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A  complete guide to pallet stretch film

A complete guide to pallet stretch film

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Are you a businessman looking for an efficient, cost-effective, and easy solution to shipping products? Then pallet stretch film could be the perfect fit for your needs. Pallet stretch film is a flexible plastic packaging product typically used to securely wrap and contain products on a pallet before transporting.

This complete guide covers the benefits of using pallet stretch film, the types available, tips for best usage results, and how it can help streamline your business operations. So if you want to increase efficiency while reducing costs, read on!

A Complete guide to pallet stretch film

What is pallet stretch film?

Pallet stretch film is a form of the highly stretchable plastic film made from linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) that is produced through various processes such as the blown extrusion process, cast extrusion process, and hybrid stretch film. Pallet stretch wraps are designed to secure pallet loads for transportation or storage purposes and have multiple wraps for greater security. The films come in a range of thicknesses, known as gauges, with standard gauged stretch film also available for machine wrapping pallets providing the most cost-effective and popular option. The stretch wrap’s elastic recovery helps stabilize items during transport and allows for packaging with smaller quantities of film than other methods. Stretch wrap machines enable operators to apply the film quickly and efficiently around the load, utilizing less energy while providing higher savings on wrapping costs with fewer roll changes on large loads due to its high stretch capacity.

Pallet Stretch wrap is a soft plastic material used to secure, protect and store goods on pallets. It is made from a thermoplastic material fed through a flat die and then heated and formed into film memory with two-sided cling. This stretch wrap equipment protects from dust, dirt, moisture, and UV rays while preventing load tampering. The film is applied using a hand-held dispenser or manual stretch wrap machine, which evenly wraps the product in place before being secured with either heat shrink or tape. Pallet stretch wrap can also be used to improve warehouse organization and provide visibility of product items during shipment.

How does pallet stretch film work?

Pallet stretch wrap is an effective barrier between the shipped goods and their environment. This thin plastic film is often constructed from multiple layers of thin polyethylene, in which stretch film is applied. It has been stretched to create a strong and durable wrap. These cover envelope products, keeping them securely in place while providing widespread protection from dust and moisture. It is easy to use, requiring only a few minutes too tightly secure items. Once applied, it stabilizes goods on the pallet or shipping skid by creating a tension that distributes the load evenly across the layer. With numerous advantages for your goods to stay safe during transit and storage over long distances, pallet stretch wrap can be expected to keep goods intact during transport and keep moisture out – two essential elements of successful shipping!

Pallet stretch wrap is also known as cast stretch wrap, blown stretch films, or hand stretch wrap. It is applied manually around the palletized goods using either manual stretch film dispensers or a machine stretch film. When the film is pulled tightly around the packages on the stretch wrapping pallets, its elasticity causes it to cling to itself, creating a secure seal that prevents shifting and keeps moisture out. In addition, cast stretch wrap tends to be thicker than blown stretch film to provide more cushioning protection for goods such as glass bottles and jars. Furthermore, stretch wrapping can be customized depending on size, weight, product shape, and other factors to ensure the safe delivery of your goods from points A to B.

Benefits of using pallet stretch film

  • Increased Tear Resistance
  • Greater Load Holding Power
  • More Efficient Wrapping
  • Securing Loads
  • Improve Load Stability

It is an excellent choice for load containment as it offers superior cling and a tight wrap around the item being shipped or stored. This helps to secure the goods in place throughout their handling processes, thus reducing potential damage during transit or extended outdoor storage. Additionally, stretch wrap is easily applied using wrapping machines, enabling greater productivity and efficiency when wrapping pallets or oversized items. Its multi-layered technology helps provide superior strength and puncture resistance, making it suitable for even thin-walled tube. The air ring blows help further secure the plastic wrap by shrinking it to the shape of the pallet, creating a custom fit that ensures contents stay firmly in place. Both machine-grade stretch wrap is specifically designed for use with automated wrapping machines, adding a new level of convenience to the wrapping process.

Types of pallet stretch film

1. Hand Stretch Pallet Wrap

Hand Stretch Wrap comes in two variations: traditional wrap, which uses pre-stretched film, and cast stretch film, which uses un-stretched film and requires the user to stretch it by hand. Cast Stretch Wrap often offers more durability and is preferred when wrapping heavier items, while traditional wrap can provide a faster wrapping solution due to its pre-stretched nature. Blown Stretch Film is also available, offering increased puncture resistance compared to traditional or cast stretch wraps. Whatever the application, Hand Stretch Film provides an effective solution for securing goods for transport without additional strapping or ties.

2. Machine Stretch Pallet Wrap

Machine Stretch Pallet Wrap is a type of packaging that uses a combination of hand-stretch film and machine wrapping to wrap, stabilize and protect pallets during transport securely. This form of pallet wrap can be applied with either manual or machine stretch wrapping equipment.

3. Pre-Stretch Pallet Wrap

Pre-stretch pallet wrap is a stretch film that has been pre-stretched before use. This makes it much thinner than both hand and machine stretch films, allowing for substantial cost savings as less material needs to be used per application. Additionally, pre-stretched wrap offers enhanced strength compared to traditional wraps, making it an ideal choice for protecting goods during shipping and transport. Cast stretch films are produced using a process known as ‘casting’, which involves spreading a layer of molten plastic onto a chill roll or casting film, which cools the liquid into a solid form. This process creates a thick, strong film that is highly resistant to punctures and tears. Pre-stretch pallet wrap combines the advantages of cast stretch films with the versatility of traditional wraps, providing users with an economical choice for their applications while offering superior protection against damage.

How to use pallet stretch film

1 . Start by getting the right size of pallet stretch film for your job. Generally, a lighter-load film with a good stretch wrap is best for most applications. Consider using a thicker and more substantial film if you’re wrapping large, heavy, or awkward products to wrap.

2 . Unroll the pallet stretch film around the package or product you want to wrap. Make sure to overlap each layer at least 50%, as this provides a better seal when heated with a shrink gun or heat tunnel.

3 . Secure the ends of the wrap in place by tucking it underneath the nearby edges of the product or package you are wrapping. This will also help keep it from slipping off when stretched around corners or over sharp edges.

4 . Using both hands, pull the pallet stretch film tight and secure it by pressing down firmly on different parts of the package. While still holding it tight in one hand with your other hand on top of the wrap to guide it evenly around the product or parcel being wrapped.

5 . Heat-seal any excess film at one end of your package by passing a heat gun over it, creating a strong bond between layers and providing additional security against tampering and moisture penetration into your containers and products during transport and storage. To avoid burning through your wraps, keep them from overheating and keep moving while heat-sealing to avoid staying in one area for too long.

6 . Secure any excess wrap at both ends of the product or package by folding it over on itself, ensuring that all edges are tucked away neatly under nearby layers so nothing can come loose during transit or storage.

7 . Once finished wrapping each item, stack them securely onto a pallet (or whatever other type of transport you’re using). Before applying more pallets, stretch film around them all together, ensuring they won’t move during transit or storage and allowing faster loading/unloading due to less time spent strapping individual items down separately.

8 . Apply an extra layer of pallet stretch film over all items for added security against moisture penetration and to provide an extra layer against tampering during transit or storage periods.

9 . Finally, use label stickers (or even post-it notes) with names/descriptions written on them so that everyone involved knows precisely what is inside each package. For shipping purposes, inventory management, warehouse organization, etc., labels can make all these processes easier but adding this final step will ensure compliance when needed!

Tips for using pallet stretch film more effectively:

1. Pre-stretch the film.

One of the essential tips for using pallet stretch film more effectively is pre-stretching the film. This means stretching the film to its maximum length before applying it to the pallet. Doing this will help to ensure that the film is applied evenly and smoothly and will also help to reduce waste.

2. Use a dispenser.

Another tip for using pallet stretch film more effectively is to use a dispenser. Dispensers are designed to hold the film roll in place and allow for easy and precise application. Using a dispenser will help to ensure that you use less film and will also help to reduce waste.

3. Apply the film in an overlapping pattern.

When applying the pallet stretch film, use it in an overlapping pattern. Each film layer should overlap the previous layer by at least 50%. This will help to ensure that the load is secure and will also help to reduce waste.

4. Use a heat gun or shrink-wrap machine.

If you want to secure your load further, you can use a heat gun or shrink-wrap machine to seal the edges of the pallet stretch film. Doing this will create a tight seal that will help to keep your load secure during transport.

Alternatives to pallet stretch film

For businesses looking for cost-effective and sustainable alternatives to pallet stretch film, there are a few options to keep in mind. Companies can use various materials to wrap pallets, from reusable plastic containers, corrugate boxes, fabric wraps, and bio-based materials like bioplastics. Each option has advantages depending on product weight, size, or transportation needs. Reusable containers may offer low costs over time but also have higher initial investment costs.

Corrugated boxes offer lightweight protection for items but reduce airflow for produce-like products. Fabric wraps provide breathability, solid waterproof capabilities, and several environmental benefits like recyclability. Bioplastics have the same properties as traditional plastics but can be made from more eco-friendly sources, like renewable energy and biomass, that are better for the environment. Researching material options will ensure you make the best choice for your business’s specific needs when protecting your merchandise shipments.

Pallet stretch film is an incredibly versatile solution for the safe and secure transportation and storage of goods. It is widely used in food and beverage, printing, wood flooring, cosmetics, and ceramics electromechanical industries. This complete guide delves into the many uses of pallet stretch film – mainly used in pallets – and its essential features to become familiar with when shopping. It’s even suitable for some small parts packaging needs. Depending on the weight of the goods and how it is applied, this product can provide excellent protection against punctures, dust, or moisture.


Now that you know all about pallet stretch film, it’s time to put that knowledge into action. Whether wrapping goods for your home business or prepping shipments for a major corporation, the suitable pallet wrap can make all the difference. By keeping these factors in mind – thickness, elongation, cling, and being eco-friendly – you’ll be able to find the perfect stretch film for your needs.

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