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80 gauge stretch film: the ultimate solution for securing and wrapping loads

80 gauge stretch film

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If you’re looking for a way to secure and wrap loads, you need 80-gauge stretch film. It’s the “tape” of the wrapping world, but instead of using it to mend a broken-down friendship, you’ll be using it to secure and wrap loads. It’s strong, reliable, and versatile, making it the perfect solution for all your packaging needs.

80-gauge stretch film is a powerful and effective tool for securing and wrapping loads of any size. This type of plastic wrap is designed to be tough and secure while providing a high degree of flexibility and strength. Used in a variety of industries, 80-gauge stretch film provides an easy way to protect items from dust and moisture during storage or transportation. It can be used to secure boxes, pallets, crates, and other types of containers for safe shipping or storage.

In this article, we discuss the features of the 80-gauge stretch film, the advantages and disadvantages of using it, and its uses in the industry.

Definition of 80 ga Stretch Film

80-gauge stretch film is a robust and durable type of plastic wrap that is used in many industries to securely package goods. It is constructed from high-grade polyethylene, which has been stretched to a specific thickness, resulting in a highly elastic material with superior strength. Unlike other types of plastic wrap, 80-gauge stretch film excels at holding together large or awkwardly shaped loads as it stretches around them, conforming to their shape and providing optimal coverage. Additionally, its superior tear resistance makes it ideal for bundling multiple items together without fear of the film ripping. For these reasons and more, 80-gauge stretch film is an invaluable tool for businesses looking to protect their products efficiently and safely during shipping. The film is also very cost-effective, making it a popular choice for stretch wrap gauge hand. It is available in a variety of sizes and colors, so it is easy to find the perfect product for any business needs. With proper use, 80-gauge stretch film can wrap pallets and help ensure that products arrive at their destination undamaged and with minimal waste of material. This makes it an essential part of any packaging operation.

Uses of 80 ga Stretch Film

80-gauge stretch film, also known as a heavy-duty wrap or industrial wrap, is a highly versatile packaging solution that can be used for a range of applications. It is made up of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) and is extensively used in the shipping and logistics industry to manage cargo that needs extra protection during transit. From palletizing goods for safe transportation to bundling lightweight items, 80-gauge stretch film can be used in many different ways.

Stretch Wrap

One common use of 80-gauge stretch film is as an alternative to shrink wrap or heat sealing machines, both of which require additional labor, equipment, and cost. Stretch film provides a simple solution compared to these more expensive options while still providing adequate security and protection during transportation. Unlike shrink wrap, which requires significant amounts of heat and energy, the stretch film can be applied without any extra tools.

Another application of 80-gauge stretch film is to keep items together on a pallet when they are being transported, such as car parts, electronics, or other products that must remain in one location during transit. The strength and flexibility of the film help to hold the items in place, ensuring nothing moves out of position or is lost during transit.

Finally, 80-gauge stretch film can be used to bundle and secure smaller items such as tools and cables. The wrap holds the items together and prevents them from being damaged or lost during transportation.

Advantages of 80 ga Stretch Film


80-gauge stretch film is one of the most cost-efficient and reliable types of packing material available. This type of stretch film is thinner and lighter than traditional stretch film, which means that more of the product can be packed into a single pallet. Additionally, 80-gauge stretch film is easier to apply, provides good load stability, and requires less energy to do so. This reduces labor costs associated with the application, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses looking to reduce their packing material costs. Furthermore, this type of stretch film has excellent puncture resistance and provides superior holding power when compared to other types of packing materials. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses that need reliable protection for their products during shipping or storage. All in all, 80-gauge stretch film is an extremely cost-efficient option for businesses that want reliable yet affordable packing material.

Strength and Durability

80-gauge stretch films are highly durable and reliable products. They have superior puncture resistance, superior stretching capabilities, and excellent tear resistance. Additionally, they are highly resistant to environmental stresses such as UV rays and extreme temperatures. The 80-gauge stretch film is also incredibly flexible, allowing it to be used in a variety of applications. This means that it can easily conform to the shape of any package or product without compromising its strength or durability. Furthermore, this stretch film is designed to provide excellent cling, meaning that it will stay securely wrapped around packages for extended periods ensuring their safety during transport. With these features combined, the 80-gauge stretch film is an ideal choice for businesses looking for reliable packaging materials that won’t let them down. Its superior strength and flexibility make it suitable for a wide range of applications and its impressive tear resistance ensures that products remain safe and secure during transit.

hand stretch film


Due to its exceptional strength, 80-gauge stretch film is a popular choice for businesses handling large quantities of goods. With the right equipment and consistent wrapping tension, it can be applied in various applications such as transportation and storage. The flexibility of 80-gauge stretch film allows it to fit snugly around irregular shapes and sizes, which eliminates the need for additional packaging materials that would otherwise add costs to a business’s operations. Furthermore, it can be used safely in extreme temperatures such as cold storage and freezing, making it a valuable resource for businesses handling perishable items. In addition to its strength, 80-gauge stretch film is also easy to handle due to the thin design that allows it to wrap around items securely without adding unnecessary bulk or weight. It is also lightweight, making it easy to store and transport. All these advantages make the 80-gauge stretch film a preferred choice for many businesses looking for an economical solution that is both versatile and reliable.

Disadvantages of 80 ga Stretch Film

Limited Strength for Heavy Objects

For medium- to heavy-duty applications, 80-gauge stretch film may not provide sufficient strength. It can be more susceptible to tearing or puncturing due to its thinner gauge and can require more film to secure a load. This could lead to higher costs in terms of purchasing extra film, wrapping time, and labor. If the item being secured is particularly heavy or large, it may be necessary to use a heavier gauge film for improved protection. Higher gauges provide added strength for greater security and durability. Additionally, using a thicker stretch wrap may increase machine efficiency by reducing the number of wraps per pallet required for heavier loads compared with thinner films. Ultimately, this can result in cost savings due to less stretch wrap used while still providing an adequate level of protection. Thus, when selecting a stretch film for medium- to heavy-duty applications, it is important to consider the characteristics of an 80-gauge film to determine if it is the most cost-effective option. If not, opting for a higher gauge may be more beneficial in the long run.

It is also important that you consider the environmental impact of your packaging materials when choosing a stretch film. Thicker films often require fewer wraps per pallet which can reduce plastic waste. Additionally, many stretch film suppliers now offer recycled higher gauge wraps or biodegradable options which can be an environmentally-friendly choice. No matter what gauge you choose, it is essential to select a film that meets the needs of your application to secure wrap and maximize efficiency and cost savings.

Difficult to Apply with Manual Dispensers

When it comes to manual handheld wrapping, the 80-gauge stretch film can be particularly challenging. Its thickness and weight make it hard to be maneuvered by hand, and most manual dispensers are not designed to accommodate it. This can lead to difficulty in applying the film evenly and securely, making it harder to achieve the optimal wrapping solution. Furthermore, failures in application due to this challenge may result in product damage and additional waste of materials. It is important when selecting stretch films for manual applications that a lighter-weight film is chosen for the best results.

When choosing stretch film for manual applications, it’s important to recognize the impact of 80-gauge on your wrapping process. A lighter-weight film may be better suited for greater ease of application and cost-effectiveness. This will ensure that you can achieve the desired results from your wrap while avoiding any product damage or wasted material.


80-gauge stretch film is a great choice for packing and wrapping applications, especially those involving heavier loads. It offers superior puncture and tear resistance and can help to protect items during shipping, handling, and storage. The higher the gauge number, the stronger the film, so an 80-gauge stretch film is one of the strongest films available. In addition to its strength, 80-gauge stretch film is also very flexible and easy to use. Its low memory ensures that it won’t shrink back into its original form after being stretched out, and it provides excellent cling properties for a secure hold on palletized goods. With its combination of strength, flexibility, and cling properties, 80-gauge stretch film is an ideal choice for all of your packing and wrapping needs.


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