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8 stretch film uses & applications

8 Stretch Film Uses

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There are plenty of products around the globe manufactured and transported to different destinations; however, ensuring their safety while being transported is imperative. Stretch films serve the purpose of wrapping. This kind of wrapping is carried out either by hand or by machine. The main aim of this wrapping process is to ensure that products reach their destination safely.

What is a Stretch Film?

A stretch film is a highly stretchable plastic film used to wrap multiple products on a pallet to secure load. This elastic recovery aims to ensure that the pallet loads remain tightly wrapped together without damage.
When multiple products are to be transported together or stored somewhere, keeping them in a tight wrap might be required, the stretch film carries out this task perfectly. It keeps the products intact because of the wrap and, at the same time, offers increased tear resistance to the packaging.

Types of Stretch Film

Cast Stretch Film Wrapping

The cast stretch films are used for various packaging purposes. A cast extrusion process produces these films. To manufacture cast stretch films, thermoplastic is melted at first, and on a flat die, it is rolled; then comes the cooling process that turns the melted plastic into solid cast film rolls.
The cast stretch film offers the wrap various features like excellent clarity, less waste and force for stretching, and quick unwinding from the wrap equipment. The best part is that this stretch film is available as hand and machine stretch films.

Blown Film Wrapping

Blown stretch wrap is manufactured by way of the blown extrusion process. In this kind of wrap, plastic melting is processed by an annular slit die, conducted in a vertical form. A thin-walled tube is manufactured, and the film air is blown in the center of the die. Air is also blown through an air ring blows to cool down the film on top of it.
Compared to the cast film, it has a high grade of film memory and is more robust. The properties and manufacturing of the blown stretch film make it suitable to hold more load.
FeatureCast Stretch FilmBlown Film
Production ProcessProduced using a cast extrusion processProduced using a blown extrusion process
ClarityMore transparent and glossyLess transparent and dull
StrengthLess strong and puncture-resistantMore strong and puncture-resistant
ElasticityLess stretchy and elasticMore stretchy and elastic
Tear ResistanceMore prone to tearingLess prone to tearing
CostMore affordableMore expensive
NoiseMakes less noise during unwrappingMakes more noise during unwrapping

Stretch Wrap Applications

There are various applications of stretch wrap, especially in the industrial process, because transporting multiple boxes of goods and storage requirements are quite common there. Some of these applications are discussed below:

Pallet Wrapping

Pallet wrapping is wrapping multiple products stacked or bundled over a pallet using a plastic film. There are two ways pallet wrapping could be carried out, manual application and automated application for pallet wrapping.

Manual Application Process

Manual application is also known as hand wrap, where it is suggested to use a pre stretch film for packing purposes. First, stack the products together closely on the pallet and start packing from the bottom.
Stretch film as tightly as possible, packs all the products on the pallet together and when the entire pallet is covered, stick the plastic end to the pallet edge. The hand film process is suitable when securing loads of less than 15 kg.

Automated Application Processes

Hand stretch wrap might not be suitable when you weigh 15 kgs to secure pallet loads. In this process, wrap equipment is used with a machine grade wrap film.
Wrap machines offer less waste because the device efficiently carries out the packing task. The pallet is placed on the rotator and keeps moving in a circular motion until it is adequately packed.
The wrapped products are tightly packed with excellent cling film. An automated process is suitable for a load above 15 kg since that is not handled by hand stretch film. The automatic process reduced the labor costs involved in hand wrap.
Pallet wrapping offers a lot of ease when high load stability is required for the products to be transported or stored. Both machine grade wrap and hand stretch wrap film are suitable for wrapping a pallet. However, the difference lies in the load available for packing, which would help decide where stretch wrap equipment is needed or whether hand wrap would be sufficient.

Protecting Items from Dust, Dirt, and Moisture

Products not packed in cardboard boxes also need protection against dirt, dust, and moisture. To provide this protection, a stretch wrapping could be of great benefit.
It keeps the products visible while transporting or in storage, and, at the same time, they are not damaged by the surroundings due to the presence of the stretch film.

Unitizing and Bundling Items for Shipping or Storage

Creating bundles of multiple units is also commonly observed in various industries regarding the transportation or storage of inventory. You can choose the bundling film to carry out this task and wrap the units together to create a bundle.

Rolling Items During Transportation and Storage

Various products like carpets or cloth material need to transport in the rolled form. The stretch film could be suitable to secure these rolls so they do not open up during transportation. It will tightly keep the product rolled unless opened up for use.

Common Industries Utilizing Stretch Wrap Applications

Stretch film has become a widespread need for almost all industries operating globally as it offers a lot of ease of packing and reduces damage to products. Some of the industries that use this stretch wrap for their products comprise the following:
BoxesCan tightly wrap around boxes to ensure items do not move or get damaged during transportation or storage.Improper use may affect packaging stability and reliability, even causing it to become loose or tear.Ensure Stretch Wrap covers all packaging and use the correct tension and layers.
BarrelsCan effectively secure items on barrels and maintain their stability during transportation and storage.If items in the barrel are imbalanced, Stretch Wrap may not fully solve the problem, leading to tilting or tipping of the barrel.Ensure sufficient Stretch Wrap is used to cover the entire barrel and maintain item balance.
FurnitureCan protect furniture surfaces from scratches, stains, or other damage.Improper use may leave sticky residue or affect the appearance of furniture surfaces.Cover furniture surfaces with protective material before using Stretch Wrap and use the correct tension and layers.
WoodCan secure wood bundles and prevent them from moving or getting damaged during transportation and storage.If the wood is tied too tightly or too loosely, or if Stretch Wrap does not fully cover the wood bundle, it may cause damage or deformation to the wood.Use sufficient Stretch Wrap to cover the entire wood bundle and ensure proper tension and layers.
Bottles and CansCan maintain the stability of bottles and cans during transportation and storage and prevent them from colliding and breaking.Improper use may affect the sealing and safety of bottles and cans.Ensure Stretch Wrap covers all bottles and cans and use sufficient tension to keep them stable.
FoodCan maintain the freshness and hygiene of food and prevent them from being contaminated or damaged.Improper choice of Stretch Wrap materials for certain foods or incorrect packaging of food in Stretch Wrap may affect the quality and safety of the food.Choose the appropriate Stretch Wrap material and package the food properly to ensure safety and hygiene.
PaperCan prevent paper from bending or tearing during transportation and storage and maintain its flatness.Improper use may cause pressure or sticky residue on the paper surface, affecting its appearance and quality.Use sufficient Stretch Wrap and avoid using too much tension to prevent pressure on the paper surface.
Sacks and Heavy CargoCan form a protective layer on sacks and heavy cargo to prevent them from breaking or getting damaged during transportation and storage.Improper use may affect the stability and safety of sacks and heavy cargo.Use sufficient Stretch Wrap and ensure it tightly covers the entire sack and heavy cargo to maintain their stability and safety.


Manufacturing concerns tend to sell their products to earn profits; customers purchase them after thoroughly looking at them. If the product is damaged during transportation, the customer will not buy that product.
Packing the boxes with a stretch film is a better idea because it will keep the products safe. If something happens, the pallet edge damage will not affect the products because of the added covering the pallet has.


Chemical and paint industries use barrels for transporting them. These chemicals are hazardous, and if the barrels leak from somewhere or open during transportation, they might cause a lot of danger and loss. However, choosing to have them wrapped with a superior cling would increase the protection and safety of these barrels.


Suppose you hire professional movers to help you move from one location to another. In that case, your entire furniture is wrapped by them in pre stretched film to ensure the furniture is not damaged during transportation.
While moving furniture is highly prone to damage and scratches, it is suggested to opt for two-sided cling to secure loads of furniture.


Storing or transporting wood is always a risky task because it is delicate. It could be harmed by moisture and must be taken care of while stored or transported. The wooden blocks are usually subjected to a stretch wrap machine before storing or transporting them.
In addition, wooden logs have sharp edges, and when covered with stretch films, they are not damaged nor damage other stuff around them.

Bottles and Cans

Bottles and cans always prove to be fragile items that need care in storage and transfer. Choosing a suitable stretch film could help secure them; even if they are pallets, the stretch capacity ensures tight and safe packaging.


Stretch film is used at home, in supermarkets, and in food, industries to keep the food fresh and covered in the long run. Covering food items like fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, and leftovers in a stretch film keeps them fresh for longer.


During the transportation of paper, rolls, to protect them from climatic damage, are wrapped in stretch film for fast delivery.

Sacks and heavy cargo

Due to the heavy load size, sacks and cargo are wrapped using stretch film to transport them without damaging the edge and slipping stress.

Benefits of Stretch Wrap Applications

Stretch wrap has several benefits, which is why it has created an important place in various industries and is used to serve wide applications. Some of these benefits are discussed below:

Cost-Effective and Versatile Packaging Solution

The best part about choosing stretch wrap is that it does not cost much and offers affordable film packing. Therefore, it comes with cost savings followed by versatile solutions since you can wrap any product using this film.


Choosing stretch wrap is an excellent idea because of the versatility it has to offer. You can pack almost all pallet dimensions, all sizes, and load containment without a doubt. If you have to handle heavy weight, you can choose wrap machines, and hand stretch film is good to go for less weight.

Strength and Durability

A robust packaging solution does not wear out and offers a durable last. In the storage aspect, you can keep your products packed with them, and they will stay the same for as long as you keep them.

Eco-friendly Option

Stretch films are recyclable, offering an eco-friendly option rather than causing environmental damage.

Protection from Dust and Moisture During Transportation and Storage

As much as it is essential to transport and store products, it is equally important to maintain them and protect them from dust and moisture. Most products are prone to damage due to changing climatic conditions and dust. Therefore, wrapping them keeps them secure.
Stretch film is an ideal method of keeping products packed in a unitized manner and also doesn’t cause harm to the environment. It saves the products from all kinds of dirt and climatic impacts; also, during transportation, the products stay safe from all sorts of damage. Therefore, choosing these wraps in products is a better way to secure your products than delivering a damaged product to the clients.
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