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A General Guide to Safe and Efficient 20-Inch Stretch Film Application

A General Guide to Safe and Efficient 20-Inch Stretch Film Application

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Using a 20-inch stretch film is the most efficient way to package and transport your items. It’s also an incredibly safe choice, as the film is made from durable materials that help keep your cargo safe. Plus, it’s easy to use! All you need to do is wrap the stretch film around your items, cutting it off when you’re done. Ready to make the switch? Here’s how you can use 20-inch hand stretch film like a pro!

To ensure the safe and efficient application of 20-inch stretch film, the role of the stretch film must be properly supported and aligned. Before loading a roll of stretch film onto the applicator, check for any nicks or cuts on the film. Nicks or cuts in the film can cause tearing or breakage when applying the stretch wrap.

Polypropylene (PP)

For proper installation of the roll onto the dispenser, begin by inserting the core of the film into a pre-drilled hole in the center of the spindle. Make sure the film core is firmly seated in the hole and the roll is resting evenly on the spindle arms.

This article discusses the characteristics of the 20-inch stretch film, including its types and applications to guide you on your stretch wrapping needs.

What is the 20-inch stretch film?

20-inch blown stretch wrap is a type of flexible plastic, often referred to as “stretch wrap,” that is used in packing and shipping. It is an essential part of the process for securely wrapping pallets, cases, or individual items to ensure they remain intact during transport and storage. It protects from dust, moisture, and other environmental conditions, while also providing an aesthetic look to the package. 20-inch cast stretch wrap is available in a variety of gauges and thicknesses, including light to heavy duty. It can be applied by hand or with an automated stretch wrap machine and is easily removed after use.

Types of 20-inch stretch film

Cast Stretch Film

Cast Stretch Film is a type of 20-inch pre-stretch film that offers excellent clarity and strength. It is highly puncture resistant and can be used to protect food items, pharmaceuticals, electronics, or other delicate products from dust, dirt, and moisture. This type of stretch film has superior cling performance even at low temperatures, making it an ideal choice for cold storage applications. Additionally, it is designed to offer superior puncture, tear, and abrasion resistance, providing extra protection against sharp edges for loads of high-value items. It is also designed to cling tightly and retain its stretchability over time, making it an ideal choice for unitizing products.

Cast Stretch Film

Blown Stretch Film

Blown stretch film is made from blown polyethylene and provides extra strength, puncture resistance, greater cling, and increased tear properties. This type of 20-inch stretch film is the most common type due to its superior quality and range of applications. It is designed for both manual or automated applications in a variety of industries, such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and e-commerce. Blown stretch film is a great choice when the material being wrapped requires additional protection from external forces, such as dust and moisture. Additionally, it is more elastic than cast stretch film, making it ideal for wrapping irregularly shaped objects.

Scope Applications of 20-inch stretch film

Logistic & Transportation

20-inch stretch film is an essential tool for logistics and transportation professionals. It has a wide range of applications and is suitable for various objects, including items of different shapes and sizes. This versatile packaging solution is often used to bundle and secure multiple items together, making it easier to move them from one place to another.

Electrical appliances

20-inch pre-stretched stretch wrap is increasingly being adopted for the packaging of electrical appliances because it offers excellent protection against moisture, dust, dirt, and other external particles that can damage the appliance.

Household Items

20-inch stretch film is a multi-purpose packaging material that can be used to store and protect various household items. It provides superior protection against wear and tear, dust, and moisture. It is also an economical way to wrap items for storage or transport without the need for costly packing materials.

Mechanical Packaging

20-inch stretch film is also used for mechanical packaging. The elasticity of the stretch film roll allows it to be stretched around packages and goods, tightly conforming to their shape and size. This protects against dust, dirt, and moisture, making it ideal for long-term storage or transportation.

Warehousing & Storages

Stretch film is a versatile packaging material that can be used in warehousing and storage. It is ideal for securing cartons, boxes, and pallets, and can help to protect goods from dust, dirt, and moisture.

Wire Wrapping

Stretch film is a great form of wire-wrapping packaging as it securely wraps around the product, protecting it from dirt and moisture. The stretch film’s elasticity allows it to be used in a variety of applications, including wrapping around wires, pipes, and other items.

Pallets / Box Wrapping

20-inch stretch film is an essential tool for pallet and box wrapping. It provides a secure and protective covering that can be used to protect the contents from dust, moisture, and damage during transportation. The cast stretch films are easy to apply, as they can be stretched around the package.

Bundling Materials Gather

20-inch stretch film has a variety of uses, including bundling and gathering materials. In the industrial sector, 20-inch stretch film can be used to bundle together items such as pallets and boxes before shipping. It helps keep the packages secured and minimizes the risk of damage during transit.

Plastic Wrap Roll for Furniture

20-inch hand stretch wrap is ideal for protecting furniture pieces from dust, scratches, and other damage. This type of plastic wrap roll provides a secure hold during moving and storage. It is also an economical solution to protect furniture, allowing it to be reused multiple times while maintaining its original shape.

Pre-stretch film

In conclusion, the use of the 20-inch stretch films, blown stretch films, and stretch wraps system is a cost-effective, practical solution for securing goods during transport. This makes it an ideal choice for any stretch film manufacturers and businesses that needs to ensure the safety and stability of their goods while they are in transit.

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