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How does stretch film work?

stretch film work

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Stretch film, also known as stretch wrap, is a type of plastic film used to secure and stabilize loads during transportation and storage. But how does it work? In this article, we will explain the principles behind stretch film and how it is used to protect and secure various types of loads.

How does stretch film work?

stretch film work

Stretch film works by clinging onto a product or package to provide additional support and protection during shipping and handling. The clingy nature of the material is due to a combination of the unique molecular structure of the plastic, as well as its elastic properties. Stretch film can be applied manually with a hand dispenser, or it can be machine-applied using one of several automated wrap machines. In either case, the unusual molecular structure of the plastic causes it to contract when stretched around an object, creating tension that helps keep items secure on pallets while they are being transported. This tension also helps protect packages from dust, dirt, and moisture during movement, thereby ensuring their safe delivery in optimal condition. Additionally, the stretch film provides tamper-proofing and added protection from theft during transportation. In short, stretch film is an effective, economical, and secure way to package products for shipping and handling.

In this article, we will talk about stretch film’s qualities and applications. We will also discuss the 3 ways how to apply stretch wrap.

Why do we use stretch wrap?

use stretch wrap

Stretch wrap is used in a variety of packaging applications, from consumer products to industrial parts. It allows us to quickly and securely bundle items together for storage or transport. The transparency of pre-stretch film allows it to be used as an anti-theft security measure by allowing the contents of packages to be identified without opening them. Stretch wrap also provides an effective way to protect items from dirt, moisture, and other environmental hazards, making it ideal for storing items outdoors or in humid conditions. Additionally, the blown film can be printed with warnings or promotional messages, making it more than just a protective material. Stretch wrap is an essential tool for packaging applications and can make all the difference when it comes to protecting your products.

Stretch wrapping begins with pallet loading

Stretch wrapping begins with pallet loading

Pallet loading using cast machine stretch film is an efficient and economical way to protect and secure shipments. The process involves wrapping the cargo on a pallet with a strong, durable plastic film that stretches to provide extra stability and strength. This method of packing provides load containment, product protection, and security while saving time and money throughout the shipping process. The blown stretch film also provides increased safety during transport by preventing goods from shifting or falling off the pallet when moved. Additionally, the use of stretch film requires less material than other methods such as strapping or shrink wrap, making it more cost-effective for businesses.

To maximize efficiency in your pallet loading process using stretch film, it is important to adhere to some key practices. Firstly, begin by ensuring the load is stable and secure, as this will reduce the amount of cast stretch film that is necessary. Secondly, choose a higher-quality pre-stretched film for increased puncture resistance and improved performance. Finally, use an automated or semi-automated wrapping machine to ensure consistent results with minimal labor requirements. With these tips in mind, pallet loading using stretch film can be a cost-effective way to package and protect your cargo while optimizing time and resources during shipping.

By following these guidelines and investing in equipment that best fits your needs, businesses can reap the benefits of pallet loading with stretch film. The result is an effective way to preserve product integrity while reducing costs at every step of the supply chain. With the right approach, pallet loading with stretch film can be a valuable asset to any business.

By investing in the proper equipment and following recommended practices, businesses can ensure their shipments are securely packaged and protected while maximizing time and cost savings. Pallet loading using stretch film is an effective way to increase safety during transport, protect products from damage, and optimize your supply chain operations. With this method of packaging, businesses can experience improved performance throughout the shipping process for more successful results.

3 ways to apply stretch wrap

A.Hand wrapping

Hand wrapping

Stretch film hand wrapping is an ideal solution for a variety of businesses, from retail stores to food warehouses. This cost-effective method provides effective protection for items during shipping, storage, and other transportation. It also prevents theft or tampering with packaged goods. When using stretch film hand wrapping, it’s important to ensure that each item is properly secured with enough wraps to keep them safe and secure during transit. To maximize the effectiveness of the wrap, use several layers of stretch film around products with sharp edges, as this creates more even protection for the product. Additionally, making sure that all packages are properly sealed will help to protect each item from damage and further tampering. Lastly, taking time to check the tension of the hand stretch wrap is essential for creating a secure package and protecting its contents.

B. Semi-automatic stretch wrappers

Semi-automatic stretch wrappers

Semi-automatic stretch wrappers are a cost-effective and efficient solution to reduce the time and labor costs associated with wrapping pallets. By utilizing a stretch wrap machine, manual hand application of the wrap is eliminated from the process, leading to faster production times. The semi-automatic setup requires minimal training for operators so it can be quickly implemented in any facility with success.

The machine utilizes preprogrammed settings that allow an operator to simply place the load onto the turntable, press start, and walk away. The turntable automatically rotates as the film is applied around the perimeter of the pallet while simultaneously stretching it over the surface of the load. This not only improves efficiency but also ensures highly secure packages that are ready for transport.

Using a semi-automatic stretch wrapper not only leads to increased production times but also improved safety. Wrapping with film on a manual hand application causes strain and fatigue from repetitive motion, as well as other potential hazards like cuts or burns if the wrap is mishandled.

C. High-speed automated stretch wrappers

high-speed automated stretch wrappers

High-speed automated stretch wrappers are designed to provide features that will benefit your business. They have a high level of speed and efficiency, allowing you to wrap pallets quickly and accurately. The wrappers can be adjusted to fit different package sizes and types, enabling you to accommodate a variety of products. The wrappers also come with preprogrammed settings so you can make changes quickly and easily. Additionally, they are constructed from durable materials that ensure long-term use in tough environments. With these features, high-speed automated stretch wrappers are the perfect solution for businesses looking for reliable wrapping machinery that won’t disappoint. You can rely on these wrappers to efficiently wrap your products, allowing you to get them out the door quickly and efficiently.

Moreover, the wrappers have advanced safety features such as sensors that detect contact with other objects. This ensures that the wrappers are safe to use in any environment, making them great for businesses of any size and industry. Additionally, they offer easy maintenance and care, so you can be sure that your wrappers are running smoothly and safely for years to come. With these features, high-speed automated stretch wrappers are the perfect choice for businesses looking to wrap their products quickly and reliably.

It’s all about the containment force

stretch film

Stretch film is a highly effective and efficient packaging solution, due to its flexible nature and its ability to contain items of varying shapes and sizes. The containment force of the stretch film is essential in ensuring that goods remain secure during shipment and storage, as it acts as an additional layer of protection against damage. Stretch film’s containment force can be adjusted according to the weight and size of the item being shipped or stored. This feature makes it suitable for both lightweight items such as documents or envelopes, as well as heavier items such as boxes or pallets. In addition to providing security, the stretch film also helps reduce costs associated with traditional packaging materials by limiting product damage during transit. Furthermore, it has the added benefit of being environmentally friendly since it can be recycled and reused. All of these features make the stretch film an ideal choice for any business that is looking to save money while safely packaging and shipping its goods.


The use of stretch films for packaging and transport has come a long way in terms of technology, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. It is an ideal solution for keeping packages secure during storage and transportation, which helps to ensure the integrity of products from production to delivery. With its wide range of available gauges, sizes, and strengths, the stretch film can be tailored to meet virtually any need. Moreover, it is a very affordable packaging option that does not require additional equipment or special training for application.

Overall, the stretch film provides an effective tool for securely storing and transporting items with minimal effort. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications and its cost-effectiveness ensures that it fits into almost any budget. For these reasons, stretch film is a smart choice for keeping items secure and protected during storage and transport.

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