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Understanding Pallet Wrap Films: Types and Uses

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If you work in logistics, you know how crucial it is to keep your products safe during transportation and storage. One tool that can help with this is pallet wrap film. In this article, we’ll dive into the different types and uses of pallet wrap film to help you choose the right one for your business needs.

Types of Film


Stretch Wrap Films:


1. Cast stretch wrap

Suitable for retail products

2. Blown stretch wrap

Suitable for sharp-edged or heavy loads

Shrink wrap films:


1. PVC shrink wrap film

Suitable for non-food products and retail packaging

2. Polyolefin shrink wrap film

Suitable for food products and FDA-approved for direct food contact

Whether you’re a business owner or logistics professional, understanding the different types and uses of pallet wrap films can help you make better decisions when it comes to securing your products during transportation and storage. Read on to learn more.

1.Definition of Pallet wrap film

When it comes to ensuring safe and secure transport of goods, pallet wrap film is an essential tool in the logistics industry. Also known as stretch film, pallet wrap film is a plastic packaging material that is commonly used to secure items on a pallet during transportation or storage. It is typically made of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), a strong and flexible material that can stretch up to 500% of its original size.

Importance of Pallet wrap film in supply chain management

The use of pallet wrap film is crucial in supply chain management for several reasons. Firstly, it helps to protect products from damage during transit. According to a study by the National Cargo Security Council, around $50 billion worth of goods are lost or damaged each year due to poor packaging and handling. Pallet wrap film helps to prevent this by keeping items tightly secured and protected from moisture, dirt, and other external factors.

Secondly, pallet wrap film also plays a significant role in improving efficiency and reducing costs. By keeping products tightly wrapped, it reduces the risk of items shifting or falling off the pallet during transport, which can lead to delays, damage, and additional expenses. In fact, a report by the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI) found that the use of stretch wrap can save up to 20% of packaging costs, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses.

Finally, pallet wrap film also provides a level of security for products during transit. It can help deter theft and tampering, ensuring that items arrive at their intended destination in their original condition. This is particularly important for high-value or sensitive goods, such as electronics or pharmaceuticals.

2. Types of Pallet wrap film

A. Stretch wrap film

Stretch wrap film is a type of plastic film that is designed to stretch and cling tightly to objects, providing stability and protection during transport or storage. There are two primary types of stretch wrap films: cast stretch wrap and blown stretch wrap.

1. Cast stretch wrap

Cast stretch wrap is produced by feeding melted plastic through a die and casting it onto a chill roll. This process creates a thin and consistent film that has excellent clarity, making it ideal for wrapping retail products. Cast stretch wrap is known for its superior cling and excellent tear resistance, which means that it can be stretched to its maximum potential without breaking. It is also cost-effective and produces less waste than other types of stretch wrap.

Blown stretch wrap

Blown stretch wrap is created using a blow extrusion process, where plastic is melted and then blown into a bubble. The bubble is then cooled and flattened, creating a thicker film that is more durable than cast stretch wrap. Blown stretch wrap has excellent puncture resistance, making it ideal for wrapping sharp-edged items or heavy loads. It is also suitable for use in cold temperatures, as it does not become brittle or lose its elasticity.

B. Shrink wrap film

Shrink wrap film is a type of plastic film that is designed to shrink tightly around an object when heat is applied, providing a secure and protective barrier. There are two primary types of shrink wrap films: PVC shrink wrap and polyolefin shrink wrap.

1. PVC shrink wrap film

PVC shrink wrap film is a cost-effective and versatile option for shrink wrapping. It is transparent and has a high shrinkage rate, which means that it conforms tightly to the shape of the product being wrapped. PVC shrink wrap film is also puncture-resistant and has excellent clarity, making it an ideal choice for retail packaging. However, it is not recommended for food packaging due to its potential to release harmful chemicals when exposed to high temperatures.

2. Polyolefin shrink wrap film

Polyolefin shrink wrap film is a more environmentally friendly option than PVC shrink wrap, as it does not release harmful chemicals during the shrinking process. It is also more durable than PVC shrink wrap and has a higher puncture resistance. Polyolefin shrink wrap is suitable for use with food products and is FDA-approved for direct food contact. It also has excellent clarity, making it an ideal choice for retail packaging.

3. Applications of Pallet wrap film

A. Transportation and storage

One of the primary applications of pallet wrap film is to ensure the safe transportation and storage of goods. Pallet wrap film secures items on a pallet during transport, preventing them from shifting or falling off the pallet. It also protects goods from external elements, such as dust, dirt, moisture, and other potential hazards that could damage the product. Pallet wrap film is especially useful for fragile or high-value items that require extra protection during transportation.

B. Protection and safety

Pallet wrap film provides additional protection to products beyond securing them during transport or storage. It acts as a barrier against tampering, theft, and contamination, ensuring the safety and integrity of the product. The film’s stretch properties provide additional cushioning and shock absorption, reducing the risk of damage during handling and transportation. Additionally, pallet wrap film helps to protect employees in the supply chain industry by preventing goods from shifting or falling off the pallet, thereby reducing the risk of workplace accidents.

C. Branding and marketing

Pallet wrap film can also be customized to showcase a company’s branding and marketing messages. It is an excellent way to promote brand recognition, as the film can be printed with a company’s logo, messaging, or contact information. This feature is especially beneficial for retail businesses that want to create a consistent brand experience from the point of purchase to delivery.

4. Factors to consider when choosing Pallet wrap film

A. Load weight and size

Load weight and size are essential factors to consider when selecting the right pallet wrap. The elasticity and clinginess of the pallet wrap will depend on the load weight and size. For example, if the load is heavy, a stronger and more elastic pallet wrap will be needed to keep it securely wrapped during transportation. On the other hand, if the load is small, a less elastic and less clingy wrap might suffice. The right pallet wrap will ensure that the products stay securely wrapped, preventing damage during transportation. If the load is not secured properly, it can shift or fall off the pallet, causing damage to the products, which can lead to additional costs and delays.

B. Environmental factors

Environmental factors such as humidity, temperature, wetness, and UV exposure can also impact the choice of pallet wrap. For example, if the warehouse is located in an area with high humidity, a pallet wrap with a high cling factor will be necessary to prevent slippage during transportation. If the temperature is extreme, it is essential to choose a pallet wrap that can withstand the temperature changes without breaking. In case the products are exposed to UV radiation, selecting a UV-resistant pallet wrap is critical to prevent degradation and discoloration of the products.

C. Cost and efficiency

Cost and efficiency are also critical factors when selecting the right pallet wrap. The cost of pallet wrap varies based on the quality and materials of the wrap. High-quality pallet wrap can be more expensive than lower quality alternatives, but it is a worthwhile investment for businesses that want to avoid additional costs associated with damaged products during transportation. While it might be tempting to opt for a cheaper pallet wrap, it is essential to consider the long-term costs and efficiency of the wrap. Choosing a pallet wrap that can be applied quickly and efficiently can help reduce labor costs and improve overall efficiency in the warehouse.

Pallet wrap film is an essential tool in the logistics industry for ensuring the safe and secure transportation and storage of goods. By understanding the different types and uses of pallet wrap films, businesses can save time, reduce costs, and maintain the integrity of their products throughout the supply chain process.

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