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Top 10 stretch film manufacturers in India in 2022

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India has diverse cultures, languages, religions, and traditions. It is also a country that has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately. While it is true that India has had some issues with its economy recently, it is still one of the most promising countries to invest in.

One of the biggest reasons for this is its manufacturing industry. The manufacturing industry in India has seen tremendous growth over the last few years, and there are many reasons for this, including low-cost labor, a skilled labor force, and easy access to raw materials. Many companies worldwide have already set up shops in India because of these factors and others, such as tax incentives offered by various state governments across India.

The manufacturing sector has grown so much over the past few years that over 20 million people are employed in this sector alone! This means that there are many opportunities available for those who wish to work within this field but do not know where or how to begin their journey into this industry which can be intimidating at first glance due to its sheer size alone! To help make things easier for everyone who wants to pursue careers within this field, we have compiled a list of the TOP 10 companies which manufacture stretch film products.



- http://www.stretchfilmmanufacturer.in/
- Type of Business:Packaging Company
- Location (Headquarters):Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
- Year Established:1999


Strecken India is a packaging manufacturer specializing in stretch film for pallets and LLDPE cling film. Strecken India manufactures and sells more than 250 metric tons of high-performance blown stretch film monthly in South India.
Strecken India is committed to offering complete solutions for all business requirements. Strecken India’s mission is to deliver comprehensive packaging solutions while being competitive in the global market. Strecken India has a Blown LLDPE Stretch Wrapping Film production capability of around 3,000 metric tons annually.
Strecken India is a manufacturer of 3-layer Blown Pallet-Wrap stretch film. Strecken India provides unrivaled raw material availability. Production is expected to reach 10,000 tons by 2015. SMART STRETCH 100, 200, 250, and 300 have thicknesses ranging from 15 to 50 microns, and jumbo reels are the same length as ordinary rolls but feature larger diameter core tubes (up to 20 inches).

Products & Services Offered

1. Stretch Film
– Hand Stretch Film
– Machine Stretch Film
– Pre Stretch Film
– Printed Stretch Film
– VCI Stretch Film
– Anti Static Stretch Film
– Coloured Stretch Film
2. Stretch Wrapping Machines
– Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine
– Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine
– Box Stretch Wrapping Machine
– Horizontal Ring Stretch Wrapping Machine
– Fabric Roll Wrapping Machine
– Coil Wrapping Machine



- https://stretchnwrap.com/
- Type of Business:Manufacturer of stretch cling films
- Location (Headquarters):Gujarat, India
- Year Established:2015


Stretch N Wrap International is a global leader in the production and distribution of stretch cling films. We specialize in providing our clients with reliable quality Stretch Cling Films that can be used to pack almost anything from buttons to heavy machinery. Our advanced tools and techniques ensure that we can provide you with all of the options you need to ensure that your products are protected from damage during transit, storage, or handling.
We offer Hand Grade Stretch Film, Machine Grade Stretch Film, Food Grade Stretch Film, Pre Stretched Film, VCI Stretch Film, Anti Static Stretch Film, UV Stretch Films, Coloured Stretch Film, and Mini Stretch Film Rolls with vast options of choices.

Products & Services Offered




- http://www.shrinklabel.co.in/
- Type of Business:Manufacturer, exporter and supplier of packaging products.
- Location (Headquarters):New Delhi, India
- Year Established:1974


Manoj Plastics is a leading manufacturer of multi-color shrink labels, sleeves, and pre-forms for beverages and cosmetic brands.
Their dedicated team of engineers and experienced professionals use PVC blown film, PVC calendar shrink film, and PET G shrink film with higher shrinkage requirements of up to 75%. Manufacturing neck sleeves in cut sleeve form, roll form and pre-form shape.
Manoj Plastics has three rotogravure printing machines enabling us to produce 30 lac pieces daily. Their superior-quality materials are used across various industries. They have been designed to be highly adaptable, glossy, and transparent to improve the aesthetics of your product while providing instant identification.
They are easy to pack and prevent duplication while improving product image and sales. The packaging material can also be used for beverages, the cosmetic brand-making industry, or any other product category where information needs to be printed on it. The neck sleeves are available in different sizes per customer’s needs, so they can easily fit on bottles, cans, or tins when heated, leaving no adhesive marks on the containers.
The PET shrink film is environmentally friendly, making it an excellent choice for consumers who want sustainable packaging options for their products!

Products & Services Offered

– Pvc Shrink Film
– Shrink Label
– Holographic Sleeves
– Polyolefin Pouch/Bags
– Pof Film
– Shrink Tunnels
– Pvc Shrink Film
– Label
– Sleeves
– Performs

4.Vasu Polymers India Private Limited

Vasu Polymers India Private Limited

- https://www.vasustretchfilm.com/
- Type of Business:Manufacturer and Supplier of Stretch Films
- Location (Headquarters):Delhi, India
- Year Established:2004


Vasu Polymer India, the leader in premium quality stretch films, offers a wide range of products designed to provide cost-effective solutions for protecting and transporting goods.
The company offers odorless and smooth-in-touch films at highly reasonable market price points in diverse thickness, length, and size specifications. These films are also flexible, strong, lightweight products in various colors.
Vasu Polymer India’s films have unique properties like high elasticity, impressive finishing, and moisture repellency. To ensure superior quality standards across all its production processes, the company has undertaken stringent quality tests by expert auditors.
The company is equipped with state-of-the-art technology at its technologically advanced infrastructure facility to ensure that its products meet industry guidelines for quality.

Products & Services Offered

– Stretch Films

– Transparent Stretch Film

– Green Stretch Film

– Stretch Poly Film

– Colored Stretch Film

– PE stretch film

– Black stretch film

– Blue Stretch Film

– PE Stretch Film

– Wrapping Film

– Packaging Wrap Film

– Transparent Wrapping Film

– Stretch Wrapping Films

– Colored Stretch Wrap

– PE Film

– PE Lamination Film

– PE Stretch Film

– Diaper Backsheet PE Film

– Blowing PE Film Roll

– LD Film

– LLDP Stretch Film

– LD Shrink Film

– LD Transparent Shrink Film

5.Stretch Film

Stretch Film

- http://www.detonpack.com/Hyderabad-India.html
- Type of Business:Manufacturer of Plastic Shrink & Stretch Film, Cling Film, Mulch Films, Agriculture Film, Plastic Garbage Bags, Packaging Printed Tapes, Plastic Polythene Sheet, Warning Tapes, Printed Bags, Plastic Nursery Bags, Pallet Wrapper Machines
- Location (Headquarters):Hyderabad, Telangana - India
- Year Established:2015


Deton Pack is a trusted firm engaged in manufacturing and exporting. They have designed our products using the latest technology, which fits today’s requirements. They procure optimum quality raw materials from reliable industry vendors to manufacture our products.
Deton Pack products are designed under the guidance and expertise of professionals who appreciate their supreme quality, excellent finish, lightweight, unique designs, and tear and water resistance features.
Deton Pack has a well-organized infrastructure spread across a vast area of land controlled by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who hold in-depth knowledge about their respective domains and are well-versed with market trends and the demands of customers.

6.Pep-Cee Pack Industries

Pep-Cee Pack Industries

- https://www.pepceepack.net/
- Type of Business:manufacturers, wholesalers, exporters, suppliers, and importers of high-quality Nursery and Garbage Bag
- Location (Headquarters):India
- Year Established:2003


Pep Cee Pack Industries is a leading manufacturer of high-quality Nursery and Garbage bags. Their bags are designed to be long-lasting, simple to use, sturdy in their design, and smooth in their finish. They are committed to offering our clients the best quality products at reasonable prices and within the assured time frame.
Pep Cee Pack has an ultra-modern infrastructure with a team of talented professionals who work towards achieving excellence in all aspects of our business. Industry-set parameters guide their quality policy. They believe that ethical business policies, prompt delivery (on time), competitive price structure, and client-centric approach are key factors for success in any business venture.

7.Rainbow Flexipack

Rainbow Flexipack

- https://rainbowflexipackindore.tradeindia.com/
- Type of Business:Manufacturer and Supplier
- Location (Headquarters):Madhya Pradesh, India
- Year Established:1976


Rainbow Flexipack provides food and other item packaging solutions to help you safeguard your goods from external damage. Their PVC Twist Wrap Film, Cling Film, and other products comprise PVC, plastic, and LDPE. These materials are best suited for commercial, hospitality, home & industrial applications.
Our products are available under the brand “Smart Wrap.” They are anti-static and moisture-proof. They are compatible with both high & low-temperature conditions. You can use these products to store food in microwave ovens and refrigerators.

8.Samridhi Packaging Film Pvt Ltd

Samridhi Packaging Film Pvt Ltd

- http://www.spfstretchfilm.com/
- Type of Business:Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter
- Location (Headquarters):Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh, India
- Year Established:2013


Samridhi Packaging Film Pvt. Ltd. is the leading supplier of packaging films and products for industrial and retail manufacturing sectors such as automotive, heavy machinery, food & beverage, medical, pharmaceutical, Textile & biotech.
They offer a range of stretch films, hand-grade, machine-grade films, air bubble sheets and rolls, and specialty films of different sizes and thicknesses to customers. The usage of these products extends product shelf life, enhancing its presentation and protection against scratches.
Samridhi Packaging films are made from high-quality raw materials, which are used with advanced technology to ensure that they comply with all quality standards. Their products have high tensile strength, high gloss, and clarity over a wide range of temperatures so that they can be used without any issues, even in extreme climatic conditions.

Products & Services Offered

– Hand Grade Film

– Cast Manual Stretch Film

– Baby Roll Film

– Extended Core Film

– Pre Stretch Film Food Grade

– Cling Stretch Film

– Machine Grade Film

– Jumbo Roll Film

– Cast Stretch Film

– Specialty Film

– Specialty Film Color

– Specialty Film UVI

– Anti-Corrosive VCI Film

9.Agarwal Technoplast Private Limited

Agarwal Technoplast Private Limited

- https://www.agarwaltechnoplast.com/
- Type of Business:Exporter and Manufacturer
- Location (Headquarters):Maharashtra, India
- Year Established:2010


Agarwal Technoplast Private uses excellent-grade basic material and sophisticated technology they ensure that the products are unmatched in quality. They are moisture proof and have high tear strength and long span life. They are easy to use and UV resistant too.
Agarwal Technoplast Private Limited has been providing its clients with innovative solutions through its continuous efforts towards innovation and research. We believe in customer satisfaction and thus strive hard to meet all the requirements of our clients by offering them products that are not only reliable but also cost-effective.

10.Shri Swastik Mac-Tech (India) Pvt Ltd

Shri Swastik Mac-Tech (India) Pvt Ltd

- https://shriswastikmactech.com/
- Type of Business:Manufacturer
- Location (Headquarters):India, Chennai


Swastik Group of Companies is a packaging machinery manufacturer that specializes in high-performance BOPP slitting machines, BOPP coating plants, stretch film two-layer and three-layer 1000 mm and 1500 mm machines, corrugated sheet cutting machines, semi and fully automatic shrink packaging machines, shrink tunnels and PVC insulation tape adhesive coating plants.
They are committed to providing optimal solutions to our clients through our vast range of products. Their focus is on designing innovative packaging machinery that can be customized to suit the needs of their customers.

Products & Services Offered

– 3 Layer Stretch Film Making Machine
– 2 Layer Stretch Film Making Machine
– PVC Insulation Tape Coating Machine
– Bopp Tape Coating Machine
– Shrink Packing Machine
– Semi Automatic Masking Tape Slicer Machine
– Box Board Cutting Machine
– Masking Tape Slicer Machine
– Core Loading Machine


The world of stretch film is vast, with many manufacturers and distributors vying for your attention. While you might not know much about the industry, there are some things you can look for when shopping around. We hope this helps you to make an informed choice when choosing a stretch film manufacturer for your business.

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