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Top 10 stretch film manufacturers in Europe in 2022

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The European stretch film market is a growing industry, and it’s become more competitive than ever. With the rise of the Internet, more consumers have access to information about products and companies than ever before. As a result, companies need to work harder to stand out from their competitors and keep customers returning for more.
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Europe is a beautiful continent with many different cultures, languages, and traditions. It’s also home to some of the top stretch film manufacturers worldwide, who make products that help businesses transport their goods safely and efficiently.
This article will look at 10 of the best options for businesses looking for stretch film manufacturers in Europe.



- Website:https://www.zippelag.de/
- Type of Business:Manufacturing Company
- Location (Headquarters):Germany
- Year Established:1906


Zippel AG is a medium-sized manufacturing company specializing in producing cardboard storage solutions. One of the few companies in the industry that make all binders, bags, and folders almost entirely from recycled cardboard.
Zippel AG company’s focus on sustainability sets it apart from other manufacturers in the field. They use 100% natural electricity from environmentally friendly hydroelectric power plants, and we have a large machine park that can promptly produce any custom size or shape of storage solution. Our expertise in this field has made them a leader in the cardboard storage solutions industry.
They also participate in the dual system for recycling waste paper, which means that they work closely with local governments to ensure that any cardboard waste they generate is adequately recycled and not discarded improperly into landfills or waterways like other companies do when they don’t bother to reclaim their waste materials responsibly.

Products & Services Offered

– Transport packaging.
– Consumer Packaging
– Heavy lift packaging
– Self-adhesive packaging

Main Markets:

Environmental protection and sustainability

2.PF Efekt Plus

PF Efekt Plus

- Website:https://efekt-stretch.com/contact/company-adress
- Type of Business:Polish manufacturer of “CAST” type stretch films.
- Location (Headquarters):City of Rejonowym Warsaw in Warsaw
- Year Established:2006


PF Efekt Plus is a European leader in the production of stretch films. They are dedicated to providing the best LDPE film on the domestic and foreign markets. PF Efekt aims to develop innovative, dedicated lines to produce high-quality packaging for our clients. They have an experienced team of specialists and technologists who work tirelessly to ensure that all aspects of our business are managed effectively and efficiently. They use automated packaging and palletizing systems based on modern robots, which allow us to provide our clients with quality products at competitive prices.

Products & Services Offered

 – Pre-Stretch film
– Hand Stretch Film
– Machine Stretch Film
– Jumbo Stretch Film
– Mini Wrap Stretch Film
– Stretch Food Film
– Silage film AgroWrap
– Technologies and refinements

Main Markets:

Stretch Wrap Films



- Website:https://www.hipac.it/en/
- Type of Business: Manufacturer
- Location (Headquarters):Italy
- Year Established:1991


HIPAC Spa is a packaging company that develops innovative and customized solutions to protect industrial goods. Their goal is to protect the goods, stability throughout their lifecycle, and economic savings for our clients by reducing production and transport costs.
They accomplish this by providing high-performance packaging solutions that are both functional and sustainable.

Products & Services Offered

– Products

– Traditional Film

– Premium Film

– Collation Stretch

– Services

– Regular check-ups

– Laboratory Analysis

– Experts in Wrapping Machines

– Load Security

– Technical Training

– Tailor-made solutions

4. Deriblok S.p.a.

Deriblok S.p.a.

- Website:https://www.deriblok.com/index-en.html
- Type of Business:Distributor, Exporter
- Location (Headquarters):Italy
- Year Established:1986


Deriblok S.p.a. was founded in 1986 and began the production of the film in polyethylene, which has been recognized for its constant quality. The company is known for its advanced level of technology and its young management team that is continually updated with the latest trends and techniques to remain competitive. Deriblok also offers competitive prices, an efficient network supply and assistance service, and a commitment to quality products and customer satisfaction.

Products & Services Offered

– High stretch capacity
– Superior Tear Resistance
– Strong elastic retention power



- Website:https://www.sopalplast.fr/emballage/?lang=en
- Type of Business:Packaging films Specialist: Logistics, Industrial, and Food Packaging
- Location (Headquarters):Lyon, France
- Year Established:1979


Our objective is to produce and offer the best stretch films in the domestic and international markets. Our superiority is guaranteed by modern automated palletizing and packaging systems built on cutting-edge technology, a knowledgeable team of specialists and engineers, and devoted, cutting-edge stretch film production lines.

Products & Services Offered

 – Shrink Film
– Conventors Film
– Stretch Film and Cover pallet
– Rigid Film



- Website:https://3plast.sk/
- Type of Business:Suppliers of Plastic materials and boards
- Location (Headquarters):Slovakia
- Year Established:2007


3PLAST s.r.o. is a leading supplier of plastic materials, plastic boards, and other products used in various industries. We specialize in supplying customers with the highest-quality materials from companies worldwide.
The business is driven by a straightforward principle: customer satisfaction. They understand that you have your own goals, and they will do what it takes to help you achieve them.



- Website:https://www.fragola.sk/
- Type of Business:Production of LDPE and HDPE,, films and products
- Location (Headquarters):Snina, Slovakia
- Year Established:1992


FRAGOLA focuses on producing microtubes, polyethylene bags, sacks, packaging, and more. In 1999 they added extrusion-blowing of various types of films with the possibility of printing. Since 2002 they have expanded production capabilities with a recycling line for the processing of waste films.
We process waste films into regranulate (LDPE and HDPE) that we distribute to customers—both individual consumers as well as industrial users.

Products & Services Offered

– LDPE Products
– HDPE Products
– Additional Assortment

Main Markets:

Production of bags and sacks



- Website:https://www.peterplast.eu/
- Type of Business:Production of Packaging Materials
- Location (Headquarters):Snina, Slovakia
- Year Established:2002


Peterplast Slovakia is a packaging solution that provides businesses with high-quality LDPE and HDPE products for their storage, transportation, and packaging needs.
Their company was founded on the principle that customers’ needs are paramount. As a result, they have made it our mission to provide the highest quality products at an affordable price point. They also take pride in our expertise and ability to provide the best solutions for your business needs.

Products & Services Offered

 – LDPE and HDPE Bags
– LDPE Films
– HDPE Films
– Bubble Wrap
– Special Films

Main Markets:

Textile Plants

9. Eurofilms


- Website:https://www.eurofilms.com/
- Type of Business:Customer-focused manufacturer
- Location (Headquarters):Telford, Shropshire (UK)


Eurofilms is the UK’s largest independent manufacturer of pallet wrap, stretch film, and collation shrink film. They offer a wide range of products and services that help you save time and money in your packaging operations—and constantly innovate to keep up with the latest trends in the industry. Their latest film extrusion lines, technologically advanced rewind systems, and continuous investment in product development ensure they continually expand production capabilities.

Products & Services Offered

– Standard Conventional Stretch Film
– Euro-lite Stretch Film
– Euro-lite Coreless Stretch Film
– Machine applied Stretch Film
– Collation Shrink Film
– Bags and Sacks
– Covers and Sheets
– PE form film seal auto packing films
– PE Stretch Hood Film/LDPE Shrink Hood Film
– POF Shrink Film

Main Markets:

Pallet wrap/stretch film packaging

10. ERGIS S.A.


- Website:https://ergis.eu/en/contents/customers/pe-stretch-films
- Type of Business:Manufacturer of films for packaging
- Location (Headquarters):Warsaw, Poland
- Year Established:2017


ERGIS is a leader in plastics processing in Central and Eastern Europe. They manufacture films for packaging food, industrial packaging, and pharmaceuticals.
ERGIS products are used by companies ranging from large multinationals to small businesses that need quality materials at affordable prices. They produce films and PVC compounds from food packaging to industrial applications.
Their state-of-the-art production facility allows them to produce high-quality products with consistent quality standards at competitive prices. They offer superior turnaround times, reliable delivery methods, and flexible payment options for customers’ convenience.

Main Markets:

Films for packaging pharmaceuticals, hydro-insulating films and PVC compounds.


These are the top 10 stretch film manufacturers in Europe. When you’re looking for quality packaging solutions that will keep your products safe and secure, these companies offer a wide range of options to meet your needs.

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