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How long does stretch wrap last

How long does stretch wrap last

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Have you ever wondered how long a stretch wrap lasts? In this article, we’ll be going to discuss how a stretch wrap works and have the best conclusion as to whether to use this product for the application that you need.

Stretch wrap typically lasts ONE year after you first receive it. The stretch wrap can be shielded from breakdown by the additives such as phenyl salicylate, nickel salts, and zinc oxide for nine to twelve months. You must store them appropriately during that period by making the most of climate control.

Do you want to know more about the scope, its service life, the factors that affect it, and how to prolong its service life to determine if you should use a stretch wrap? Continue reading to find out.

1. The scope of use of stretch film

Stretch film is used to secure the palletized goods to the pallet and to one another. supporting the reduction of product loss, load tampering, and worker injuries. Stretch film comes in a range of widths, thicknesses, and kinds.

2. The service life of the stretch film

life of the stretch film
Stretch films will generally last for one year from the time you receive them.
You might need to put more sophisticated temperature control systems in place if your packaging business is situated in a region that experiences extreme weather all year round. If so, it would be wise to collaborate with your neighborhood packaging specialist to help with the adoption of any specialized or special material storage methods.

3. What are the factors that affect the service life of stretch film?

raw material

Polyethylene, the material used to make the stretch film, deteriorates quickly when exposed to UV light. Over time, the degradation makes the plastic wrap lose its capacity to stretch and cling, rendering the film useless.

Indoor environment

Dust-exposed films may also result in problems. Stretch film loses its capacity to stretch correctly when it accumulates too much dust. Dust buildup can cause the stretch film to not stretch properly, which can cause moderate to severe issues with your equipment and goods.

The temperature

Stretch films will experience problems if kept in extreme heat or cold for an extended amount of time. Your films will shrink as a result of excessive heat, which can interfere with your gear by making it more prone to jamming.

The viscosity of stretch film

Usually, if too much time has passed, your seal’s operating range may become limited, and/or the film may clog. Some stretch films could go from white or clear to yellow. If you observe this color change, it is due to air that was caught throughout the winding process and eventually let go.

4. How to prolong the service life of stretch film?Stretch Film Jumb roll

A. Stretch film should be stored in a dry and pollution-free environment

To keep the stretch wrapping film away from sticky substances, it must be stored in a dry, clean area.
B. Do not touch some sticky things, and do not place near chemicals.
To prevent corrosive damage, avoid combining chemicals with stretch wrapping material.
C. Do not expose to the sun for a long time, and do not avoid heavy rain.
The stretch wrapping film should make an effort to stay out of the heat and out of heavy rain erosion. Store it somewhere dry; stay away from a humid environment.
D. When storing, it is recommended that you choose a well-ventilated space and keep it clean.
As far as possible, the stretch wrapping film should be kept in a clean, hygienic atmosphere. The area where the stretch film is kept should have adequate ventilation.
When using the aforementioned techniques, we must be mindful of them, pick a location that is shaded and well-ventilated, avoid moisture and sunscreen, and extend the stretch wrapping film’s length as much as possible. lives, to prevent unneeded losses for businesses.

5. How to judge whether the stretch film can be used?

a. the color is light yellow

Processing techniques or additives like color masterbatch are the main causes of the yellowish tint. The production of the stretch film has advanced significantly, and some manufacturers are attempting to alter the formula to produce varied features, which are mostly reflected in three areas: color, stretch rate, and self-adhesive.
The use of stretch film is not necessarily impacted by a single color change. It is well known that the process’s melt temperature is frequently tuned to modify the stretch film’s color but not its transparency.
The stretch ratio and self-adhesiveness are unaffected by the color of the stretched film. The stretch film’s quality will typically be subpar if the color is not natural. If the self-adhesive and elongational qualities are lost, they may become contaminated and useless.
In conclusion, if the stretched film is light yellow but maintains its transparency, elongation, self-adhesiveness, and lack of odor, it may be chosen. If any of the stretch film’s four aforementioned indicators change, stop using it.

b. transparency, elongation

The stretched film can come into contact with sharp objects at high stretch magnification thanks to its strong transverse tear resistance and good puncture performance. The corners or edges do not break, and the high yield point makes the packaged goods more tightly wound. Pre-stretching and reduced material consumption are made possible by high longitudinal elongation.

c. self-adhesive

Stretch film, a transparent sheet with no adhesive, is used to tightly bind objects together and wrap boxes on pallets. Because the film is resin-based, its price varies with the price of crude. It can be applied manually and only be 3 inches broad, or it can be machine applied and up to 20 inches wide. The thickness of the film, which ranges from 40 gauge to 120 gauge, can be cast or blown. The type of film and its thickness is determined by the items and forms being wrapped.

d.no smell

A fairly direct means of discrimination is by smell. Typically, there isn’t a significant smell when we smell stretch film composed of PE material. On the other hand, we might detect a scent that makes the stretch film more tolerable; for example, a PVC stretch film gives off a strong plastic odor. The smell of plastic cannot be hidden, not even by the addition of chemicals or other aromatics.


May this article helps you to decide whether to use a stretch wrap or stretch film in your applications that you need or not. This guide will help you to go through specific details of the product as you explore the necessary information such as its service life functions and the implementation of a stretch wrap.
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