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Top 10 hand manual stretch film manufacturers for 2023


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Are you in the market for the best hand manual stretch film manufacturers? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the top 10 manufacturers that offer quality production and cutting-edge technology. This guide will provide valuable insight into where to find reliable stretch film suitable for all types of applications. From small businesses to large corporations, there’s something here for everyone – finding your perfect match is only a few clicks away!

Here is the list of the Top 10 hand manual stretch film manufacturers for 2023:

  1. ZPF Efekt Plus
  2. Millwood, Inc.
  3. Direct industry INC.
  5. Hi-Tech Plastics, Inc
  6. Rolls Film Inc.
  7. OPC Direct
  8. Masterpak s.a.l
  9. ArasPlastic Atiye Company


Are you looking for a reliable hand manual stretch film manufacturer that can provide high-quality wrapping solutions? Look no further! In this article, we’ve identified the ten best hand manual stretch film manufacturers for 2023. With extensive market research and competitive analysis, we have compiled an up-to-date list of trustworthy suppliers offering the most effective, innovative, efficient, and durable products to help ensure your transport packaging needs are met with great satisfaction. Keep reading to discover all the advantages you can gain by selecting these quality supplier partners!

1.ZPF Efekt Plus

ZPF Efekt Plus

Type of Business:Polish manufacturer of “CAST” type stretch films
Location (Headquarters): Warszawa, Poland
Year Established: 2006


Efekt is a hand stretch film manufacturer based in Warsaw, Poland, that has become a leader in the production of stretch films in Europe. The company is committed to providing the best low-density polyethylene (LDPE) film available on the market today and prides itself on its commitment to innovation and quality. It’s an experienced team of specialists and technologists who constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible when developing new materials for stretch films. Efekt also has an automated packaging and palletizing system based on modern robots, which helps them with their efficient manufacturing process.

Products & Services Offered

  • Pre-Stretch Film
  • Hand Stretch Film
  • Machine Stretch Film
  • Jumbo Stretch Film
  • Mini Wrap Stretch Film
  • Stretch Food Film
  • Silage Film AgroWrap


Main Markets: Domestic and Foreign

2.Millwood, Inc

Millwood, Inc

Type of Business: Freight and Package Transportation
Location (Headquarters): Vienna, OH
Year Established: 1985


Millwood, based in Vienna, OH, is an esteemed hand stretch film manufacturer with a long history of excellence and innovation in the unit load transport packaging systems, materials, and services industry. With decades of experience, Millwood has earned a reputation for delivering consistent quality products with reliable performance. Their hand stretch film is well-known for being highly durable, with superior puncture resistance and superior elasticity, providing superior cling to reduce film waste. Additionally, their films are available in multiple thicknesses to meet the needs of numerous applications and are available in clear or black opaque colors for added security. Millwood also offers convenient custom printing options so customers can easily add branding or text to their films. Their commitment to customer service has earned them the trust of many customers who rely on them for their hand stretch films and related items over the years. Millwood strives to go above and beyond customer expectations by offering competitive prices, timely delivery, and a variety of product solutions tailored specifically to customer requirements. They continually invest in research and development initiatives to stay ahead of the competition and provide customers with cutting-edge solutions that meet their needs today while helping them prepare for tomorrow’s challenges.

Products & Services Offered

  • Pallets
  • Lumber
  • Crates
  • Stretch Film
  • Shrink Film
  • Stretch Wrappers
  • Material Handling
  • Ergonomics


Main Markets: USA

3.Direct industry INC

Direct industry INC

Type of Business: B2B marketplaces
Location (Headquarters): Marseille, France
Year Established: 2000


Direct Industry is a leading hand stretch film manufacturer based in Marseille, France. For more than 20 years, the company has been supplying high-quality products to customers worldwide. As a global business leader, Direct Industry is committed to providing its customers exceptional service and top-notch manufacturing capabilities. The company produces a range of hand-stretch films suitable for any application, from industrial packaging and construction to consumer goods and retail. Direct Industry’s products are made from 100% recyclable materials, making them an eco-friendly choice for businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact. Additionally, their highly experienced team of professionals offers comprehensive support services designed to help customers find the right solution for their needs. With its extensive selection of hand stretch films and first-class customer service, Direct Industry is the perfect partner for buyers looking to source reliable and durable packaging solutions worldwide.

Products & Services Offered

  • Detection – Measurement
  • Metrology – Laboratory
  • Robotics – Automation – Industrial IT
  • Electricity – Electronics
  • Power Transmission – Mechanical Components
  • Hydraulics – Pneumatics
  • Materials – Tools – Components
  • Machine – Tools
  • Production Machines
  • Industrial Machines and Equipment
  • Food Industry
  • Packing – Handling – Logistics
  • Environment – Health – Safety
  • Building – Construction


Main Markets: USA, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa.


Vasu Polymers India Private Limited

Type of Business: manufacturers of extrusion and protective films.
Location (Headquarters): Germany
Year Established: 1972


Polifilm, a Germany-based hand stretch film manufacturer, is a global player in the packaging industry. With their 11 production plants located in 7 countries and more than 20 distribution partners worldwide, they provide solutions to customers across 60 markets. Serving various industries, their innovative products are used to protect and secure products for transport and storage and provide tamper-evident solutions. As an expert in the field of shrink films, Polifilm has been offering outstanding quality for over 30 years. Their stretch film is known for its strength and durability characteristics that can be customized concerning thickness or length for every application. The company also advises optimizing loading units by ensuring secure stacking and safeguarding from environmental influences such as dust, dirt, or water when transporting goods. By constantly striving for excellence and innovation, Polifilm is committed to providing superior customer service each time.

Products & Services Offered

Products & Services Offered by:

  • Protection Films
  • Technical Films
  • Packaging Films
  • Agricultural Films
  • Stretch Films
  • Construction Films
  • Assembling Films
  • Automotive Solutions


Main Markets: UK, USA, France, South Africa,

5. Hi-Tech Plastics, Inc

Hi-Tech Plastics, Inc

Type of Business: Hand stretch film manufacturer
Location (Headquarters): Kaukauna
Year Established: 1990


Hi-Tech Plastics, Inc is a leading manufacturer of hand stretch film and packaging solutions in Kaukauna. Founded in 1990, the company has established a strong reputation for offering superior quality hand stretch wraps at competitive prices. Over the years, Hi-Tech Plastics, Inc has worked hard to develop innovative products that meet the needs of their customers in various industries, including warehousing and distribution, agricultural, and food processing. Their products are designed with strength, performance, and value, providing maximum protection for palletized products during transit. Their cast hand stretch film offers excellent clarity and quiet release. Hi-Tech Plastics, Inc provides a comprehensive selection of custom solutions tailored to their customer’s unique needs by leveraging their expertise in material science and product design. In addition to developing cutting-edge technologies for hand stretch wrap applications, they provide onsite technical support to ensure all users can get the most out of their products.

Products & Services Offered

  • Hand Films
  • Machine Films
  • Banding & Extended Core Films
  • Colored & Specialty Films


Main Markets: UK, Texas

6. Rolls Film Inc

Rolls Film Inc

Type of Business: Stretch film manufacturer
Location (Headquarters): Jiangsu,China
Year Established: 2015


Rolls Film is a leading hand stretch film manufacturer in Jiangsu, China. Founded in 2015, the company has quickly established itself as a reliable provider of top-notch products and services in the stretch film market. With its state-of-the-art production facility, Rolls Film can offer superior products at competitive prices without compromising quality or quickness. The company prides itself on continuously modernizing and developing its portfolio of products to meet the needs of its active market by affiliating with suppliers to bring inventive solutions to the marketplace. Their product offering includes traditional pre-stretch and innovative specialty films such as embossed, colored, high-performance, and more. Rolls Film offers machine-grade rolls with a high degree of cling and an excellent memory for secure loads to ensure product protection and cost efficiency for their customers. In addition, they are committed to taking eco-friendly responsibility by using renewable sources like biodegradable plastic film from recycled materials. Thanks to their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Rolls Film has become one of the top suppliers of stretch films for the packaging industry.

Products & Services Offered


Main Markets: USA

7. OPC Direct

OPC Direct

Type of Business: Packaging manufacturer & Distributor
Location (Headquarters): Omaha, NE, USA
Year Established: 1961


OPC Direct is a packaging manufacturer and distributor with its headquarters in Omaha, NE, USA. Established in 1961, it has produced and supplied hand-stretch film for over 45 years. With a vast array of different types of films produced for various industries and applications, OPC Direct has provided unparalleled quality and consistency in stretch films. The company’s commitment to innovation and reliable customer service has enabled it to become a field leader. All products are manufactured with the highest quality materials and advanced technologies that allow for easy application of the films onto various surfaces. OPC Direct offers customized solutions tailored to individual specifications and cost-effective bulk purchasing options.

Products & Services Offered

  • Corrugated/Boxes
  • Envelopes & Mailers
  • Poly Bags
  • Shrink Film
  • Tapes & Adhesives
  • Food Packaging
  • Main Markets: America

8.Masterpak s.a.l

Masterpak s.a.l

Type of Business: polyethylene (PE) films and bags manufacturer
Location (Headquarters): Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon
Year Established: 1974


Masterpak is a leading hand stretch film manufacturer in Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon. Founded in 1987, the company has become the nation’s foremost provider of flexible packaging film solutions for various markets. Utilizing the most advanced technologies available, Masterpak produces premium quality products that offer superior strength, tear resistance, and clarity. The company also offers an extensive selection of colors and custom sizes to ideally fit any application or need. With an unparalleled commitment to customer service, Masterpak strives to meet every requirement quickly and efficiently without compromising on quality. From food products to industrial materials and medical supplies, Masterpak provides innovative solutions to ensure the safe transportation and protection of goods worldwide. Their reliable products are regularly used by some of the biggest names in the global business, including Nestle and Unilever. Thanks to their ongoing dedication to excellence, Masterpak continues to be a leading industry with a reputation for providing superior hand stretch film solutions.

Main Markets: Europe, the Arabian Gulf, Middle East, Africa, Asia, America and Australia

9. ArasPlastic Atiye Company

ArasPlastic Atiye Company

Type of Business: Stretch Film Manufacturer and Exporter
Location (Headquarters): Tabriz-Iran
Year Established: 2019


Aras Plastic, located in Tabriz, Iran, is a well-established hand stretch film manufacturer that is dedicated to providing quality and cost-effective packing solutions for businesses worldwide. As a leading global manufacturer of stretch films, Aras Plastic offers an extensive range of products to meet the needs of many industries. The company’s experienced team of experts is passionate about their craft and continually strives to stay ahead of the curve by developing new and improved technologies designed to provide maximum efficiency with minimal environmental impact.


The company’s portfolio includes stretch film applicators with pre-stretch technology, high-strength shrink wrap films, cast hand wraps, crosslinked hand wraps, food contact container wraps, and more. All products offered by Aras Plastic adhere to strict quality standards that ensure strength and reliability, all while keeping costs low. Furthermore, the company has implemented several innovative measures, such as automated machines for faster packaging and eco-friendly practices for minimal environmental damage.

Products & Services Offered

  • Wide Stretch Film
  • Pre Stretch Film Wrap
  • Silage stretch film
  • Jumbo roll stretch film
  • Food stretch film wrap
  • Sofa stretch film
  • Machine stretch film
  • Industrial stretch film
  • Hand wrap stretch film

Main Markets: Europe, Iran, Russia, Middle East


The above list of hand-stretch film manufacturers are some of the best in the business and have been leading the way in terms of quality and innovation. If you’re looking for a reliable manufacturer to partner with, any one of these companies would be a great choice.

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