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Top 5 stretch film manufacturers in Kuwait 2023

Top 5 stretch film manufacturers in Kuwait 2023

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This article looks at the top 5 stretch film manufacturers in Kuwait in 2023. These companies are committed to providing high-quality, durable plastic films for various industrial and commercial packaging and shipping needs. Learn about the newest trends and technologies these manufacturers use and find out which best meets your requirements. Discover the cost-saving strategies that make these manufacturers some of the most competitive in the region and their commitment to sustainability and minimizing environmental impact. Get an overview of each company’s product portfolio, including specialized products for food packaging, medical supplies, electronics, construction materials, and more. Whether you’re looking for lightweight hand stretch films or bulk rolls of heavy-duty shrink wrap, this comprehensive list has you covered!

Top 5 stretch film manufacturers in Kuwait

  1. Bab Al-Saif Est
  2. Green Plastic Factory Kuwait
  3. Express technical
  4. Rapid Food Solutions
  5. KNF FLEXPAK Corporation


This article comprehensively looks at the top 5 stretch film manufacturers in Kuwait as of 2023. These companies are leading providers of high-quality and advanced packaging solutions and have become significant players in the global market. Each specializes in different areas, such as food packaging, industrial products, and logistics. Additionally, they offer various features to serve their customers better – ranging from protective films to cling wrap. Furthermore, each manufacturer provides state-of-the-art machinery that can be customized according to customers’ needs. They also provide technical guidance and expert consultations so buyers can decide when to select the suitable stretch film for their specific requirements. Along with providing excellent quality at competitive prices, these top 5 manufacturers also offer quick delivery times and efficient after-sales services which have helped them earn a strong reputation in the industry.

1.Bab Al-Saif Est

Bab Al-Saif Est

Type of Business: Wholesaler
Location (Headquarters): Khalifa Al-Jassim Street, Shuwaikh Industrial Area
Year Established: 1992


Established over a decade ago, a small retail store has grown into a large wholesale business that stocks over a thousand different products. This business has accumulated vast experience during the past few years and can provide its customers with excellent products at the most competitive prices. Additionally, the expansive range of goods caters to all market needs, ensuring that customers can find exactly what they are looking for either in-store or online. With such an impressive offering, it’s clear that this company has come a long way since starting as a small retail store.

For over two decades, the company has worked hard to establish a positive business reputation and competitive advantages in Kuwait’s market. From their business scale to the quality of their products, they strive to keep up with changing trends and industry standards to supply top-tier products that meet customer satisfaction. They have also acquired strong partnerships with well-known European and Asian brands to elevate our offerings and ensure that customers get value for their money. They also firmly adhere to business ethics. Hence every product keeps in line with all relevant specifications and regulations. With such commitment and dedication, they are confident of maintaining their position in the Kuwaiti market.

Products & Services Offered

  1. Manual Stretch Film Dispenser
  2. Stretch Film LightWeight Pallet Wrapper
  3. Stretch Film Packing Machine
  4. Air Bubble Film/Wrap Roll
  5. PE Foam
  6. Stretch Film for pallet furniture, cartoons packaging transparent (clear) and black.


Main Markets: Europe and Asia

2.Green Plastic Factory Kuwait

Green Plastic Factory Kuwait

Type of Business: Manufacturer and Exporter
Location (Headquarters): Shuaiba Industrial Area (West) of Kuwait
Year Established: 2005


Since its inception in Kuwait, Green Plastic Factory has quickly established itself as a leader in the manufacturing and exporting industry. From specialized blown film extrusion rolls to plastic bags for hygienic products, chicken bags, shopping bags, and stretch film, they provide top-quality products tailored to their customers’ needs. With its unique combination of proven technology and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Green Plastic Factory stands out from its competitors in Blown Film Plastic Plant production, including PE plastic bags. By staying ahead of industry trends, Green Plastic Factory promises customers 100% satisfaction with every project they take on.

The company’s commitment to providing high-quality products and services has made it a major competitor in the industry. This differentiates itself from other companies and speaks to its leaders’ conviction and commitment to sustainability. By offering cost-effective, efficient product solutions through customized services, the company has earned the trust of its clients and resulted in mutual growth. As one of the leading PE suppliers in the world, The Company continuously strives for excellence and has developed high standards of precession and quality to comply with international standards. Its state-of-the-art technology and rigorous quality control have allowed them to create a strong presence in the global market.

Products & Services Offered

  1. Blown film extrusion rolls
  2. Plastic Bags
  3. Chicken Bags
  4. Shopping Bags
  5. Stretch film
  6. Shrink film


Main Markets: State of Kuwait and the Region

3.Express technical

Express technical

Type of Business: key agent, stockist and distributor
Location (Headquarters): Khalifa Jassim Street, Shuwaikh Industrial, Kuwait
Year Established: 1999


Express Technical Fasteners And Fixing Solutions have rapidly grown its business by offering its products and services in Shuwaikh, Kuwait. With the help of their online platforms and advanced services such as delivery and customer service, customers have easy access to their services. Now, Express Technical Fasteners And Fixing Solutions can reach out to customers from all other parts of Shuwaikh and beyond. They are committed to constantly increasing the range of their network by expanding in reach outside of Shuwaikh. Moreover, they strive to provide quality and satisfying customer experiences within the city. By having people work at Express Technical Fasteners And Fixing Solutions in Shuwaikh, Kuwait, customers can be sure that they will receive knowledgeable and professional service. Our team is experienced in the Construction Material Retailers Construction Hardware Dealers industry and has proven to be problem-solvers. Not only do customers feel assured by our expertise, but they are also provided with a friendly and courteous experience. Our staff is trained to treat every customer with kindness and politeness. We understand that excellent service makes all the difference, which is why we strive to provide each person who walks through our doors with the best experience possible.

Express Technical Fasteners And Fixing Solutions are conveniently located in Shop No. – 8, Shuwaikh, making it easily accessible for customers. Public transport is also readily available to reach the store, and its address allows new clients to find their way there without difficulty. The business has ambitious plans to expand its product range, customer base, and services offered to meet its increasing needs while providing them with a quality service they can count on.

Products & Services Offered


  1. Matrix Stretch Film
  • High holding force.
  • High stretchability.
  • Protection from dust and damage it provides versus other unitizing methods.
  • It is the most economical method of palletizing.


Main Markets: Kuwait

4.Rapid Food Solutions

Rapid Food Solutions

Type of Business: Food and Beverage Manufacturing
Location (Headquarters): Scottsdale, AZ
Year Established: 2019


While many companies in the food supply chain offer only wholesale ingredient sourcing, packaging services, or co-manufacturing, RFS brings together all three essential elements in one place with high-speed, quality service.

Rapid Food Solutions specialize in several areas ranging from healthy ingredients and co-manufactured products to attractive, flexible packaging that can be customized to meet your needs. Companies can only offer this three-in-one cohesive service or match our time to market.

At RFS, they value speed but never at the cost of quality. All their ingredients meet their high ethical standards for sourcing, and many are Non-GMO Project Verified and organic. Their close relationships with their suppliers ensure you will get premium ingredients quickly.

At RFS, they pride themselves on having direct relationships with various facilities that offer varied capabilities. They can help you with line extensions and seasonal or limited-edition offerings.

Our quality packaging facility is state-of-the-art, US-based, and vertically integrated to include a full range of services, including private-labeling and custom stand-up pouches.

Products & Services Offered

  1. Flexible Film
  2. Roll Stock
  3. Matte/Glossy Combination Structures
  4. Stand Up Pouches
  5. Soft Touch Zipper Pouches
  6. Gusseted and Non-Gusseted Stand Up
  7. Pouch Options
  8. Certified Recyclable Film


Main Markets: United States

5.KNF FLEXPAK Corporation

KNF FLEXPAK Corporation

Type of Business: Manufacturer and Converter of Nylon, Polyethylene & Multilayer Flexible Packaging Products
Location (Headquarters): Tamaqua, Pennsylvania
Year Established: 1997


KNF FLEXPAK has been a leader in the extrusion and converter industry for more than 25 years, offering custom manufacturing of film, bags, liners, sheeting, tubing, pouches, and flexible packaging products. Their team specializes in Nylon and Polyethylene blown films designed with strength and durability in mind. When you choose KNF FLEXPAK as your custom manufacturer, you can trust that they only use the highest quality material available to ensure exceptional performance even in the most demanding applications such as clean and ultraclean environments.

Some industries they provide products include; Food Service and Food Processing, Medical, Burial, Military, Industrial, Electrical, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, and Composite Industries. Stock and custom-formulated blends are available for single-wound sheeting, centerfold, and tubing in various sizes, thicknesses, and features. KNF FLEXPAK specializes in high-temperature Nylon applications for cooking and oven bags, pan-liners, solvent recovery, cook-chill, and vacuum bagging film.

They continue to supply their customers with the latest technology, like our Microperfation produce bags called FRESHylon, used to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables after picking and during transportation. Their professional sales managers and experienced internal personnel will provide the highest level of customer service available. 

Products & Services Offered:

  1. Boat & Gaylord Liners
  2. Clear Bags on a Roll
  3. Custom HDPE Bags
  4. Marine & Gazebo Shrink Film
  5. Mattress Bags & Film
  6. Shrink Film


Main Markets: Pennsylvania, New Jersey


The top 5 stretch film manufacturers in Kuwait for 2023 have been explored in this article. From the information provided, it is clear that these five companies are highly experienced and capable of producing superior-quality products. The products they offer are designed to meet the needs of businesses and industries across the country, which will help Kuwait’s economy grow. Furthermore, these companies also provide excellent customer service and professional services, making them reliable partners to do business with. Their products are cost-effective and designed to withstand harsh conditions that may arise in Kuwait’s desert environment. All these factors make them some of the best providers of stretch films in Kuwait today.


Overall, each company has achieved impressive successes despite its competitive environment, demonstrating its commitment to quality and innovation while keeping costs low. Furthermore, they have all demonstrated a dedication to providing an exceptional level of customer service as well as offering ongoing support for their clients after sales. As such, businesses looking for reliable partners who can provide high-quality products with competitive prices should look no further than these top 5 stretch film manufacturers in Kuwait for 2023. With a wide range of product offerings, outstanding customer service, and technical expertise, these five companies offer an ideal option for anyone looking for superior stretch films in Kuwait this year.

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