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Top 10 Biodegradable Stretch Film Manufacturers in the World for 2023

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Have you ever wondered about the environmental impact of the packaging materials you use or encounter daily?

Every year, millions of tons of plastic waste end up in our oceans and landfills, causing harm to marine life and contributing to global pollution. Traditional stretch films, widely used in various industries, are a significant part of this problem. Their non-biodegradable nature means they persist in the environment for centuries, posing a long-term threat to our planet.

Enter biodegradable stretch films – the future of sustainable packaging. As the world shifts towards eco-friendly solutions, biodegradable stretch films have emerged as a beacon of hope. They promise the same efficiency and durability as traditional films but decompose naturally, leaving a minimal environmental footprint. This post dive deep into the top 10 biodegradable stretch film manufacturers leading this green revolution in 2023.

1. BioBag International

Website: BioBag World

BioBag International

Introduction of BioBag International

BioBag International AS, commonly referred to as BioBag, stands as a global leader in developing, producing, and marketing certified compostable and biodegradable products. With a comprehensive and extensive range of products in the market, BioBag has set its vision on maintaining the quality of existing products and innovating new products and concepts. The BioBag brand is notably the most recognized in its line of business. Initially established as PolarGruppen in 1959, the company produced various polyethylene bags, sacks, and films. However, the shift towards sustainability led to the introduction of the BioBag product line in 1993 based on renewable raw materials. By 2003, the company had phased entirely out polyethylene production, focusing solely on compostable and biodegradable products. Their mission emphasizes developing and marketing the best bio-based products for various industries using renewable, biodegradable, and compostable raw materials.

Country and City: Askim, Norway

Established Date: Originally established as PolarGruppen in 1959. The BioBag product line was introduced in 1993.

Key Products:

  1. Compostable bags for organic waste collection
  2. Biodegradable, compostable bags
  3. Food waste products
  4. Food storage products
  5. Biodegradable produce bags
  6. Garden waste sacks
  7. Dog waste products
  8. Biodegradable Mulch Film (sold under the name BioAgri)
BioBag International


BioBag International has been at the forefront of the green revolution, offering a wide range of compostable and biodegradable products. Their commitment to sustainability is evident in their product line, which caters to various industries, from waste management to agriculture. With a rich history and a clear vision for the future, BioBag continues to set industry standards, making them a top choice for eco-friendly products.

2. Berry Global

Website: Berry Global

Berry Global

Introduction of Berry Global

A Fortune 300 company has established itself as a global leader in plastic packaging and product innovation. With a rich history of significant growth and agility across 47 acquisitions, Berry Global has been a continuous symbol of innovation and excellence in the industry. Their success is attributed to the dedicated workforce and the unique culture emphasizing collaboration, accountability, and innovation. The company’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its pledge to achieve net-zero emissions across its global operations and value chain by 2050. Berry Global’s customer-centric approach ensures that they cater to the needs of their clients, both large and small, by offering packaging and protective solutions that meet performance requirements, environmental impact targets, and aesthetic needs. Their extensive product range, material science knowledge, and manufacturing capabilities position them as a trusted partner for businesses worldwide.

Country and City: Evansville, IN USA

Established Date: 1967

Key Products:

  1. Sustainable Stretch Films
  2. Stratos™ Ultra High-Performance Stretch Machine Film
Berry Global


Berry Global stands out not just for its vast range of products but also for its commitment to sustainability and innovation. Their dedication to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 showcases their forward-thinking approach. With a strong focus on customer collaboration and a rich history of acquisitions, Berry Global remains a dominant force in the industry, setting benchmarks for others to follow.

3. PlastikaKritis

Website: PlastikaKritis


Introduction of PlastikaKritis 

They are one of Europe’s leading producers of masterbatches and agricultural films. With a pronounced international orientation, the company has affiliate entities in countries such as France, Romania, Poland, Russia, Turkey, and China. Their products reach over 90 countries globally, showcasing the brand’s extensive reach and influence in the industry. Initially listed on the Athens Stock Exchange in 1999, PlastikaKritis has consistently demonstrated its commitment to quality and innovation. Their journey began in the city of Heraklion, Crete, in 1970. Since then, they have become one of the most significant plastic product manufacturers in Greece, with a robust export orientation and internationalization of their activities.

Country and City: Heraklion, Crete, Greece

Established Date: 1970

Key Products:

  1. Masterbatches
  2. Agricultural Films
Agricultural Films


PlastikaKritis has carved a niche in the European market as a trusted producer of masterbatches and agricultural films. Their commitment to quality and international reach makes them a preferred choice for businesses seeking reliable plastic products. Their long-standing presence in the market and dedication to innovation ensure they remain at the forefront of the industry.

4. Novamont

Website: Novamont


Introduction of Novamont 

They are a global leader in the realm of bioplastics. The company is dedicated to fostering a new bioeconomy model rooted in the principles of the circular economy. This model is centered on the efficient and sustainable use of renewable resources and acts as a catalyst for territorial regeneration. Novamont’s products, especially the MATER-BI range, are designed to address specific environmental challenges and promote sustainable behavior. MATER-BI is a collection of bio-based plastics that are both biodegradable and compostable, showcasing Novamont’s commitment to providing environmentally friendly solutions. With a presence in over 90 countries, Novamont’s influence in the bioplastics industry is undeniable.

Country and City: Novara, Italy 

Key Products:



Novamont’s dedication to fostering a sustainable future is evident in its range of products and initiatives. Their MATER-BI range, in particular, stands out as a testament to their commitment to the environment. With a global reach and a clear vision for a bio-based circular economy, Novamont continues leading the way in the bioplastics industry, offering innovative solutions catering to environmental and consumer needs.

5. Futamura Chemical Co.

Website: Futamura Chemical Co.

Futamura Chemical Co.

Introduction of Futamura

Established in Japan in 1947, Futamura Chemical Company Limited has become a global powerhouse in specialty products, particularly in renewable cellulose films. The company’s philosophy is deeply rooted in producing products that serve its nation and society. With a workforce of 1980 employees worldwide and a turnover of 828 million USD, Futamura stands as the world’s

largest producer of renewable cellulose films. Their commitment to quality and sustainability is evident in their extensive product range, designed to enhance consumers’ lives. With 13 commercial offices globally, Futamura’s influence in the industry is undeniable.

Country and City: Nagoya-shi, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

Established Date: 1947

Key Products:

  1. Renewable Cellulose Films
  2. Compostable Films
Futamura Chemical Co.


Futamura Chemical Co. is a leader in producing renewable and compostable films. Their dedication to sustainability, rich heritage, and global presence make them a trusted name in the industry. With a clear vision and a commitment to innovation, Futamura continues to set benchmarks in specialty products, particularly in renewable cellulose films.

6. Rolls Stretch Film

Website: Rolls Stretch Film

Rolls Stretch Film

Introduction of Rolls Stretch Film Limited

We are a leading manufacturer in the stretch film industry with a strong emphasis on innovation, education, and providing creative stretch packaging solutions. With a presence in the market for over a decade, the company has cemented its reputation as a reliable provider of high-quality stretch films. Their products are designed to offer excellent shipping packaging solutions, being durable, sticky, and elastic. These films protect loads from mechanical and weather-related damage, ensuring the safety and integrity of the cargo. The company’s commitment to quality is further underscored by its modern automated palletizing and packaging systems, a knowledgeable team of specialists and engineers, and state-of-the-art stretch film production lines.

Country and City: Wuxi, Jiangsu, China

Established Date: The company boasts over 10 years of experience in the industry.

Key Products:

  1. Stretch Films
  2. Hand Stretch Film
  3. Machine Stretch Film
  4. Color Stretch Film
  5. Waste-Bailing Films
  6. Agricultural Films.
  7. Stretch Hoods
Rolls Stretch Film


Rolls Stretch Film Limited has consistently exceeded customer expectations with its high-quality products and exceptional service. Their dedication to innovation and quality is evident in their extensive product range and the positive feedback they receive from their clientele. With a rich history and a clear vision for the future, Rolls Stretch Film continues to set industry standards, making it a top choice for businesses seeking reliable stretch film solutions.

7. Taghleef Industries

Website: Taghleef Industries

Taghleef Industries

Introduction of Taghleef Industries 

Headquartered in Dubai, Taghleef Industries (Ti) is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of biaxially oriented polypropylene films (BoPP), cast polypropylene films (CPP), and biodegradable films (BoPLA). With a manufacturing capacity of more than 500,000 tons, Ti has grown organically and through strategic acquisitions around the world. Today, Ti boasts eleven manufacturing facilities across six continents, including locations in Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, North America, and Latin America. Their global presence is further strengthened with distribution centers and representative offices in various countries. In line with their commitment to innovation, Ti has five prime R&D centers worldwide, where they develop advanced packaging solutions to meet market demands. Their product portfolio includes unique brands such as Derprosa™, Extendo®, Nativia®, Syndecor®, Titanium™, and Shape360™, catering to diverse sectors like food packaging, labeling, technical applications, and more.

Country and City: Dubai, U.A.E.

Established Date: The company was founded in 1988 under the name of BIOFILM S.A. and became part of Taghleef Industries group in 2018.

Key Products:

  1. Derprosa™ Premium Luxury Film Line
  2. Extendo® thin barrier films
  3. Nativia®: Biodegradable BoPLA films
  4. Syndecor®: Technical films
  5. Titanium™: A metallic film
  6. Shape360™: Shrink label films 
Taghleef Industries Products


Taghleef Industries stands out as a global leader in the production of polypropylene and biodegradable films. Their commitment to innovation, combined with their vast global presence, positions them as a trusted partner for businesses seeking advanced packaging solutions. With a rich history and a clear vision for the future, Taghleef Industries continues to set industry benchmarks, making them a top choice for businesses worldwide.

8. Amcor

Website: Amcor


Introduction of Amcor

Amcor is a global leader in the development and production of responsible packaging solutions. Catering to a diverse range of sectors, including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, home, personal care, and other products, Amcor has positioned itself at the forefront of sustainable packaging innovation. Their commitment to sustainability and product innovation is unparalleled, as they continuously strive to provide packaging solutions that not only meet the demands of consumers but also have minimal environmental impact. With a rich history and a global presence, Amcor’s expertise spans across various packaging materials, offering differentiated solutions that cater to the unique needs of each sector they serve.

Country and City: Zürich, Switzerland

Established Date: 1860

Key Products:

  1. Beverages Packaging
  2. Food Packaging
  3. Healthcare Packaging
  4. Home Care Packaging.
  5. Personal Care Packaging
  6. Pet Care Packaging
  7. Technical Applications
  8. Specialty Cartons


Amcor’s dedication to sustainability and innovation is evident in its extensive range of packaging solutions. Their commitment to producing responsible packaging for a diverse range of sectors showcases their expertise and leadership in the industry. With a clear vision and a global reach, Amcor continues to set industry benchmarks, making them a top choice for businesses seeking advanced and sustainable packaging solutions.

9. Sigma Stretch Film Corp.

Website: Sigma Stretch Film Corp.

Introduction of Sigma Stretch Film Corp.

A division of The Sigma Plastics Group, stands as one of the global industry leaders in the realm of stretch film packaging. With a unique perspective that emphasizes value addition to its customers, Sigma offers differentiated products backed by the expertise of its professional customer service representatives and seasoned sales professionals. The company boasts five state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities spread across North America, equipped with some of the most advanced manufacturing and quality control processes. This positions Sigma as The Industry Leader in its domain. In a market where flexible packaging is becoming increasingly commoditized, Sigma differentiates itself with its proprietary Rite-Gauging process. This process adopts a holistic approach, considering clients’ total packaging operations. Sigma’s commitment to creating optimal packaging for specific applications and improving efficiencies in the packaging process enhances client profitability. Their dedication to innovation and customer-centricity is further exemplified by their 12,000 square foot Training Center and Packaging Assessment Lab, Packworx, located in Shelbyville, Kentucky. The research, sales training, and client support initiatives undertaken at Packworx are unparalleled in the industry, making Sigma truly distinctive.

Country and City: New Jersey

Established Date: 1993

Key Products:

  1. Sigma Summit: One-side cling film
  2. Sigma Select: Two-sided cling, cast film
  3. Evolve: A highly advanced OSC (One-Side Cling) film.
  4. Vortex: One-side cling blown film 
  5. Sigma Magnum: Cast machine film
  6. Sigma Secure: Blown film 
machine films


Sigma Stretch Film Corp. has established itself as a trusted name in the stretch film packaging industry. Their commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction is evident in their extensive product range and the positive feedback they receive from their clientele. With a rich history, state-of-the-art facilities, and a clear vision for the future, Sigma Stretch Film continues to set industry standards, making them a top choice for businesses seeking reliable stretch film solutions.

10. Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.

Website: Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.

Mitsubishi Chemical Corp

Introduction of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC) 

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC)  is a core operating company of the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group. With roots tracing back to 1870, when the founder, Yataro Iwasaki, started a shipping firm, the Mitsubishi legacy has grown and diversified into various fields. Today, MCC stands as a global leader in the chemical industry, offering a wide range of products and solutions across multiple sectors. The company’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and excellence is evident in its vast product portfolio and its dedication to addressing global challenges. With a presence in North and South America, MCC has established regional headquarters, including Mitsubishi Chemical America (MCA), which oversees 20 group companies in the Americas. This vast network represents decades of knowledge and experience across numerous industrial and technological industries.

Country and City: The specific headquarters location would need further research. However, the company has a significant global presence, with one of its regional headquarters, Mitsubishi Chemical America, being based in the Americas.

Established Date: The origin of Mitsubishi dates back to 1870.

Key Products:

  1. Food & Beverage Packaging Materials
  2. Medical / Health Products Packaging Materials
Packaging Materials


Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. has established itself as a global leader in the chemical industry, offering a diverse range of products and solutions. Their commitment to innovation, sustainability, and global challenges sets them apart in the industry. With a rich legacy and a clear vision for the future, Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. continues to set industry benchmarks, making them a top choice for businesses and consumers alike.

How many types of Biodegradable Stretch Film are there?

Biodegradable stretch films are designed to decompose over time, reducing environmental impact. There are primarily three types: Oxo-biodegradable, which breaks down when exposed to oxygen; Compostable, made from plant-based materials and decomposes in composting conditions; and Water-soluble, which dissolves in water and is often used in specific applications like water treatment plants. Each type serves different purposes and decomposes under specific conditions, offering eco-friendly alternatives to traditional plastic films.

How to find a good Biodegradable Stretch Film manufacturer?

When seeking a reputable biodegradable stretch film manufacturer, consider factors like certifications that validate their eco-friendly claims, the quality and durability of their films, and their transparency about the decomposition process. Additionally, assess their industry reputation, customer reviews, and their commitment to sustainability and innovation. A manufacturer that balances these aspects, while offering competitive pricing and excellent customer service, is likely a reliable choice.

Who is the world’s largest manufacturer of Biodegradable Stretch Film?

As of the latest data, BioBag International stands out as one of the leading figures in the biodegradable stretch film industry. With a global presence and a commitment to sustainability, they’ve garnered significant recognition for their eco-friendly products. However, the title of “world’s largest” can shift based on production capacities, market reach, and innovations, so it’s essential to stay updated with industry reports and rankings.


In our journey through the realm of biodegradable stretch films, we’ve spotlighted the top 10 manufacturers leading the charge in 2023. From BioBag International’s global influence to Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.’s rich legacy, these companies are at the forefront of sustainable packaging solutions. They’ve showcased not just innovation but also a deep commitment to our planet. As consumers and businesses alike become more eco-conscious, the demand for biodegradable products continues to rise. When considering your next packaging solution, we encourage you to explore these industry leaders. They’re not just offering products; they’re paving the way for a greener future. So, as you make your choices, remember: every sustainable step counts, and with these manufacturers, you’re in good hands.

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