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Top 10 jumbo roll stretch film manufacturer for 2023


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As manufacturers look to the future of stretch film, the top 10 jumbo roll stretch film manufacturers for 2023 are set to provide the most advanced, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for businesses around the world. To help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 jumbo roll stretch film manufacturers for 2023.

With a wide variety of manufacturers providing a variety of products and services, it can be Aras Plastic, Alpha Omega Plastic Manufacturing L.L.C, or LUBAN PACK. From leading industry names to innovative newcomers, these top ten manufacturers are poised to drive the industry forward with cutting-edge production methods, premium materials, and expert customer service.

Our list is based on quality, price, customer service, and other factors, so you can be sure you’re getting the best product for your needs. Continue reading to know more about these brands!

1.Aras Plastic

Aras Plastic

• Website:https://arasplastic.com/jumbo-roll-stretch-film/?lang=en/
• Type of Business: Stretch Films Producer/
• Location (Headquarters):Germany/
• Year Established: 1991


  • Aras Plastic is a leading global manufacturer of jumbo roll stretch film, providing customers with a wide range of products to suit their needs. Their products are made from top-quality raw materials, using advanced technologies to produce durable and reliable products.
  • Their stretch film is available in various sizes and thicknesses, making it suitable for a variety of applications. Aras Plastic is highly regarded for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, ensuring that its products are safe and reliable for use in any environment.
  • With a comprehensive selection of jumbo roll stretch films and related products, Aras Plastic is the perfect choice for reliable and cost-effective plastic packaging solutions.
  • The main markets of Aras Plastic jumbo roll stretch film are food and beverage, healthcare, industrial and retail markets. It is used mainly for bundling, wrapping, and protection of products in commercial and industrial settings.

Products & Services Offered

  • Jumbo Roll Stretch Film
  • Silage Stretch Film
  • Manual Stretch Film
  • Wide Stretch Film
  • Pre-Stretch Film Wrap
  • PE Cling Film
  • Food Stretch Film Wrap
  • Sofa Stretch Film
  • Machine Stretch Film
  • Industrial Stretch Film
  • Hand Wrap Stretch Film


Main Markets: Europe, North and South America

2.Alpha Omega Plastic Manufacturing L.L.C

Alpha Omega Plastic Manufacturing L.L.C

• Website: https://aop-uae.com/stretch-film-jumbo-rolls/
• Type of Business: Plastic Manufacturing
• Location (Headquarters): United Arab Emirates
• Year Established: 1998


  • Alpha Omega Plastic Manufacturing L.L.C produces a jumbo roll stretch film that is a high-performance plastic wrap. This wrap is used to securely package and protect products that are stored and shipped.
  • The jumbo roll stretch film is a versatile product that provides an economical solution for many shipping and packaging applications. It is easy to use and can be applied quickly and easily with a dispenser or by hand.
  • This product is designed to be an economical choice for businesses that have high-volume packaging and shipping needs. It is lightweight, easy to handle, and requires minimal storage space. The jumbo roll stretch film is also durable and can be reused multiple times, making it an environmentally-friendly.
  • Alpha Omega Plastic Manufacturing L.L.C. jumbo roll stretch film main markets include food and beverage, industrial, medical, retail, and e-commerce industries.

Products & Services Offered

  • Jumbo Rolls Stretch Film
  • FlexiPRO Stretch Film
  • Coreless Stretch Film
  • Machine Grade Stretch Film
  • Hand Grade Stretch Film
  • Extended Core Stretch Film
  • Bundling Stretch Film
  • Colored Stretch Film


Main Markets: UAE, Canada, India, and Africa



• Website: http://www.spfstretchfilm.com/lldpe-jumbo-roll-film-2331822.html
• Type of Business: Manufacturer
• Location (Headquarters): India
• Year Established: 2013


  • Samridhi Packaging Film Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer of jumbo roll stretch film, a highly versatile and economical material used to protect and secure a range of products in a wide range of industries.
  • The jumbo roll stretch film is manufactured in a variety of widths and thicknesses and is available in both hand and machine grades. It is manufactured using advanced extrusion technology to ensure superior quality and consistency.
  • The jumbo roll stretch film offered by Samridhi Packaging Film Pvt Ltd has superior elongation and tear strength and is designed to provide superior protection against dust, moisture, and other external elements. The film is also designed to provide a secure and protective packaging solution. It is easy to apply and offers a secure and reliable seal.
  • It is also available in a variety of colors to meet customer requirements.

Products & Services Offered

  • Jumbo Rolls Stretch Film
  • Plastic Stretch Film
  • Stretch Wrap Film
  • Machine Grade Films
  • Cast Stretch Film
  • Hand Grade Films
  • UVI Film
  • Colored Packaging Film
  • Anti Corrosive VCI Film


Main Markets: Europe, Asia, Africa

4.Anmol Enterprise

Anmol Enterprise

• Website: https://anmolenterprises.in/contact.html
• Type of Business: Enterprises and Stretch Film Jumbo Roll Manufacturer
• Location (Headquarters): India
• Year Established: 1980


  • Anmol Enterprise Jumbo Rolls Stretch Film is a high-quality, durable stretch film designed for use in a variety of applications. This film is ideal for industrial wrapping, bundling, and securing goods.
  • It is made from advanced polyethylene resins and is offered in a range of thicknesses for various requirements. The film is highly stretchable, offering a perfect balance between strength and stretchability, making it suitable for manual and machine wrapping. The film is also easy to use, and its high clarity allows easy identification of packed items.
  • The film’s low-tack adhesive helps to reduce the risk of damage to packed items, and it also helps to reduce waste. Anmol Enterprise Jumbo Rolls Stretch Film is an excellent choice for companies looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution to their packaging needs.

Products & Services Offered

  • Stretch Film Jumbo Roll
  • Stretch Wrap Roll
  • Roll Stretch Film
  • Machine Stretch Film
  • Roll Wrap Film
  • Anti-static Stretch Wrap


Main Markets: New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom



• website: https://www.lubanpack.com/stretch-film-jumbo-rolls.html
• Type of Business: Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier
• Location (Headquarters): United Arab Emirates
• Year Established: 2012


  • Our objective is to produce and offer the best stretch films in the domestic and international markets. Our superiority is guaranteed by modern automated palletizing and packaging systems built on cutting-edge technology, a knowledgeable team of specialists and engineers, and devoted, cutting-edge stretch film production lines.
  • LUBAN PACK Jumbo Rolls Stretch Film is a high-performance stretch film that is designed to provide maximum protection for your products during storage and shipping. The stretch film is manufactured from 100% virgin polyethylene resin that provides excellent cling, puncture resistance, and tear resistance for secure and reliable wrapping.
  • This stretch film is ideal for wrapping and securing large and irregularly shaped items, such as furniture and pallets, and is also great for wrapping carton boxes and other products that need to be secured from dust, moisture, and tampering.



• Website: https://m.vistapackaging.com.my/index.php?ws=showproducts&products_id=3124833
• Type of Business: Packaging and Supplier
• Location (Headquarters): Malaysia
• Year Established: 2001


  • Vista Packaging Industries (M) Sdn. Bhd. is an established Malaysian-based company that specializes in the production and supply of jumbo rolls stretch film. The company has been operating since 2001 and is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of jumbo roll stretch films in the country.
  • Vista Packaging Industries (M) Sdn. Bhd. distributes its jumbo rolls stretch films to a wide range of markets, including industrial, agricultural, agricultural and food processing, logistics, and retail.
  • Vista Packaging Industries (M) Sdn. Bhd. is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality jumbo rolls stretch films at competitive prices. The company strives to ensure that its products meet international standards and are of the highest quality.

7.Rolls Film Inc

Rolls Film Inc

• Website: https://stretchwrappingfilm.com/
• Type of Business: Stretch Wrap Manufacturing
• Location (Headquarters): China
• Year Established: 1972


  • Rolls Film Inc. Jumbo Rolls Stretch Film is primarily used in the industrial, agricultural, and packaging industries. The industrial market includes a wide variety of industries, such as automotive, construction, electronics, and furniture.
  • The agricultural market consists of farms, nurseries, and greenhouses. The packaging industry is comprised of warehouses, shipping companies, and distributors. The industrial and agricultural markets are the biggest consumers of Rolls Film Inc. Jumbo Rolls Stretch Film, as they require a durable, high-performance film to keep its products secure and protected.
  • The packaging industry uses film to securely transport their goods, ensuring safe delivery to their customers. With its superior tensile strength and puncture resistance, Rolls Film Inc. Jumbo Rolls Stretch Film is a highly sought-after product in these markets.

Products & Services Offered by Rolls Film Inc

  • Machine Stretch Films
  • Hand Stretch Films
  • Color Stretch Films
  • Blown Stretch Films
  • Cast stretch Films


Main Markets: China, USA, India, and Canada



• Website:https://www.gt-max.com.my/contact-us/
• Type of Business: Packaging Supplier
• Location (Headquarters): Malaysia
• Year Established: 2002


  • GT-MAX PLASTIC INDUSTRIES (M) SDN. BHD is a Malaysia-based manufacturer of jumbo rolls stretch film. It has a wide range of products suitable for different industries and applications. The company mainly caters to the domestic market but also exports its products to other countries.
  • The main markets for GT-MAX PLASTIC INDUSTRIES (M) SDN. BHD’s jumbo rolls stretch films are the food and beverage industry, construction industry, and agricultural industry. These markets make up the majority of the company’s production and sales.
  • The food and beverage industry uses stretch film to wrap and protect food products from spoilage and contamination. The construction industry uses stretch film for waterproofing and insulation purposes. The agricultural industry uses stretch film for wrapping and protecting crops and soil.

Products & Services Offered

  • Jumbo Roll Stretch Film
  • Coreless Wrap
  • Machine Roll Stretch Film
  • Air Cargo Sheet Film
  • Polyethylene Film
  • Construction Sheet
  • Pallet Top Cover
  • Agricultural Sheet
  • Aquacultural Sheet
  • Shrink Film


Main Markets: Oceanic countries, Europe, Africa, North and South America, and Asia-Pacific region

9.Sangamam Polymers

Sangamam Polymers

• Website: http://www.sangamampolymers.com/contact.html
• Type of Business: Manufacturing, Packaging, and Supplying
• Location (Headquarters): India
• Year Established: 1990


  • Sangamam Polymers Stretch Film Jumbo Roll is made with advanced technology and is perfect for automation purposes. This roll is perfect to provide extra protection, stability, and security to your packages. It’s made out of high-quality, durable, and tear-resistant plastic that ensures reliable performance. The film is transparent, allowing easy identification of the packaged items.
  • The jumbo roll also offers more coverage with each cycle, reducing the need for extra rolls and saving on costs. Plus, it has a UV inhibitor that prevents your items from sun damage. The roll is also easily recyclable and eco-friendly.
  • Sangamam Polymers Stretch Film Jumbo Roll is a leading stretch film product from India. It is a 100% pure virgin raw material-based stretch film, manufactured under stringent quality control parameters.

10.Ved Industries

Ved Industries

• Website: https://www.vedindustries.in/stretch-film-india-stretch-film-manufacturer.php
• Type of Business: Manufacturer and Supplier
• Location (Headquarters): India
• Year Established: 2010


  • Ved Industries Stretch Film Jumbo Roll is a high-performance, heavy-duty, industrial-grade stretch film that is designed to provide superior elongation and cling for a variety of applications. The jumbo roll is perfect for automating the packing process, as it can easily be cut to the desired length and applied by hand or machine.
  • The automotive industry uses Ved Industries Stretch Film Jumbo Roll to protect parts and equipment during shipment and storage. The healthcare industry uses Ved Industries Stretch Film Jumbo Roll to protect medical instruments, supplies, and other items during transport and storage. The film helps prevent cross-contamination and maintains product integrity.

Products & Services Offered


Main Markets: India, UAE


The Top 10 jumbo roll stretch film manufacturers for 2023 are expected to remain competitive as they continue to innovate and introduce new products to the market. With the right strategies and investments, these manufacturers can remain competitive and continue to be major players in the industry for years to come.

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