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Top 10 blown stretch film manufacturers in 2023

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From medical to food supplies, grocery items to construction materials; identity protection to transport and storage of industrial goods, most businesses today are using stretch film. It is a must-have tool in their kit! But with the ever-changing market trend and product availability, what companies will be leading the sector when it comes to blowing molding stretch film? Do you want an answer that can help your business anticipate technological advancement? Here’s a list of projected top 10 blown stretch film manufacturers in 2023 that you don’t want to miss out on! Let’s take a look into which names / brands are taking over this industry this year.

Whatever your need may be, one of these top 10 blown stretch film manufacturers will likely have something suitable to suit your requirement.


Website Type of Business Location (Headquarters) Year Established
https://www.classicpackagingcorp.com Distributor of a Wide Variety of Packaging Materials and Supplies Northbrook, IL 1976


Classic Packaging Corp.’s years of experience have enabled them to source only the best materials to ensure superior product quality and performance. In addition, they pride themselves on offering competitive pricing while still providing outstanding customer service. Their commitment to excellence has allowed them to become one of the most trusted names in the field of stretch wrap manufacturers.

Classic Packaging Corp’s team is made up of experienced professionals who are dedicated to helping their clients find the right packaging solution for their products. They understand how important it is to be able to trust suppliers, which is why they go above and beyond when it comes to ensuring customer satisfaction and delivering superior results every time. They believe strongly in open communication with our clients so that they can be confident that their needs are being met from start to finish.

Classic Package Corp.’s goal is always to exceed expectations and provide superior products, services, and support for its customers around the world. With a combination of experience, technical knowledge, innovation, and dedication, they strive each day to achieve this goal – no matter what challenges come their way.

Products & Services Offered:

Machine Stretch Film

Hand Grade Stretch Film

Good wrappers Stretch Film

Extended Core Stretch Film

Extended Core Bundling Film – Cast

Bundling Stretch Film

Main Markets:

US, North America and Worldwide

2.The Griff Network

Website Type of Business Location (Headquarters) Year Established
https://www.thegriffnetwork.com/ Manufacturer and distributor with a dense portfolio of paper and plastic products Fallsington, PA 1977


Griff Network, specialize in blown stretch films that provide superior protection against moisture and environmental hazards. Their high-quality products are certified as per ISO 9001:2015 standards which attest to their commitment to compliance and excellence. They employ various advanced technologies such as biodegradable plastic materials, 3D printing processes, and robotics for efficient production with minimum wastage. As part of their sustainability mission, they deliver eco-friendly yet durable products that meet the highest standards for safety and performance.

Products & Services Offered:

  1. Engineered Films
  2. Fluorosilicone Films
  3. Geomembrane Films
  4. Graphic Films
  5. Packaging and Industrial Films
  6. Polyester Films
  7. Architectural Films
  8. Protection Films
  9. Silicone Release Liners

Main Markets:


3. Papertec, Inc.

Website Type of Business Location (Headquarters) Year Established
https://www.papertecinc.com/ Converters and Distributors of Specialty Papers, Films and Boards Boonton, NJ 1937


Papertec has evolved from a small business into an international leader in the field of stretch films, plastics, and packaging materials. Their products are designed with innovative features that meet customer needs for durability, flexibility, and performance.

At Papertec, they believe in creating value for their customers through their high-quality products and services. They offer a variety of blown stretch films ranging from medium- to heavy-duty films with various thicknesses, widths, and colors. They also provide custom printing services for brand visibility and product recognition on the shelf or at point-of-sale locations. Their team of experienced engineers ensures that all our products are manufactured to the highest standards using cutting-edge technology and advanced production processes.

Products & Services Offered:

Polyester Films

Polystyrene Films

Polypropylene Films

Polyethylene Films

Silicone Release Paper

Main Markets:


4. Practical Packaging Solutions, Inc.

Website Type of Business Location (Headquarters) Year Established
https://www.practicalpackaging.com/ Packaging and Containers Manufacturing Glendale Heights, Illinois 2003


Practical Packaging Solutions, Inc. is a premier packaging machinery and supplies distribution organization with over sixty years of experience in the industry. Their commitment to customer satisfaction drives their success in the marketplace, with each customer relationship being viewed as a true partnership based on trust and understanding. They specialize in providing all aspects of packaging services for their customers, from distributing top-quality machinery and materials to offering installation and training, as well as servicing support.

At Practical Packaging Solutions, IncThey believes that listening to the customer is essential for creating successful, long-term partnerships. Their employees strive to provide all of their customers with the highest level of service possible by taking the time to understand their individual needs and expectations when it comes to packaging solutions. Regardless of your industry or application size, They have the skills and expertise necessary to ensure that your goals are met.

Products & Services Offered:

Machine Films

Hand Films

Steelflex Xtreme Stretch Films

Steelflex Xtreme Films

Standard Stretch Films

Main Markets:

US, and Worldwide

5. Neway Packaging

Website Type of Business Location (Headquarters) Year Established
https://www.newaypkgshop.com/ Packaging and Containers Manufacturing Rancho Dominguez, CA 1977


Neway Packaging is a leading provider of custom packaging solutions with an extensive selection of machinery & equipment, materials, and design consulting. Their experienced team of product and design consultants is dedicated to helping you create the perfect packaging solution for your needs. For over 20 years, they have been providing customers with innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions to their packaging requirements.

Their comprehensive suite of products includes a range of high-quality materials such as paperboard, film, foil, corrugated cardboard, and more. They provide their customers with cutting-edge printing technology that ensures quality results on a variety of substrates. In addition to their printing capabilities, they also offer a variety of lamination techniques for added protection against environmental elements. Their equipment specialists will help you find the machines to automate your production process and optimize efficiencies to cut costs and increase output.

Products & Services Offered:

Blown Hand Stretch Film

Blown Machine Film

Stretch Film Wrappers

Main Markets:

United States of America

6. Berry | bpi packaging solutions

Website Type of Business Location (Headquarters) Year Established
https://www.bpipackagingsolutions.com/ Plastics Manufacturing Greenock, Renfrewshire 1797


Berry | bpi packaging solutions is a European leader in the manufacture of flexible packaging films for a variety of products and markets. They are committed to sustainability, innovation, and excellence in all that we do. Their range of polymers is made from recycled plastics and demonstrates their commitment to a greener future.

At Berry | bpi packaging solutions have over 40 years of experience in the design, development, and manufacture of high-quality packaging materials with expertise in printing & converting; lamination technology; adhesive application; and automated packaging line design. Their extensive portfolio includes single-web, multi-web, and stand-up pouches, roll stock films, thermoforming films, and more. With their strong network of manufacturing plants across Europe—as well as access to fabrication facilities around the globe—they can meet the unique requirements of any customer project.

They believe in providing superior customer service by offering expert consultation services on product selection, design considerations, performance testing protocols, and production process recommendations to ensure optimum results. Additionally, they are continuously working to improve their processes through continued research and development initiatives. By investing in new technology and methods for sustainable production practices such as reducing plastic waste or using renewable sources for energy production, we strive to create an improved environment for our customers’ products as well as their communities as a whole.

Products & Services Offered:


Stratos Stretch Film

Stretch Blown

Main Markets:


7. Rolls Film Inc.

Website Type of Business Location (Headquarters) Year Established
https://stretchwrappingfilm.com/ Stretch Film Manufacturer Jiangsu,China 2003


Rolls Film Limited is a leading manufacturer of stretch films for shipping packaging. They specialize in providing their clients with products that offer superior performance and protection for goods during shipment or storage. Their products are made from durable, sticky, and elastic materials that make them ideal for safeguarding against mechanical and weather-related damage. Their stretch films come in both colored and translucent options to offer more varied concealment possibilities

At Rolls Film Limited, they strive to stay ahead of the competition by continually investing in the latest advancements in stretch film technology. This allows them to produce innovative solutions tailored to the specific needs of their customers. They also provide manual packaging films as well as arm and plate wrapper films through their complete range of offerings. Their commitment to quality assurance has earned a trusted reputation among global suppliers, distributors, and retailers alike.

Products & Services Offered:

Stretch Film

Machine Stretch Film

Hand Stretch Film

Color Stretch Film

Mini Stretch Film

Bundling Stretch Film

Printed Stretch Film

Pre-Stretch Film

Electrical Wire Film

Stretch Film Jumbo Roll

Plastic Pallet Cover

Main Markets:


8. Polibag

Website Type of Business Location (Headquarters) Year Established
https://polibagambalaj.com/ Plastic packaging manufacturer Istanbul, Turkey 1991


For over 28 years, Polibag Packaging has been providing quality plastic packaging solutions for its customers. As an experienced and reliable supplier of PE films in Turkey and abroad, the company has established a solid reputation for producing high-quality products that meet the highest standards of safety and product performance. The company is dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction through continuously investing in research, development, and new technologies.

At Polibag Packaging, they are committed to staying ahead of the curve by continually innovating their processes while still keeping their prices competitive. Their production capacity stands at 14500 tons per year with 10 lines of blown film technology used to manufacture polyethylene films, making them one of the biggest producers in Turkey. These films are then applied to various products such as food packaging, agricultural films, and lamination films.

Products & Services Offered:

Stretch Film Manual

Stretch Film Machine

Stretch Film A Plus

Main Markets:

Turkey and Abroad

9.Groupe Barbier

Website Type of Business Location (Headquarters) Year Established
https://www.barbiergroup.com/ Packaging and Containers Manufacturing Sainte-Sigolène, France 1955


Barbier Group stands out by its experience, know-how, and 100 % French production. Barbier Group is working closely with its customers to develop a fair and proactive partnership to perform well together in a difficult economic climate.

This private group’s continuity is achieved thanks to the involvement of each team member to do things well, with the same ambition, excellence, and determination to continue the adventure initiated by Abel Barbier in the areas of packaging and agriculture.

Barbier Group is particularly concerned about environmental issues which, over the years, have become strategic for its development in eco-design, biomaterials, the collection flow of post-consumer films to recover and recycle household, industrial and agricultural films, and the use of multi-layer films.

Products & Services Offered:

Manual blown pre stretched film

Automatic blown pre stretched film

Bar stretch blown BRF

Main Markets:

US, Europe, Worldwide

10. Alliance Plastics

Website Type of Business Location (Headquarters) Year Established
https://allianceplastics.net/ Manufacturing and Distribution Rock hill, SC 2001


Alliance Plastics is a Veteran Owned Company devoted to offering its customers and partners the best service and products with innovation in mind. Their innovative approaches produce comprehensive solutions for their mutual success, ensuring nationwide responsiveness to your needs with integrity, quality, and efficiency. Their commitment includes staying on the cutting edge of technology so that you can have peace of mind knowing you are partnering with a company that is ahead in knowledge and experience. That’s why Alliance Plastics continuously strives to develop valuable relationships with everyone involved.

Products & Services Offered:

1. Hand Film

2. Machine Film

Main Markets:

Charlotte, NC • Green Bay, WI • Dallas, TX • Las Vegas, NV


The global blown stretch film market is highly competitive. The top 10 manufacturers hold more than 60% of the total market share. Some players are new entrants while others have been in this industry for decades. Innovation and sustainability have become key success factors for leading companies in this market. To stay ahead of the competition, manufacturers need to focus on product differentiation, technological advancement, and expanding their geographical footprint.

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