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Top 10 stretch film manufacturers in South Korea in 2022

Top 10 stretch film manufacturers in South Korea

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South Korea is home to some of the world’s leading stretch film manufacturers, offering various solutions for any application. This article is a comprehensive guide to the top 10 stretch film manufacturers in South Korea.

Are you looking for reliable and trustworthy stretch film manufacturers in South Korea? Globalization makes it more accessible to source suppliers from different countries worldwide. However, this also increases competition – meaning that finding the right manufacturer may be hard. That’s why they’ve compiled a list of our recommended top 10 stretch film manufacturers in South Korea. Read on to learn more about these leading companies and how they can help your business with quality products and services.

Here are the Top 10 Stretch Film Manufacturers in South Korea

  1. K.Pack Manufacturing
  2. Serim B&G Co., Ltd.
  3. Powerwrap Corporation
  4. Exdawn
  5. Daeeun Industrial Co., Ltd.
  6. Osung Specialties Co., Ltd.
  7. Jukam Machinery & Chemical Co., Ltd.
  8. Livingcos Co., Ltd.
  9. J&J Co., Ltd.
  10. HoSan P&T Co., Ltd.


South Korea is one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to stretch film manufacturing, boasting an impressive array of businesses that specialize in creating high-quality materials for a range of industries. From food packaging to medical and pharmaceutical applications, South Korea’s top 10 stretch film manufacturers offer products that are renowned for their superior performance qualities. With advanced production techniques and cutting-edge machinery, these companies can produce highly durable films with excellent barrier protection against moisture and air. Additionally, many of these firms offer custom solutions for clients requiring specific product materials or characteristics. As such, the top 10 stretch film manufacturers in South Korea are continuing to lead the way in technological innovation and product development, ensuring a reliable source of high-quality material for any industry looking for dependable stretching capabilities.

1.K.Pack Manufacturing

K.Pack Manufacturing

Type of Business: Manufacturing and Trading Corporation
Location (Headquarters): Vinh Loc, Vietnam
Year Established: 2006


K.Pack is an established company in the packaging industry, manufacturing a wide range of products such as CPP Films (Cast Polypropylene Film), MCPP Films (Metallized Cast Polypropylene Film), PE Stretch Film, PE Cling Film, and Shrink Film that provides solutions to industries such as food packaging, pharmaceuticals, food service, and industrial use. The firm operates a 250,000-square-foot facility and has been supplying quality packaging films to Vietnam for over 10 years. At K.Pack, thery are not only invest in high-grade materials but also invest in quality team members. Their technical experts are highly trained and educated to ensure maximum efficiency and production quality. In addition, their scientific-experienced managers and warm-hearted team members work together with other recruits with one goal: to deliver value and integrity to their customers by building their trust day after day.


Products & Services Offered

  1. Stretch Film
  2. Machine Film
  3. Hand Film
  4. Specialty Film


Main Markets: Italy, Canada, Vietnam

2.Serim b&g co., Ltd

Serim b&g co., Ltd

Type of Business: Manufacturer
Location (Headquarters): Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Year Established: 2003


Serim B&G is a leading manufacturer committed to protecting the environment and upholding customer trust through creating biodegradable products. Their state-of-the-art facilities and stringent quality assurance system help us produce food containers, film, and plastic bags for worldwide distribution with an unwavering focus on sustainability. Through this focused strategy, Serim B&G ensures that your product meets the highest quality standards while reducing its environmental impact. They strive to create a healthy balance between customer satisfaction and long-term profitability, proving their commitment to creating a better tomorrow.


Products & Services Offered

  1. Food Wrap
  2. Stretch Film


Main Markets: Japan, Germany, US, South Korea

3.Powerwrap corporation

Powerwrap corporation

Type of Business: PVC cling film production
Location (Headquarters): Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do
Year Established: 2002


Since its inception in 2002, Powerwrap Corporation has gained worldwide recognition for its specialized PVC food wraps and for wrapping machinery and industrial equipment. In addition to these products, the company is dedicated to researching cutting-edge technologies, focusing on propelling the industry forward. As such, they secured numerous patents for their eco-friendly packaging materials that are harmless to humans and biodegradable PVC cling film – making Powerwrap Corp the first in its field to have such bioproducts. This dedication has earned the attention of countries worldwide eager to promote their POWER WRAP brand.

Products & Services Offered

  1. Magic Wrap
  2. Automatic Machine Film
  3. Power Wrap
  4. BioDegradable Film
  5. Freshiper


Main Markets: South Korea, Japan



Type of Business: Distributor
Location (Headquarters): Geumcheon-gu, Seoul
Year Established: 2011


Exdawn is committed to researching and introducing competitive high-quality PE packaging materials to the market to lead change and innovation in the industry. They have extensive experience with product development, sourcing, and production management of LDPE and HDPE materials, used in diverse countries worldwide. Furthermore, they can produce and provide both general-purpose stretch films, which are utilized frequently, and specialized stretch films for particular settings. Their goal is to continuously build upon their expertise so that they can provide their wide range of clients with exceptional products that consistently meet their needs.

Products & Services Offered

  1. Machine Stretch Wraps




  1. Hand Stretch Wraps


           Xtreme Edge




Main Markets: South East Asia



Type of Business: Packing system company
Location (Headquarters): Daejon, Korea
Year Established: 1979


Daeeun Industrial Co is a leader in the strapping and packaging equipment industry, providing reliable and high-quality PP and PET bands. Through their innovative technology, Daeeun has perfected the design for fully automatic plastic band production lines that are economical and efficient. Their machines are custom designed to meet each customer’s individual specifications, with design, assembly, and service all conducted from a single source to ensure maximum efficiency. With more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing versatile solutions that make packing solutions easier, Daeeun promises quality products in every order.

Products & Services Offered

  1. Industrial Standard Stretch Film
  2. Automatic top sheet wrapping machine
  3. Automatic wrapping machine
  4. semi-automatic wrapping machine


Main Markets: Korea, China, USA

6.Osung Specialties Co., Ltd

Osung Specialties Co., Ltd

Type of Business: Distributor
Location (Headquarters): South Korea
Year Established: 1987


Founded in 1987, Osung Specialties has become a global leader in adhesives and silicone materials. They are committed to providing their customers with innovative products that meet their individual needs and exceed their expectations. Their product portfolio includes specialized adhesives, silicone materials, construction sealants, industrial packaging materials, and other chemical products – all backed by their unwavering commitment to quality assurance. As part of their mission, they constantly strive to introduce new and better solutions for their customers’ projects. Thanks to years of experience and close relationships with some of the world’s most respected suppliers, you can be sure that they have the knowledge required to deliver exceptional service every time.

Products & Services Offered:

  1. Stretch Film
  2. Manual Wrap Film
  3. Machine Wrap Film
  4. Protection Film


Main Markets: South Korea, Foreign industries



Type of Business: Production of stretch silage film
Location (Headquarters): Goheung-gun, Jeollanam-do
Year Established: 1999


Jukam Machinery & Chemical has provided high-quality products and services to farmers for years. Since its establishment, they have developed a specialization in the production of stretch silage film and the import and sale of eco-friendly rice farming equipment, as well as field crop equipment and livestock forage production equipment. Their focus on quality ensures that their products are designed with sustainability. With their help, farmers can feel confident that they’re receiving quality materials and services to ensure long-term success on their farms. Furthermore, Jukam’s dedication to the farmer experience means they take special care concerning advice and assistance concerning their various product offerings. Jukam Machinery & Chemical continues to demonstrate why they remain a leader in the agriculture industry by offering unparalleled customer service and top-notch products and services.

Products & Services Offered:

  1. Silage Wrap for Functional Packing
  2. Jukam High Functional Lab
  3. Industrial Stretch Film


Main Markets: Korea, Japan



Type of Business: Distributor and Importer
Location (Headquarters): Seoul, Korea
Year Established: 2014


Livingcos Co., Ltd is dedicated to truly understanding and satisfying customers’ needs. They open their ears, actively listen, and are willing to modify their offerings to serve them best. They have a dynamic approach to the business that guarantees growth and progress through vigorous work and seeking out new items, better opportunities, and stimulating relationships. Their commitment to excellence makes us the perfect partner for anyone looking for unique solutions that go beyond expectations. With Livingcos, you get results and build a closer relationship with your suppliers.

Products & Services Offered

  1. PVC Cling Film
  2. BOPP Thermal laminating film
  3. PE Stretch Film
  4. LDPE / HDPE Film
  5. Protective Film


Main Markets: South Korea, China

9.J & J CO., LTD

J & J CO., LTD

Type of Business: "PVC Lab" Manufacturer
Location (Headquarters): Gyeonggi-do
Year Established: 2013


J&J Co., Ltd is a company that stands out in the industry for its state-of-the-art technology. They have their know-how and independent technology boasting up-to-date and cutting-edge technology in Korea. An advanced thermo-hygrostat, dust collector, and air cleaner are installed to ensure superior hygiene in their factory. At the same time, eco-friendly production is carried out through a scrap reuse process using a high-quality pelletizer. This combination of technology and methods maintains the highest standards of sanitary conditions and recycling, giving J&J Co., Ltd an edge in production.

Products & Services Offered:

  1. Morning Wrap
  2. Morning Lab Go


Main Markets: Korea, South east Asia

10.HoSan P&T Co., Ltd

HoSan P&T Co., Ltd

Type of Business: Manufacturer
Location (Headquarters): South Jeolla, Seoul
Year Established: 2010


Established in 2010, HoSan P&T Co., Ltd is a leading supplier of quality products while considering environmental sustainability. They are dedicated to delivering top-notch services and goods at affordable rates. At the same time, they commit to using eco-friendly materials and methods that help preserve the environment. With novel solutions and hardworking employees, HoSan P&T Co. is on a mission to build and strengthen its stature in the global market through the love they receive from customers and society. They strive to exceed expectations by providing superior products and services that meet their customers’ needs regardless of location. The company proudly stands behind its commitment to excellence, delivering high-quality solutions at competitive prices.

Products & Services Offered

  1. OPP tape
  2. PE tape
  3. Cloth Tape
  4. Industrial stretch film


Main Markets: Korea


In conclusion, the South Korean market for stretch film is highly competitive, with various manufacturers offering quality products at competitive prices. This allows customers to choose the most suitable solution for their packaging needs. The top 10 stretch film producers in South Korea are K.Pack Manufacturing, Serim B&G Co., Ltd., Powerwrap Corporation, Exdawn, Daeeun Industrial Co., Ltd., Osung Specialties Co., Ltd., Jukam Machinery & Chemical Co., Ltd., Livingcos Co., Ltd., J&J Co., Ltd., HoSan P&T Co., Ltd. Each of these companies has its unique specialty, making them ideal partners for any business looking to optimize its packaging solution in South Korea


With their commitment to innovation and quality, these companies have made it easier to find the best product that fits specific needs and provide high-level customer service to ensure satisfaction with each purchase. These producers use advanced technology and top-notch materials to manufacture stretch films that can help protect products during transportation and storage while also providing a solid barrier against moisture and other external factors. As a result, businesses can maintain excellent product integrity when shipping or storing goods in South Korea. With such an extensive range of options available from the top 10 stretch film manufacturers in South Korea, businesses can easily find the perfect partner to meet their packaging requirements without compromising quality or price.

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