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5 Benefits of Using Machine Stretch Film in the Construction Industry

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If you are in the construction industry, you know how important it is to move materials quickly and efficiently. The use of machine stretch film can help you do just that and provide other benefits as well. Here are five benefits of using stretch wrap machines in the construction industry.

Machine stretch film in the construction industry can provide a secure, weather-resistant wrap for materials and equipment, aiding in protecting them from damage. It is strong, durable, and can stretch up for added protection. It is cost-effective, making it an ideal choice for construction projects.

Know the definition of machine stretch film together with the benefits and drawbacks when using it in construction industries. Explore the recommended uses of stretch wrap machines for your project!

Pre Stretched Machine Stretch Film factory

1. Definition of Machine Stretch Film

Machine stretch film is a type of plastic film that is stretched and applied by a machine to wrap products and secure them together. It is commonly used in the shipping and packaging industry to protect and secure goods during transportation. 

The automatic stretch wrapper is made of a blend of polyethylene and other resins that give it stretchability, making it ideal for stretch wrapping awkward-shaped items and irregular loads. The film is wrapped around the item or load and then heat is applied to shrink and secure pallet loads in place. 

The film is available in various thicknesses, strengths, and sizes to accommodate different products and loads for stretch wrapping pallet loads for a consistent wrap.

2. 5 Benefits of Machine Stretch Film in Construction Industries

A. Reduced Labor Costs

Machine stretch film can help to reduce labor costs during construction projects by allowing workers to quickly and efficiently wrap pallet loads and bundles of material. With the use of automatic stretch wrappers or semi-automatic stretch wrappers, workers can wrap large volumes of material in a fraction of the time that it would take to stretch wrap the material by hand wrapping.

The automatic stretch wrapper can help to speed up the construction process and reduce the amount of labor needed to complete the project through machine stretch wrapping using second roller rotational speed rather than manually wrapping pallets or hand wrapping pallets for a consistent wrap that is time-consuming.

The automatic stretch wrapper can help to create a secure and durable automatic stretch wrap for wrapping pallets, protecting the pallet loads from dirt, dust, moisture, and other forms of damage during transport or storage.

An automatic stretch wrapping machine can help reduce costs of repair or replacement of any materials that may be damaged during transport than using a hand wrapping process.

The automatic stretch wrapper can also be used to help secure and reinforce construction materials, such as drywall, insulation, and ceiling tiles, during transportation and storage through the automatic stretch wrapping. This can help to reduce the amount of labor needed to install these materials, as well as the cost of any additional materials needed to install them.

B. Improved Safety

Machine stretch film can be used to secure heavy, bulky materials to wrapping pallets, ensuring that they remain in place during transport, thus reducing the risk of employee injury from falling materials through the automatic stretch wrapping. The automatic stretch wrapping machine can be used to wrap bundles of lumber or other materials, preventing them from becoming loose and causing a potential tripping hazard for workers.

Machine Stretch Film

The automatic stretch wrapper can be used to cover sharp or hazardous materials, such as nails and screws, and pallet loads, reducing the risk of injury to workers through the automatic stretch wrapping. This automatic stretch wrapping machine can be used to create a safe, secure environment for hazardous materials, such as chemicals, to be stored and transported.

The automatic stretch wrap can also be used to secure plastic sheeting or pallet loads in place while working in an enclosed space, reducing the risk of injury from falling debris through the stretch wrapping. The scanning system and the inventory control would have a big difference in the production line to save money.

C. Increased Protection of Materials

Machine stretch film can provide a higher level of tear resistance than other packaging materials, ensuring that the materials are securely held in place and not easily damaged during transport through the stretch wrapping. The stretch wrap is made from durable polyethylene and provides superior protection from dust, dirt, and moisture, which can cause damage to materials in construction industries. 

The strong adhesive on the automatic stretch wrapping machines ensures wrapping pallets that are held securely and are not easily dislodged during transit through the stretch wrapping. The automatic stretch wrapper also has a higher tensile strength than other packaging materials, making it better suited for heavy and bulky items in construction industries. 

The automatic stretch wrapping machine is also highly resistant to punctures and tears, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of shipping and handling. The flexibility of the stretch wrap machine also means that it can be easily applied as it serves as automatic stretch wrapper to a variety of surfaces, including wood, metal, and plastic, especially for tall pallets. 

D. Versatility

A semi-automatic machine is incredibly versatile in the construction industry through stretch wrapping. A stretch wrap machine is commonly used to bind together bundles of lumber, fasten construction materials to pallet loads, secure drywall, and other construction materials for easy transport, and stretch wrap large construction equipment and machinery for shipping. 

The automatic stretch wrapping machines can also be used to wrap pallet loads and protect building materials from the elements during outdoor construction projects. Additionally, a stretch wrap machine is highly resistant to punctures, tears, and abrasions, making it an ideal choice for protecting items from wear and tear during transportation or storage through the stretch wrapping.

E. Sustainability

Machine stretch film is a sustainable choice for construction industries due to its numerous advantages when it comes to stretch wrapping. The stretch wrapping machines can be used to secure and protect materials, reducing the amount of packaging material needed. The stretch wrap is also 100% recyclable and can be reused multiple times, reducing the amount of plastic waste produced and film consumption. 

The automatic stretch wrapper has excellent puncture resistance, which makes it ideal for protecting building materials from damage during transport and storage through the stretch wrapping. Additionally, a stretch wrap machine provides superior load stability, which helps reduce product loss and damage due to shifting and instability during transport. 

Finally, a stretch wrap machine in a pallet jack is lightweight and easy to handle, making it a convenient and cost-effective solution for construction projects.

stretch film
Manual film stretch wrapping machine and wooden pallet with parcels wrapped in the stretch film, 3D rendering

3. Drawbacks of Machine Stretch Film in Construction Industries

A. Potential for Damage to Materials

Machine stretch film has the potential to damage materials in construction industries in the following ways of stretch wrapping: 

  • If the stretch wrapper is applied too tightly, it can cause tension on the material and cause it to warp or crease. 
  • If the stretch wrapper is too thin or of low quality, it can tear easily, allowing dust and debris to get into the material and potentially damage it over time. 
  • If the stretch wrapper is not properly secured to the pallet jack, it can come loose and cause the material to move or shift, leading to further damage just like in hand stretch wrapping. 
  • If the stretch wrapper is too strong, it can cause the material to become brittle or crack, leading to structural damage.

B. Increased Costs

Using machine stretch film rather than hand-wrapping stretch film can significantly increase labor and film costs as the machine requires a dedicated operator to ensure the stretch wrapper is applied correctly. A stretch wrap machine can also increase film costs for materials as the stretch wrapper itself is typically more expensive than hand-wrapping film.

In addition, the machinery used to apply the film requires significant maintenance and repair film costs. The extra film costs associated with using machine stretch film can be further exacerbated if the film is not applied correctly as it serves as automatic stretch wrappers, resulting in additional labor costs to fix the issue.

Machine stretch film

4. Recommendation for Use in Construction Industries

  • Ensure the film is the correct size, width, and thickness for the item is securely wrapped.
  • Pre-stretch the film when applying it to rotation speed to ensure maximum tension and coverage. 
  • Check for any sharp edges on the item is wrapped to prevent any damage to the stretch wrapping machine film. 
  • Utilize corner boards to secure items in place and prevent the film from shifting.
  • Overlap the film in a containment force and use multiple layers for heavier items. 
  • Use a hand-wrapping stretch film for smaller and lighter items.
  • Make sure the film is tight enough to stay in place, but not too tight that it can tear.
  • Utilize a heat sealer to ensure the stretch wrapping machine film is securely sealed. 
  • Use a power pre-stretch wrapper in a containment force for more heavy-duty jobs.
  • Store the film in a cool, dry place.

Machine stretch film is an essential product in the construction industry, offering increased safety and reduced costs to business money. It is a versatile, efficient, and cost-effective way to secure and protect materials, helping businesses of all sizes to succeed.

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