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Unlocking the Benefits of 120 Gauge Stretch Film: A Practical Guide

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Are you looking for ways to make your packaging processes faster and more efficient? Discover the hidden benefits of 120 gauge stretch film and how to use it to make your packing operations smoother and more profitable in this practical guide.

120 gauge stretch film offers excellent load stability due to its high stretch percentage. It also has excellent tear resistance and is less prone to punctures and abrasions, making it ideal for securing heavy loads. Its high memory allows it to maintain tension and reduce re-stretching.

anti-corrosive stretch film

Explore more information about 120 gauge stretch film including its features, benefits, and applications by reading more below!

What is 120 gauge stretch film

120 gauge stretch film is a type of plastic film that is used for a variety of purposes, including wrapping and securing items for storage, shipping, and transport. This stretch wrap is a thin, flexible material that is made from linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) resin that can be easily stretched and applied. This stretch wrap is available in a variety of widths, thicknesses, and lengths, and can be used to wrap items of any size. 

The 120 gauge refers to the thickness of the film, which is measured in mils (thousandths of an inch). 120 gauge film is considered to be a medium-gauge film, as it is thicker than thinner films such as 80 gauge, but not as thick as heavier films such as 150 gauge. This stretch wrap is ideal for wrapping items of varying sizes and shapes, as it can be easily stretched and adhered to the item.

Features of 120 Gauge Stretch Film

Thickness and strength

The thickness of a 120 Gauge Stretch Film is 0.0006 inches. The tensile strength of this film is up to 1,000 pounds per inch. This stretch wrap is a high-performance film and is commonly used for heavier loads and for items that require extra security and protection. This stretch wrap is also highly resistant to punctures and tears, making it ideal for applications where a secure film is needed.

Stretchability and elasticity

120 gauge stretch film can be stretched up to 300% of its original length and width. This makes it ideal for packing and wrapping irregularly shaped and fragile items. 120 gauge stretch film has excellent elastic memory, allowing it to bounce back to its original shape even after being stretched to its maximum capacity. This makes it ideal for securing loads without the need for extra hand stretch wraps or ties.

Clarity and visibility

The clarity of a 120 Gauge Stretch Film will depend on the type of material used to manufacture it. Generally, the cast stretch film will have better clarity than the blown stretch film. This stretch wrap is also designed to be transparent enough to allow the user to see what is being packaged. 

colored machine stretch film

Compatibility with various types of packaging equipment

The 120 Gauge stretch film is compatible with most standard hand and machine wrapping equipment, including semi-automatic, fully-automatic, and robotic wrapping systems. This stretch wrap is also compatible with bundling, shrink wrap and banding equipment.

This stretch wrap has excellent cling properties, making it suitable for use with vacuum or pressure-sensitive equipment. The film’s high strength and puncture resistance make it suitable for use with case tapers, robotic top and bottom wrapping, and palletizers. This stretch wrap is also suitable for use with automated stretch wraps and stretch wrapping systems.

Benefits of 120 Gauge Stretch Film

Superior strength and durability

The 120 gauge stretch film is typically made from a high-performance blend of polyethylene resin, which is designed to provide superior performance and enhanced tear resistance. A 120 gauge stretch film is thicker than the standard stretch film, which typically ranges from 60-80 gauge thickness. The increased thickness provides extra strength and durability to the film. 

Enhanced protection of products during shipping and storage

The 120 gauge stretch film also offers superior puncture resistance, which helps protect the product being packaged and eliminates any potential damage that could occur during shipping or storage. This stretch wrap is ideal for wrapping heavy and bulky items that require extra support and protection during transportation. 

The film’s cling properties ensure that it adheres tightly to the items being covered. This helps to keep the items secure and prevents them from shifting or sliding during transportation. The cling properties also make it easier to wrap irregularly shaped items and provide a tighter seal. 

A 120 gauge stretch film is UV resistant, which means it can withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight without breaking down or degrading. This is particularly important for items that will be stored or transported outdoors, as it helps to maintain the integrity of the film and the items being covered. 

Color Stretch Film

Reduction in packaging costs

Due to the increased thickness of the 120 Gauge Stretch Film, less material is required to wrap and secure a load. This means that fewer wraps are needed to achieve the same level of protection as a lower gauge film. As a result, less film is used per load, increasing the overall material cost savings. With improved load stability, there is no need for additional packaging materials such as tape or hand stretch wrap, which can add to the overall cost savings.

Increased efficiency in packaging and shipping operations

The 120 Gauge Stretch Film faster application reduces the time and effort required for wrapping and frees up employees to focus on other tasks. The improved load stability provided by the 120 gauge stretch film can also allow for more efficient shipping and additional cost savings. 

Applications of 120 Gauge Stretch Film

Wrapping and protecting large or heavy items

120 gauge stretch film is often used to wrap and protect large or heavy items such as hay bales, furniture, appliances, and large boxes. This hand stretch wrap for this type of load containment has a good pallet stretch wrap form primarily to the weight of the other materials.

Securing pallets and crates for shipping

A 120 gauge stretch film is best applied for securing pallets or crates for shipping in two layers, with each layer cling in the opposite direction of the other. For example, the first layer should cling around the pallet or crate in a clockwise direction, followed by a second layer cling in a counter-clockwise direction. 

This method ensures that the film is stretched to its maximum potential, creating a tight hold. The stretch films should also be cut away from the pallet or crate so that it does not become tangled or cause any sharp edges. 

Wrapping items with irregular shapes or sizes

When wrapping items with irregular shapes or sizes, 120 gauge stretch films should be applied carefully. The stretch films should be cut to the appropriate size for the item being protected. The stretch wrap should then be applied evenly around the item, making sure to stretch it tightly. The stretch films should overlap at the edges of the load containment to ensure a compact hold. 

Color Stretch Film

Protecting delicate or fragile items during transport

When applying 120 gauge stretch film, it should be applied in overlapping layers to ensure that the contents of the package are securely contained and the item is adequately protected. The hand stretch wrap should be applied firmly, with a minimum of 50% elongation, to ensure that the contents are held securely in place and to prevent the item from shifting during transport.

For extra protection, use a corner board to hand stretch wrap the item and protect it from sharp corners and edges. To make sure the item is securely contained, use two-inch strapping to further cling the package. For heavier items or items that require extra stretch wraps, double wrap the item using two layers of 120 gauge stretch films. Finally, use a label to identify the item and provide any necessary instructions or warnings.

Tips for Using 120-Gauge Stretch Film

Choosing the appropriate width and length for the item being wrapped

The size of the item determines the amount of film needed to securely wrap it. If the item is large, a wider film should be used. If the item is smaller, a narrower hand stretch film may be used. Additionally, the length of the film needed to wrap the item should be determined. A longer film should be used if the item is large and requires multiple wraps, while other stretch films may be used if the item is smaller. 

Using the correct amount of tension during wrapping

Ensure that the tension applied to the film is appropriate for the load being packaged. For example, a 120 gauge stretch film should be tensioned at approximately 80-90% of the film’s yield strength. A tensioning tool should be used to ensure a tight and secure hand stretch wrap.

Make sure that the tension is even across the entire load. Uneven tension will cause the stretch wrappers to stretch and tear prematurely reaching its breaking point. When wrapping a load, use the correct amount of overlap for the hand stretch film. For a 120 gauge stretch film, the recommended overlap is 4-6 inches.

Ensuring proper overlap of the film layers

The stretch film should be applied in an overlapping pattern, starting from the bottom of the object and working up to the top. It can be a hand stretch wrap or in a machine to use for multiple layers of stretch wrappers in a load containment that makes the products stand and wrapped in plastic packaging.

Securing the film to the item or pallet

The tension of the stretch film should be adjusted as it is being applied to provide the best protection in low volumes. Once the stretch film is applied, it should be cut with a knife or scissors and the edge should be folded over to ensure that it is secure. This hand stretch wrap comes in different types and rolls for plastic packaging additionally pleasing to  customers in the market.

120 gauge stretch film provides a cost-effective, efficient, and secure packaging solution for a variety of industries, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes. With all these benefits of this stretch wrap, 120 gauge stretch film is an ideal solution for securing and transporting goods.

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