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Top 10 stretch film manufacturers in Canada in 2023

in Canada in 2023

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Using a stretch film is a must, especially when exporting and importing products like in Canada. Do you want to know which manufacturers made it to the top as the producers of the stretch film? Here’s an article that will give you basic information about the top suppliers of this product.
The top manufacturers of stretch film in Canada include Crawford Packaging, Liberty Intercept, and
KEY PACK can produce the best made of product that is made by their experts and can be shipped globally including their shrink films, intercept products, machine wrap, and hand wrap films.
Do you want to more about these companies and brands so you to choose which of these manufacturers will supply the stretch films that you need? Let’s get into it.

1. Crawford Packaging

Type of Business: Packaging Supplier and Manufacturer
Location (Headquarters): London, Ontario, Canada
Year Established: 1963


For more than 50 years, Crawford Packaging has provided knowledge-based packaging solutions. Our highly skilled team of packaging experts has collaborated closely with corporations to produce amazing cost-saving outcomes. Crawford’s Pillars are the result of this skill.
Crawford Packaging has honed its packaging skills over time. They collaborate with top-tier manufacturers and providers of packaging supplies and equipment to comprehend how even minor adjustments can have a significant effect.
A fundamental group of initiatives that concentrate on packaging performance has resulted as a result of this. They have used these fundamental ideas to construct thorough packaging programs for our main product lines.

Products & Services Offered by Crawford Packaging:

1. Stretch Film
2. Shrink Film
3. Protective/Void Fill Packaging

Main Markets:

Mexico, Italy, Pakistan, Spain, Germany, China, and the Netherlands

2. Liberty Intercept

Type of Business: Packaging Supplier and Manufacturer
Location (Headquarters): California, USA
Year Established: 1996


Massachusetts-based Liberty Intercept, formerly Liberty Packaging, is a woman-owned small business. The packaging materials from the Intercept TechnologyTM range, which we offer to businesses and organizations in the eastern part of the US, including the US government, are Liberty’s main focus.
Whether it’s Intercept or another type of industrial barrier packaging, Liberty works closely with clients and prospects to determine the best packaging for their needs. They have partnered with authorized packaging distributors who offer delivery, warehousing, packing, and crating services.
Since our company’s founding in 1996, Liberty staff members have honed their skills in advising businesses on how to carefully select packaging to address problems like those caused by corrosion/rust, electrostatic discharge, fungus growth, contamination problems, worker safety in packing rooms, and supply chain product integrity.

Products & Services Offered by Liberty Intercept:

1. Stretch Film
2. Shrink Film
3. Intercept Scrim
4. Intercept Woven
5. Intercept Fabric

Main Markets:

USA, India, London, United Kingdom, Africa, Egypt, and Israel

3. Vallen Canada

Type of Business: Packaging Supplier and Manufacturer
Location (Headquarters): Alberta, Canada
Year Established: 1937


Century Vallen decided to stand under a new name that better represents the firm as a whole after more than 80 years of expertise, consistent expansion, several mergers, and a purchase by Hagemeyer. Today, Vallen Canada is one of the most seasoned and forward-thinking providers of industrial goods and services in the nation, with 24 branches spread across the nation and a headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta.
In the business-to-business supply of safety, janitorial, and MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations) products and services, Vallen has unmatched expertise.
Their stretch films provide you with the best value because of their excellent elongation. You may wrap your load with less film and feel confident that your product will reach safely thanks to its outstanding load retention. Their stretch films, which have high puncture resistance, can wrap even the most atypically shaped loads.

Products & Services Offered by Vallen Canada:

1. Stretch Film
2. Vapor Barrier Film
3. Hand Wrap Steel Cast

Main Markets:

USA, Canada, and Mexico
stretch flim

4. Malpack

Type of Business: Packaging Supplier and Manufacturer
Location (Headquarters): Ontario, Canada
Year Established: 1973


With a large portfolio that includes everything from basic stretch films to ultra-high-performance goods, Malpack provides you with the whole solution to your stretch film demands. Selecting the proper film for your purpose involves several considerations. Their representatives are qualified to assist you with this decision-making process and show you the ideal film for your budget and load requirements.
At Malpack, they have been converting, extruding, and producing films for more than 40 years. In the film industry, they have been at the forefront of innovation and progress because of our dedication to providing top-notch goods and outstanding customer service.
Since its inception in 1998, the Canadian and American markets have experienced great growth, and the installation of their new extrusion line in early 2015 has increased their capacity.

Products & Services Offered by Malpack:

1. Stretch Films
2. Hand Films
3. Machine Films
4. Specialty Films

Main Markets:

USA, Canada


Type of Business: Packaging Supplier and Manufacturer
Location (Headquarters): Ontario, Canada
Year Established: 1994


Our objective is to produce and offer the best stretch films in the domestic and international markets. Our superiority is guaranteed by modern automated palletizing and packaging systems built on cutting-edge technology, a knowledgeable team of specialists and engineers, and devoted, cutting-edge stretch film production lines.
One of the biggest independent providers of packaging solutions in Ontario is KeyPak. However, we prefer to think of ourselves as a bunch of Canucks who think that shipping materials ought to be reasonably priced and delivered quickly.
In London, Ontario, KeyPak was founded as a family business in 1994. After 28 years in the business, we have perfected their skills. You can rely on them to deliver on time and within budget thanks to our strategically placed warehouses and effective ordering process.

Products & Services Offered by KEYPAK:

1. Stretch Films
2. Standard Hand Wrap Stretch Films
3. Hand Stretch Films
4. Black Films
5. Standard Cast Machine Films
6. Vented Films
7. Premium Cast Machine Films

Main Markets:

USA, Canada

6. Luban Pack manufacturer

Type of Business: Packaging Supplier and Manufacturer
Location (Headquarters): Ontario, Canada
Year Established: 2009


Plastic bags, trash bags, stretch film, cling film, shrink film, masking tape, paper cups, aluminum foils, and all kinds of poly sheeting and poly films are among the products that Luban Pack manufactures, exports, and wholesale supplies.
They have one of the largest in-stock stocks of packaging supplies, including 55+ sizes of plastic bags, and one of the largest wholesale plastic bag inventories in the Middle East. All of these things are ready for rapid dispatch. No issue if you require plastic bags with bespoke printing or sizes.
In addition to hotels, industrial, retail, manufacturing, chemical, electronic, military, pharmaceutical, commercial, agricultural, food, medical, automotive, and paper or plastic & packaging wholesalers, they serve as the foundation for all forms of packaging. With their doorstep direct, wholesale pricing, and 100% quality material, they can customize any of your poly items to your exact specifications.

Products & Services Offered by Luban Pack manufacturer:

1. Stretch Films
2. Hand Roll Stretch Films
3. Jumbo Roll Stretch Films
4. Machine Roll Stretch Films
5. Recycle Roll Stretch Films
6. Baby Roll Stretch Films
7. Bundling Stretch Films
8. Extended Core Stretch Films
9. Cast Stretch Films

Main Markets:

Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Australia, Canada, France, India, Italy, and Africa

7. Sigma Stretch Film

Type of Business: Packaging Supplier and Manufacturer
Location (Headquarters): Ontario, Canada
Year Established: 1989


Sigma Stretch Film has a distinct perspective on the stretch packaging market that is centered on the value they provide to its clients through its unique products, qualified customer support staff, and the most knowledgeable sales reps in the sector. You may identify The Industry Leader by including five cutting-edge production facilities across North America with some of the most cutting-edge manufacturing and quality control systems.
They created a 12,000-square-foot Training Center and Packaging Assessment Lab in Shelbyville, Kentucky called Packworx because they believe that their distinct, value-added, go-to-market strategy is their major point of differentiation.
The research, sales training, and customer service provided by Packworx are unmatched in the sector; this sets them apart, and they are proud of it.

Products & Services Offered by Sigma Stretch Film:

1. Stretch Films
2. Hand Films
3. Machine Films
4. Pre-Stretched Films

Main Markets:

Europe, North America, USA

8. Kingchuan Packaging

Type of Business: Stretch Film Manufacturer
Location (Headquarters): Avenue Dorval, Canada
Year Established: 1992


Kingchuan Packaging, the largest leading plastic film supplier in China, provides the most advanced, premium goods together with the greatest customer support in the market. They were able to do this thanks to our adaptable pricing structure, cutting-edge technology, and tried-and-true procedures.
Specialized packaging films known as stretch films are made from linear low-density polyethylene resins. These films are prepared via extrusion methods. Cast stretch films are produced by Kingchuan using the cast extrusion method, and blown stretch films are created using the blown extrusion method.
Stretch films with UV inhibitors from Kingchuan are used to protect goods kept outside from dangerous UV rays. The operator can handle these films more easily because they are lighter. Most of these films can be recycled. These films can function effectively in a variety of temperatures. Because of this, you can use it to package both hot and frozen goods.

Products & Services Offered by Kingchuan Packaging:

1. Stretch Films
2. Glossy Films
3. Matte Films
4. Thermal Lamination Films
5. Adhesive Tape Films
6. Heat Sealable Films
7. Pearlized Films

Main Markets:

China, Canada, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Ghana, Czechia, Cyprus, Chile, and Ecuador


Website: https://impakpackaging.com/contact-us/
Type of Business: Packaging Supplier and Manufacturer
Location (Headquarters): Ontario, Canada
Year Established: 1995


Leading distributor of packaging tools, supplies, and services in Canada is Impak Packaging. The food and industrial sectors are their main markets. We offer a variety of packaging solutions to suit every customer demand, including shrink wrap systems, pallet wrappers, case sealers, form/fill, and seal machines, and more.
To use the most recent technology, Impak’s premises underwent a comprehensive renovation in January 2013 that included new offices and a new computer system. Impak Packaging became the largest independent distributor of shrink film for Sealed Air/Cryovac in 2014, moving up to the top spot in Canada. To expand our market offers, they launched our “Impak” brand of packaging machinery in 2015.
Their customers will gain from an even greater selection of shrink, stretch, warehousing supplies, and corrugate materials, as well as quicker and better customer service, in addition to an extended reach across Canada.

Products & Services Offered by IMPAK PACKAGING SYSTEMS INC.:

1. Stretch Films
2. Shrink Films
3. Package Films

Main Markets:

USA, Canada

10. Second Packaging Inc

Type of Business: Stretch Wrapping Packaging Manufacturer
Location (Headquarters): Toronto, Canada
Year Established: 1989


Second Packaging supplies a full array of stretch wrap films for your pallet wrapping needs and is one of the best stretch wrap film providers in Toronto. The product lineup is created right here in Ontario and offers the best value for clients with high-quality expectations at competitive rates, with the film available in any gauge, color, or width.
To improve your workflow, Second Packaging offers a complete array of packaging equipment. Conveyorized systems, safety fencing, and semi- and fully automatic machinery are all produced in Canada. A knowledgeable staff with experience in stretch wrap production and the ability to build and modify the best solution for your packaging needs meticulously crafted the extensive array of pallet wrappers offered by Second Packaging.
Malpack goods are proudly sold by Second Packaging at competitive pricing. Our long-standing relationship began 25 years ago when Malpack became the country’s first maker of stretch wrap film.

Products & Services Offered by Second Packaging Inc:

1. Stretch Films
2. Protection Films
3. Handwrap Films
4. Machine Wrap Films
5. Specialty Films

Main Markets:

USA, Canada


I hope this article helps you decide which of these manufacturers can supply you with the best packaging solutions and stretch film products for whatever you need. Rest assured that these top producers of stretch film services have the best-made set of different types of stretch and shrink films that you’re looking for.
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