep the secure products while on the move.

Advantages of 23-Micron Pallet Stretch Film

hand stretch film

Increased Load Stability:

23-micron pallet stretch film is an excellent choice for increased load stability due to its high tear resistance and strength.

Improved Storage and Transportation:

This type of stretch film is designed for wrapping pallets, so it allows for far easier stacking and transportation than other packaging options, such as cardboard boxes or plastic containers.

Increased Protection Against Dust and Moisture:

With its superior clamping force and tear resistance properties, the 23-micron pallet wrap provides excellent protection against dust and moisture while keeping out dirt and other contaminants from coming in contact with your goods.

Anti-static stretch film:

This type of wrap is designed to minimize the risk of static electricity, which can build up on pallets during handling and transporting. Additionally, as the anti-static stretch film does not generate any additional dust or particles, it helps to keep goods clean and safe from contamination during handling, storage, and transportation.

Hybrid stretch film:

When stretched around a pallet, this hybrid design provides an increased level of support to help stabilize loads in all directions, which reduces movement throughout transit and minimizes product damage or breakages due to shifting goods during transportation.

Applications of 23 Micron Pallet Stretch Film

hand stretch film

Product Packaging and Pallet Wrapping

Step 1: Select a pallet

Make sure you choose one that is strong enough to support the weight of your goods, as well as being able to withstand any handling or transportation.

Step 2: Stack your goods

Arrange them neatly on the pallet to maximize capacity while ensuring stability throughout transit.

Step 3: Attach the wrap

Before wrapping your products onto the pallet, make sure you use some securing mechanism so that everything stays intact even after multiple trips from point A to point B.

Step 4: Wrap from the base

Begin wrapping them from the bottom up to ensure transportation stability.

Step 5: Work your way up

Start at the base and slowly but surely work your way up until all items have been appropriately wrapped, with no space left between layers or objects inside those layers.

Step 6: Secure the wrap

This will guarantee a safe journey for all contents inside, even if there are bumps along roads while traveling from one location to another!

Step 7: Test load stability

Test load stability! No matter how well you think everything has been packaged and secured onto a pallet, always perform some testing to double-check its integrity before shipping it off anywhere.

Transportation of Goods

23 Micron Pallet Stretch Film is used in the transportation of goods for various reasons. Low pre-stretch levels and efficient cling properties help provide a secure hold, ensuring the goods are safe and contained during transport. Furthermore, this plastic packaging material helps conserve energy by requiring lower force and temperature to maintain pre-stretch levels, resulting in less stretching and wrapping than other materials while providing better tear resistance. In addition, 23 Micron Pallet Stretch Film is highly affordable, further aiding it as an effective method of transportation of goods. It has been verified as safe for use with food commodities as well. Overall, it provides many economic benefits when transporting goods efficiently and effectively.

Disadvantages of 23-Micron Pallet Stretch Film

Lower Strength Than Heavier Gauge Films

This makes it less reliable for securing large, heavy loads requiring more support. Additionally, the lower strength of 23-micron films runs the risk of tearing or stretching during adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow, or high winds.

Potential Difficulty in Dispensing

Because of its thinness can be difficult to manually dispense without breaking apart or slipping off one’s hands. Not only can this lead to wasted time spent re-dispensing the film, but there’s also a greater risk of injury due to cuts from the sharp edges associated with thinner films. This makes it essential to use special gloves when handling 23-micron pallet stretch film.

Considerations When Shopping for 23-Micron Pallet Stretch Film


Ensure the film is made from durable, high-quality plastic and will not tear or break easily when stretched.


As with any purchase, it pays to shop around and compare prices between different suppliers to get the best deal for your budget.

Technical Specifications:

Take note of puncture resistance and elongation levels as well as other details such as pre-stretch ratio or cling properties – all of which can significantly affect how appropriate or effective a particular type of film is for specific applications. Additionally, consider any environmental impact of using this kind of packaging material; many manufacturers now offer eco-friendly versions, which can be better suited for businesses that value sustainability over cost savings.


With this guide, you should feel confident in purchasing the ideal 23-micron pallet stretch film for your needs. This stretch film is an excellent choice for various applications, providing numerous advantages. There are only a few disadvantages to consider, and as long as you keep them in mind, you can overcome any challenges. Be sure to compare different products and manufacturers before deciding to get the best possible value for your money.
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