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Top 10  leading china colored stretch film in 2022

Top 10 leading china colored stretch film

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China is an economic superpower, and its leading colored stretch film manufacturers are a testament to that. Their products are in high demand due to their superior quality and ability to protect against moisture, dust, and other contaminants. The top 10 leading China-colored stretch film manufacturers have provided customers with reliable and durable products for years, making them the go-to choice for stretch film solutions. Their range of products includes multiple color options, various thicknesses, and sizes, and custom-made designs tailored to meet their clients’ requirements. They use advanced technology and state-of-the-art machinery to produce a high-quality stretch film that is strong yet flexible enough to ensure maximum protection during transit or storage. With these top 10 leading Chinese colored stretch film manufacturers providing a wide range of options at competitive prices, they ensure customers get the perfect solution for their needs without compromising on quality or cost.

  1. Guangdong Xinzhihui Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.
  2. Dongguan Yalan Packing Materials Co., Ltd
  3. Su Qian Sid Import and Export Co., Ltd.
  4. Qingdao Kingchuan Packaging
  5. Shandong Luda Packing Co.,Ltd.
  6. Wuxi Jiayou Packaging Materials Co., Ltd.
  7. Rolls Film Inc.
  8. Hebei Orient Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd.
  9. Shijiazhuang Run Hu Import And Export Co., Ltd.
  10. Credit (Tianjin) Packaging Material Co., Ltd.


China-colored stretch film is one of the most reliable and trusted products for various uses, such as packaging and shipping. This type of film offers superior resistance to tears and punctures, making it an ideal choice for protecting fragile items during transport or storage. It is prevalent in the agricultural industry, where it comes in handy for wrapping pallets of produce and large hay bales. In addition to its superior durability, China-colored stretch film provides excellent moisture protection. It has been proven to be highly resistant to UV rays from the sun, which can cause discoloration or fading over time. This product is also incredibly versatile, as it can be used on almost any surface, including metal, wood, cardboard, plastic, and more. China-colored stretch films are the top choice when looking for a robust and reliable product that stands up to wear and tear over time.

 1. Guangdong Xinzhihui PackagingTechnology Co.,Ltd.

Guangdong Xinzhihui PackagingTechnology Co.,Ltd


Type of Business: Packaging Manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): Dongguan, China

Year Established: 2005


Guangdong Xinzhihui Packaging Technology Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of recyclable LLDPE Stretch film and Pallet Stretch wrap film. Established in 2005, the company has been offering quality packaging solutions to customers worldwide for over 16 years. Located in Dongguan, China, it covers a total area of 60,000 square meters and operates 11 production lines with a total monthly output of 2000 metric tons. With an experienced workforce and advanced equipment, it can deliver highly efficient and professional services at competitive prices. The company has implemented strict quality control and cost management measures, from raw material procurement to production. This ensures that their customers get the highest quality products at market-competitive rates.

Products & Services Offered:

  1. LLDPE colored stretch wrap colorful film
  2. Coloured pe plastic soft stretch wrap film
  3. Color Stretch Wrap Film


2. Dongguan Yalan Packing Materials Co., Ltd

Dongguan Yalan Packing Materials Co., Ltd


Type of Business: Manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): Dongguan, Guangdong, China

Year Established: 2009


Dongguan Yalan Packing Materials Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of innovative and high-quality stretching film, sealing tapes, and PP strapping solutions in China. Founded in 2009, the company has overgrown with a production area of over 18000 square meters, 11 advanced manufacturing production lines, and related inspection equipment to fulfill customer needs. It produces 700 MTS Stretch Film, two million square meters of sealing tapes, and 300MTS of PP Strapping per month and supplies them all over China. Yalan Pack is also certified by SGS as it adheres to its ‘Quality First, Customer Supreme’ principle. The company prides itself in providing 24-hour online VIP service with professional team members dedicated to customer satisfaction. It also invests heavily in research & development to ensure that its products always meet the highest standards.

Products & Services Offered:

  1. Hand & Machine Use Stretch Film Colour
  2. Pe Stretch Film for Pallets
  3. stretch wrap manual for packing
  4. Black Wrapping Film Roll
  5. Cast Black Film Roll
  6. LLDPE Blue Stretch Wrap Clear Film Rolls
  7. PE Colored Black Opaque Stretch Wrap
  8. pe materials red stretch wrap
  9. Colorful LLDPE pallet and carton stretch film
  10. Colored plastic pe pallet wrap stretch film
  11. Coloured Pe Plastic Soft Stretch Wrap Film
  12. PE waterproof coloured plastic wrap film roll
  13. PE packing colored stretch wrap film
  14. Jumbo Stretch Film Export Data
  15. Jumbo Stretch Film Amazon Prime
  16. Color Stretch Film Indiamart
  17. Color Stretch Film Advantages
  18. Color Stretch Film Amazon Prime

Main Markets: Africa , Americas , Asia , Caribbean , East Europe , Europe , Middle East , North Europe , Oceania , Other Markets , West Europe , Worldwide

3. Su Qian Sid Import and Export Co.,Ltd.

Su Qian Sid Import and Export Co.,Ltd


Type of Business: Manufacturer of plastic film products

Location (Headquarters): Jiang Su Province, China


Su Qian Sid Import and Export Co., Ltd. is a leading industrial and food plastic wrap product provider. The company offers customers a wide range of PE, PP, and PVC materials for food packaging, printing, labels, lamination, and bags, as well as agricultural plastic products such as greenhouse covers, shade nets, and rock wool blocks. All their food packaging materials are approved by the FDA & SGS. Their plastic wrap materials are used in carton packaging, box sealing, and collective packaging. Agricultural plastic products are used for various purposes, such as greenhouse coverings, mulching soil coverings, seeding, sun shading, and hydroponics. Su Qian Sid Import and Export Co., Ltd. has been at the forefront of providing high-quality plastic wrap products to customers worldwide with their experienced team of professionals who put customer service first every step of the way. Their commitment to quality assurance ensures they deliver only the best products to their customers on time and at competitive prices with excellent after-sales service.

Products & Services Offered:

  1. Pre Stretch Film
  2. PE Cling Film
  3. Black Pallet Stretch Film
  4. Blue Pallet Wrap Film

4. Qingdao Kingchuan Packaging

Qingdao Kingchuan Packaging


Type of Business: Plastic film supplier

Location (Headquarters): Qingdao, Shandong, China

Year Established: 1992


Qingdao Kingchuan Packaging is a leading plastic film supplier in China, renowned for its cutting-edge products, top-notch customer service, and cost-effective solutions. With an experienced and hardworking staff of professionals dedicated to producing high-quality and reliable packaging materials, Kingchuan Packaging has been able to stay ahead of the competition and offer customers the best possible products. Our state-of-art facilities are equipped with advanced technology and machinery that allows us to quickly deliver highly efficient products that meet the dynamic needs of our clients. As a result, we have built a strong reputation over time for being a reliable source for premium quality plastic film materials.

Products & Services Offered:

  1. BOPP Film
  2. BOPET Film
  3. BOPA Film

5. Shandong Luda Packing Co., Ltd.

Shandong Luda Packing Co., Ltd


Type of Business: Manufacturer, Trading Company

Location (Headquarters): Jinan City, Shandong Province, China

Year Established: 2000


Shandong Luda Packing Co., Ltd (LDPAC) is a professional manufacturer and exporter of packaging products in China. With 15 years of production experience, LDPAC has been dedicated to providing high-quality and high-standard products, including pallets, wooden boxes, steel side boxes, cartons, PE stretch films, packing belts, and other related services. Furthermore, LDPAC is the Pallet Professional Committee of the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing Director Unit and Shandong Warehousing Association Member Units. All the products are exported with their inspection ensuring customer satisfaction. As a leader in the industry since its establishment, LDPAC has earned a good reputation for its development with exceptional quality at competitive prices.

Products & Services Offered:

  1. Plastic Colored Shrink Wraps Film SGS certificated
  2. fresh wrap diaper colored pe shrink film plastic colored shrink wrap
  3. Pallet Shrink Wrap Polyethylene Pallet Stretch Wraps plastic colored shrink
  4. colorful pe shrink film pre-stretch 280% SGS certified shrink wrap
  5. colored wrap film, HDPE film.stretch film, shrink wrap film
  6. film plastic color clear transparent pe shrink film
  7. shrink wrap stretch film with black and blue color SGS certified
  8. plastic PE film blue plastic shrink wrap film with excellent printing
  9. color wrap film jumbo roll /plastic shrink film jumbo roll
  10. colored pe heat resistant plastic soft stretch wrap film SGS certified

Main Markets: North America,South America,Western Europe,Eastern Asia,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania,Worldwide

6. Wuxi Jiayou Packaging Materials Co., Ltd.

Wuxi Jiayou Packaging Materials Co., Ltd


Type of Business: Manufacturer of latest-tech packaging materials

Location (Headquarters): Jiangsu, China

Year Established: 2010


Wuxi Jiayou Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. is a leading packaging company in China that has been providing reliable, high-quality packaging services and materials since its founding in 2002. They specialize in stretch films and other advanced packaging materials, combining cutting-edge technology with traditional production processes to create innovative solutions for their customers. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evidenced by their team of highly skilled technical experts, who are always available to provide advice and troubleshooting assistance. To stay ahead of the competition, they pursue continuous improvement initiatives like strict quality control measures, professional training for employees, and comprehensive research on the latest developments in packaging technologies. Jiayou Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. provides an impressive array of services and products that offer optimal customer satisfaction from all industries.

Products & Services Offered:

  1. Stretch film hand roll
  2. Stretch roll machine
  3. Colored stretch wrap
  4. Stretch film jumbo roll
  5. Stretch film mini roll
  6. Colored stretch film

7. Rolls Film Inc.

Rolls Film Inc


Type of Business: Stretch Film Manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): Wuxi, Jiangsu, China

Year Established: 2015


Rolls Film Inc. is a highly respected manufacturer of specialized plastic films, from colored stretch films to opaque stretch wraps and Everything in between. Our products are renowned for their high quality and eye-catching colors that give our customers peace of mind when it comes to the protection, labeling, and inventory management needs of their products. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we have developed impressive expertise to ensure that your products look as good as new while being well-protected during shipping and handling. Our custom line of products is designed to give you ultimate control over the look and feel of your product while providing reliable protection. All our stretch films come with a wide range of widths and sizes, as well as different shades, so that you can easily match any product packaging needs you may have. We’re committed to providing our customers with the best possible service, ensuring all orders are completed on time with quality assurance every step of the way.

Products & Services Offered:

  1. Colored Hand Stretch Film
  2. Colored Machine Stretch Film
  3. Colored Narrow Width Banding Film
  4. Custom Printed Hand Stretch Film

Main Markets: China, USA,  Worldwide

8.Hebei Orient Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd.

Hebei Orient Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd


Type of Business: Manufacturer in Packing Materials

Location (Headquarters): Hebei Province, China

Year Established: 2006


Hebei Orient Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd. is an established and trusted supplier of packaging film products in China with over two decades of experience in the industry. We offer high-quality yet cost-effective plastic films for manufacturing, packaging, and other applications, from food and medical supplies to electronics and other consumer goods. Our customer base ranges from international corporations to local businesses and partnerships with numerous distributors worldwide. With reliable supply chain management, superior product quality control, and competitive pricing, we are proud to be one of the most dependable suppliers for many companies around the globe. We strive to provide our customers with timely deliveries, practical solutions, and outstanding customer service to ensure a smooth transaction process each time they partner with us. Our dedication to excellence has earned us a solid reputation in the marketplace as a reliable partner.

They look forward to continuing our work as an excellent service provider for years to come.

Products & Services Offered:

  1. PVC Cling Film
  2. PE Cling Film
  3. Cling Film
  4. PE Stretch Film

Main Markets: United States, Germany, France, Japan, Russia, South America, Middle East

9. Shijiazhuang Run Hu Import And Export Co., Ltd.

Shijiazhuang Run Hu Import And Export Co., Ltd



Type of Business: Manufacturers and exporters of adhesive tape

Location (Headquarters): Hebei, China

Year Established: 2003


Shijiazhuang Run Hu Import and Export Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer and exporter of adhesive tapes, stretch films and sunshade netting. Established in 2003, the company has been exporting for 18 years to over 120 countries worldwide. They specialize in a wide array of products, such as packing tape, BOPP tape, clear packing tape, brown packing tape, fragile printed tape, stationery tape, custom printed tape, masking tape, double-sided PVC electrical tape, stretch film, and sun shade netting. Their high standards guarantee the quality of their products in raw material selection and stringent production process control. In addition to providing exceptional product quality at an unbeatable price-performance ratio to its customers globally, Shijiazhuang Run Hu Import and Export Co., Ltd also offers excellent customer service.

Products & Services Offered:

  1. Plastic wrap film
  2. color stretch film     
  3. color stretch film
  4. stretch film   
  5. China supplier Water-Based Acrylic Packing Tape      

Main Markets: Japan, Russia, Middle East, Russian, South Africa, South America

10. Credit (Tianjin) Packaging Material Co., Ltd.

Credit (Tianjin) Packaging Material Co., Ltd


Type of Business:

Location (Headquarters): Binhai New Area, Tianjin, China

Year Established: 2013


Credit (Tianjin) Packaging Material Co., Ltd is one of the leading enterprises in the plastic film manufacturing industry with a comprehensive range of products and services. Established in 2013, Credit has grown internationally recognized for its innovative products, advanced machinery and equipment, and outstanding customer service. With two designers, five craftsmen, eight quality inspectors, and 26 production workers in its workshop, Credit produces over 300 tons of plastic film every month. This includes stretch film and shrinks film, all certified as meeting strict quality standards. By adhering to “Quality first, keep improving” as its core philosophy and principle, Credit provides customers with reliable products and services at competitive prices. All these combined make Credit (Tianjin) Packaging Material Co., Ltd, a trustworthy partner for those seeking unusual plastic film solutions.

Products & Services Offered:

  1. Hand stretch film
  2. Machine stretch film
  3. Mini stretch film
  4. Color stretch
  5. Polyolefin shrink film
  6. PVC shrink film

Main Markets: America, South America, Korea, Western Europe and Southeast Asia. ​


The top 10 leading china-colored stretch films provide a wide variety of benefits for customers, including enhanced product protection, improved barrier properties, better clarity, strong adhesion, and resistance to tearing. These films can be used in multiple applications, including packaging, labeling, and lamination. With the right selection of film and its features, businesses can benefit from cost savings associated with the increased shelf life of products. Furthermore, these films often feature excellent transparency that allows customers to inspect the products while they are securely packaged. By investing in china-colored stretch films, businesses can benefit from increased efficiency and cost savings while providing reliable product protection to their customers.

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