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Stretch Film vs. Cling Wrap, Which is better for your packaging needs?

Stretch Film vs Cling Wrap

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Most of our customers are usually concerned about packaging needs. This comprises of packaging of huge products and their stock manufactured by them and sometimes the basic everyday stuff they tend to pack. Therefore, they usually need clarification about what to choose, whether to choose a stretch film or a cling wrap.
Cling wrap goes well when you have to pack a limited size of a food item as an everyday-use wrap. Knowing what you need to pack and selecting the wrap to serve the purpose is imperative. Whereas packing non-food items that are transported in the form of units or bundles may be tightened together with a stretch wrap for added safety.
There are many things that you must know about these two materials used to wrap your stuff around, and this will help you in decision-making, so let us read on and get to have an answer to all your questions you might have in mind.
These two materials are used to wrap various things and have plenty of industrial and commercial uses. However, knowing about them in detail might help you make a better decision regarding their application suitability for yourself.

What is a stretch wrap, and what are the different kinds of it?

Stretch wrap is made of plastic; the material is manufactured with a stretch capacity that offers elasticity. Due to this wrap’s elastic nature, it can hold many boxes and bundles at a time.
You can choose this kind of wrap to cover your pallets and bundles tightly so that during transportation or storage, it is not damaged.
Industries where multiple products are manufactured tend to have them delivered in a way that they are not damaged. Hence, there is a need to pack them in the form of a single unit, and here the role of stretch wrap proves to be very eminent. The tightness between the boxes is perfect, so storage and transportation become easier.

Machine Stretch Film

Machine Stretch Film
A wrapping machine is a better and more efficient approach to choosing to wrap pallets because it offers less wastage of material and has a significant load holding power. Since the packing is done by machine, not by hand, it keeps the film tight.
You can choose between different processes that are carried out using automated equipment with stretch wrap.

Cast Stretch Film

Cast Stretch wrap is a very convenient option if someone needs a double-sided cling, excellent clarity, and a very protective layer on the pallets of their products. Hence, many sensitive and fragile products are transported after being packed into the cast stretch film.
This film is manufactured by melting thermoplastic, and the liquid plastic is poured on a flat die, which rotates and creates films. After cooling, the film solidifies and turns into a final wrapping film ready to use.

Pre Stretch Film

The pre-stretch film is already stretched, which is directly applicable to the products without further expansion. After this expansion, the pre-stretched film is wrapped over the rolls. The best part about this wrap is that it does not require much energy and reduces manufacturing costs with extensive load capacity.

Blown Stretch Film

The blown stretch film also uses plastic for its manufacture and has two essential components: the slit die in an annular layout and the air ring. The plastic is first subjected to die upon melting, and then air is blown into it for expansion purposes. Once cool, it is all set for use and can be chosen for packaging products.
Unlike other machine stretch films, blown stretch film is much more suitable when products with pointed edges need to be transported, as they offer increased tear resistance and allow a durable wrap.

Manual Stretch Film

Manual stretch films are those stretch wraps that are applied by hand. Many industries that produce products that are not too heavy and have a minimal packing budget use manual stretch wrap rather than inventing equipment for packing.

Hand Stretch Films

Businesses that get their products packed as a unit using stretch film with the help of human intervention use the hand stretch film application method. This is done manually and by human labor. This process is considered in various applications in different industries.

Colored Stretch Film

A colored stretch film is used to wrap different products in the industries, and it helps in dating the inventory or for color coding purposes. This stretch wrapping is backed with puncture resistance. Different colors are available, and each color may be chosen for a specific identification mark like expiry date, number of pieces, or anything depending on the company’s identification policy.

UVI Stretch Films

Various products manufactured in industries are stored outdoors and might face UV rays when transported outdoors. This kind of film is applied by labor, not machinery, and hence is said to be manually applied films.

What is cling wrap, and different types of it?

Cling wrap is a pervasive plastic-based film that is used widely for domestic use and even for commercial purposes. The main aim of choosing cling wrap is to increase the shelf life of food products. Bakeries, homes, and restaurants widely use cling wrap and keep their food products preserved in the longer run.
It is also made of plastic and has a stocky base bonded very well when used for covering anything.

Cling Wrap in Cutter Box

The most common kind of wrap used in bakeries, superstores, and homes is cling with a cutter box. The edge of the box has a teeth-like metallic structure that helps cut the cling when the covering is carried out.

Sliding Cutter Cling Wrap

This cling wrap is suitable for use with a reasonable budget because it has a cutter attached and costs a little more. It comes in a box with a sliding cutter. It is used for cutting while the wrapping task is carried out.

Pre Cut Cling Wrap

You do not need to go through the hassle of cutting the sheets in such cling films. Instead, they are already in cut form, and you have to pick and pack the products using these sheets.

Machine Cling Film

The machine dispenses the cling wrap, and the packaging process is carried out. Machine cling wrap has a stock of cling film inside, and automated packing can be done using this kind of cling film method.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Stretch Wrap

It is eminent that everything that comes with benefits has some cons too, so when it comes to looking at the stretch wrap, some of the pros and cons it comes with comprise the following:

Advantages of Stretch Film

· One of the most significant advantages of choosing a stretch film is that multiple products can be unitized, stored, and transported without damage. It keeps the products and carton boxes away from harmful conditions.
· The standard stretch film can carry and place multiple products in a limited space. When multiple boxes are stacked on the pallets, they can be held easily for displacement and stored together in a confined space.
· When similar products are stacked together, it becomes easier to manage the inventory. The boxes of the same products are packed together, so counting the inventory and checking its expiry becomes easier this way.
· Stretch film is manufactured with an eco-friendly material that does not damage the environment and, at the same time, is a recyclable form of the plastic film; hence, the damage to the surroundings is less.

Disadvantages of Stretch Film

· If the size and kind of stretch wrap are appropriate, the entire bundle will stay intact. The lack of adequate selection causes a lack of tear resistance.
· Stretch film tightens the products nicely, but at the same time, if there is any instability in load, it may tear away, leaving the products subjected to damage.

How is Stretch Film and Cling Film Different from Each Other?

If you need clarification about the differences between the two packing options, then your confusion will be cleared by reading below. We have highlighted the differences between the two materials keeping various points in line, so have a look!

Cost Considerations

When it comes to assessing the cost of the two options on their own, they are suitable for the purposes they serve. If you choose a stretch wrap for packing the cartons on the pallets or the bundles, you will find it a cost-effective solution.
In the same way, when it comes to choosing cling wrap, it has the purpose of covering food items to preserve them with a longer shelf life. Therefore, on its own, it is also a cheaper method of packaging food.
Now, choosing stretch film for packing food would be an expensive approach, and hence, in this case, you must avoid that. If you use both wraps for specific purposes, they are affordable; changing the purpose will change affordability. If you need a cheaper packaging method, choosing stretch film is a better idea.

Ease of Use

The elasticity of a stretch wrap makes it easier for the user to extend it as much as they want and pack their products tightly. Whereas, when it comes to the cling wrap, it lacks elasticity, and you cannot stretch it much for covering purposes. Therefore, wrapping pallets using a cling wrap is impossible; stretch wrap is used.

Environmental Impact

Stretch film is an environment-friendly option for packaging because it is recyclable, whereas cling wrap is not recyclable. So, the more cling wrap is used, the more it will accumulate in landfills. Therefore, if you consider the context of environmental friendliness, stretch film is a better choice.

Load Management

Cling wrap lacks strength and may not be suitable when handling a considerable load. It is suitable for wrapping essential food items like leftovers, fruits, vegetables, or savories to improve their shelf lives.
Stretch wrap is tear resistant and is suitable to cover a tremendous load without hassle. Therefore, heavy industrial loads in the storage or transport packages should be packed using stretch wrap rather than any other material.

Which Type Of Film Should You Use?

One of the most important things that need to be considered is when to use stretch film and a cling wrap. Since both packing materials have objectives and purposes, using them adequately is essential.
· When must you opt for the stretch film?
Stretch film can ideally be used when packing pallets or bundles. This material is suitable for packing heavy loads like bundles of bags or carton boxes so they may be unitized together.
· When must you opt for cling wrap?
Cling is suitable for choosing to pack food; it could be packed to increase its shelf life as it helps keep moisture away from the food.

Where to Buy your stretch film or cling wrap?

You must also locate the right manufacturers to buy stretch film or cling wrap. Rolls Stretch Film is one of the leading stretch film manufacturers offering various options of stretch film and cling film. You can have the best machine stretch film and hand stretch film as well, and that too, at a very reasonable price. It is imperative to get these films from a company that ensures the perfection of the quality of the packing materials. If the wraps lack perfection and strength, the primary purpose of packing your material will go in vain.


Making a decision regarding which kind of packaging material must be purchased would have been quite clear for you after you have gone through this article. So, make your decision wisely, considering all the details shared above.
You can have numerous choices to wrap your products, but the protection factor offered by cling wrap and stretch film is unmatchable.
You can always keep your products safe and secure while transported and stored by covering them using these films. They preserve fragile food and products and increase safety during storage and transportation. Many industries are highly dependent upon the two methods for their packaging needs.
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