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Top 10 stretch film manufacturers in Chile in 2022

Top 10 stretch film manufacturers in Chile

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Chile is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after markets for stretch film manufacturing due to its favorable business climate and transportation infrastructure. With steady growth in industry demand, several manufacturers have created a foothold in the region. This article outlines the top 10 stretch film manufacturers located in Chile. From multinational conglomerates to localized titans of industry, these companies demonstrate why they compete in an international arena concerning innovation, quality, and affordability. You can expect a comprehensive review of each brand and up-to-date market insights that will help guide your decision-making process when selecting the proper manufacturer for your unique needs.

Top 10 stretch film manufacturers in Chile:

  1. Staco Gratings UK Ltd
  2. GlobalSpec
  3. Sunj Grating Limited
  4. Lightgitter Kennedy
  5. Lionweld Kennedy
  6. The Metal Store
  8. Royce Grating Limited
  10. Midland Gratings Limited


Regarding sourcing stretch films for your business needs, Chile is a top contender in the industry. With excellent production capabilities, abundant raw materials, and a skilled labor force, Chile manufacturers can create some of the highest-quality stretch films on the market. This article will provide an overview of the Top 10 Stretch Film Manufacturers in Chile so you can find the right partner to meet your requirements. From experienced exporters of big-name brands to smaller startups producing cutting-edge innovations, each factory presents diverse capabilities and advantages. With this guide, find out more about these leading companies and make the best choice for your next stretch film purchase from Chile.



Type of Business: Logistics Solution
Location (Headquarters): Macul, Santiago.
Year Established: 1984


Demarka is an innovative gear for the office and home, as well as high-tech products for printing, labeling, and data capture. Demarka’s goal is to provide its customers with quality, reliable equipment that meets their current and future needs. They are dedicated to staying ahead of the competition by utilizing cutting-edge technology, investing in research and development, and training our employees in the latest trends in our industry. They strive to be a leader in offering solutions that go beyond what traditional products currently offer. Demarka’s wide range of products includes stationery items such as pens, paper clips, binders, staplers, and more; cutting-edge hardware such as inkjet printers and label printers; and software developed exclusively by their team of experts. They also offer custom printing services such as logo and large-format printing. To ensure they can meet all of their customers’ needs, they use only top-of-the-line components from trusted manufacturers. Furthermore, they do everything possible to ensure that each product is tested thoroughly before it leaves their production facility to meet the highest standards of quality control. At Demarka, they firmly believe that customer satisfaction comes first – no matter what!

Products & Services Offered

1.Stretch Film



Type of Business: Commercial and export
Location (Headquarters): Business Park - Pudahuel. Santiago
Year Established: 1990


Commercial And export LTDA is a company founded more than 30 years ago with a strong mission to provide its customers with the best products in terms of price-quality ratio and technology. They are a recognized distributor of safety knives, anti-cut gloves, scissors, packaging supplies, sealers, measuring instruments, and many other products for different sectors. They have achieved this due to their strong technical structure, which allows them to deliver 100% reliable services. Moreover, they have enhanced their range of products by adding heat-retractable polyolefin film with FDA certification and Stretch Film made from low-density polyethylene. Both products have exceptional features such as perfect transparency, resistance, and an excellent sealing finish. These attributes make them ideal for various applications, including the food industry, medical sector, etc.

Products & Services Offered

  1. Hand Stretcher
  2. Automatic Film Stretch Roll
  3. 6 Rolls Film Stretch Manual
  4. 6 Rolls Film Stretch Manual 500MM 20M 2.24 kg



Type of Business: Commercial and Manufacturer
Location (Headquarters): Macul Santiago
Year Established: 1950


Lorenzini is a company that has been in the market for more than 60 years, having the opportunity to learn and grow continuously. It has developed strong, long-term commercial relationships with key suppliers from all over the world.

Lorenzini participates in three different industrial segments as a decisive and ongoing player, known for its innovation, dedication, and loyalty to its more than 500 customers. With the implementation of their successful business model, the company’s Board of Directors strives to motivate them to develop new products, solutions, and areas.

The main objective is to become present in Chile and throughout Latin America in a short period. Their commitment translates into complete customer satisfaction by offering excellent products at competitive prices, always striving for quality control and technological excellence

Thanks to its business model based on innovation, trust, and long-term relationships with suppliers and customers alike, Lorenzini has become one of the leading companies in its sector.

Products & Services Offered

  1. Transparent Stretch Film
  2. Stretch Film Black



Type of Business: Online Marketplace
Location (Headquarters): Montevideo Uruguay
Year Established: 1999


Mercado Libre is one of the leading e-commerce companies in Latin America. Founded in 1999, it has become a significant player in the region’s digital economy and now serves over 20 countries throughout Central and South America. Its main business units include MarketPlace, Mercado Pago, Mercado Publicado, Mercado Shops, and Mercado Crédito. MarketPlace allows users to easily buy and sell products online, while Mercado Pago’s secure payment platform enables businesses to accept payment for their goods easily. Mercado Publicado is the company’s advertising arm providing marketing solutions to manufacturers, retailers, and other corporate entities. Mercado Shops is geared towards enhancing the overall experience on the platform by providing targeted services tailored to individual user needs. Finally, Mercado Crédito provides customers access to a wide range of credit lines for buying goods online or paying for services purchased from various vendors on the platform. Mercado Libre is well-positioned as a leader in Latin American commerce solutions with its broad scope of operations and diverse offerings.

Products & Services Offered

  • Black Stretch Film for packaging
  • Transparent film for food
  • Transparent stretch film
  • Kitchen Plastic film Paper roll
  • Alusa stretch film
  • Alusa plast kitchen PVC Film
  • Film roll for glasses fogged frosted used window
  • Alusa blue film roll
  • Triple dispenser set for paper nova film
  • Paper dispenser film cutter roll holder

5.PROMA Chile


Type of Business: Exporter and Manufacturer
Location (Headquarters): Bodega G34, Quilicura
Year Established: 1991


Proma Chile is a company that provides quality products to the plastics industry. Their goal is to meet their clients’ needs by offering them a wide range of products that have been produced according to the highest standards in the market. They are committed to providing solutions tailored to each client, guaranteeing excellent service and professional advice that allows them to serve different industries such as packaging, manufacturing, automotive, food, and beverage. They are constantly looking for new ways to improve our services and keep up with the latest developments in plastic technology. In addition, they have established alliances with leading suppliers so that they can provide quality products at competitive prices. Their commitment is to ensure that all their customers receive high-quality products that meet their expectations and needs.

Products & Services Offered:

  • Stretch film box 2.0 kg
  • Stretch film box 1.4 kg
  • Stretch film box 2.0 kg
  • Stretch film box 1.1 kg



Type of Business: Industrial hardware
Location (Headquarters): San Antonio Valparaíso Region - Chile
Year Established: 2004


METALMAR, with 25 years of experience in the industrial hardware market, has established itself as a leader in providing specialized tools and safety equipment to businesses operating across San Antonio, the V Region, and Santiago. Their pride is on stocking only the best products from leading manufacturers, offering their customers high-quality items at competitive prices. Their team comprises highly trained professionals who specialize in providing outstanding customer service from start to finish, from quotes and advice to delivery. They are committed to driving forward local industry by acting as a strong agent for development within our region. Furthermore, they have a wide selection of items available for purchase and rental, which can be tailored to suit individual requirements. Their company culture is built upon trust, integrity, and reliability – values that allow them to form close relationships with their clients and ensure their satisfaction.

Products & Services Offered:

  1. Rollo film stretch manual natural
  2. Film protector lens cover

7.Hotmelt Chile

Hotmelt Chile

Type of Business: Importer and Distributor
Location (Headquarters): Santiago, Región Metropolitana
Year Established: 2002


Hotmelt Chile is a company that specializes in the commercialization of silicone adhesives, hot melt, supplies for their use, and hot melt guns. They have more than 20 years of experience in this field and are proud to have established strong customer relationships. They aim to provide the highest quality products at competitive prices while improving their price competitiveness and quality standards. To achieve this goal, they emphasize continuously researching new products and technologies available to ensure that their customers receive the best possible service. They also strive to foster an environment of trust between themselves and their suppliers to maximize customer satisfaction. Additionally, they operate with an expansive distribution network from Santiago de Chile across the country so their customers can access their products wherever they may be. They take pride in providing reliable and high-quality adhesive solutions for businesses of all sizes, striving always to put them first.

Products & Services Offered:

  1. Supermarket pre-chopped bag roll
  2. stretch film pallet
  3. stretch film pallet machine



Type of Business: Distributor
Location (Headquarters): Miraflores 976 Temuco
Year Established: 2012


Papelymas is a company with over 10 years of experience in graphic design and advertising. We strive to provide our customers with quality products, both wholesale and retail, at the best prices. Our store stocks various products, including paper, cardboard, sublimation supplies, screen printing materials, and more. Whether you’re looking for crafting materials or specialized supplies for your graphics project, we guarantee you’ll find what you need in our store. We take pride in carrying an assortment of branded items from trusted suppliers such as Avery Dennison, HP Indigo, and Epson.

Furthermore, we are committed to providing the utmost customer service experience with fast delivery and hassle-free returns. Our staff is knowledgeable and equipped with the latest technologies to ensure that all your questions are answered efficiently. With Papelymas on your side, you can be sure that all your requirements will be met with quality assurance.

Products & Services Offered

  1. Film stretch 50cm x 20 mic
  2. Jumbo stretch film 50cm x 257mts



Type of Business: Manufacturer and Integral Distributor of Tools for Industrial Cleaning
Location (Headquarters): Martinez de Rozas
Year Established:


Surtiven is a specialized manufacturer and integral distributor of tools for industrial cleaning. They provide various products to help their customers with their cleaning needs. They also offer specialized solutions for specific industries and applications, such as food processing plants and hazardous waste disposal sites. Their experienced staff is knowledgeable about the different requirements that each industry has for its equipment and can help you find the perfect solution for your needs. All their products comply with relevant safety standards, making them safe to use in even the most demanding environments. At Surtiven, they strive to provide unparalleled customer service, including personalized attention to detail, fast delivery times, and competitive prices. They take great pride in their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction; every item is rigorously tested before shipment to ensure it meets the highest standards. Furthermore, all their employees receive continuous training to stay up-to-date on industry best practices.

Products & Services Offered:

  1. Transparent stretch film box
  2. Black stretch film roll
  3. Black stretch film box



Type of Business: Packaging Manufacturer
Location (Headquarters): Hill, Santiago


Soinpla is an innovative company dedicated to creating, manufacturing, and marketing high-quality products with recycled and virgin raw materials. They strive to provide the best solution to our customer’s needs in different industries while promoting a more sustainable industry. Their current focus is on producing sleeves or plastic bags made of 90% recycled raw material. They aim to transmit ecological responsibility to our clients within 5 years and design products that degrade in shorter periods. They also collaborate with clients to develop specialized products that reduce required resin usage, helping make industrial processes more efficient. As part of their commitment to sustainability and quality, they employ state-of-the-art technology for the production process. All materials are diligently tested for the highest standards before entering the market. They pride themselves on providing only the best quality product, ensuring all expectations are met while striving for customer satisfaction.

Products & Services Offered

  1. Roll garbage bags
  2. Compostable Bags
  3. Pull & Pack Compostable
  4. Pre-chopped rolls
  5. Taco bags
  6. Container bag
  7. Kidney dye bags
  8. T-shirt bags
  9. Garbage bags
  10. Film stretch
  11. Heat shrink film
  12. Protective Foil
  13. Folio or Protective Foil


Main Markets: European Countries


The Chilean stretch film market undoubtedly has excellent potential for growth due to its convenient location and numerous development opportunities. The top 10 manufacturers in this article lead this development, demonstrating their dedication to creating the highest quality packaging solutions to serve modern industrial markets. Through their innovation and collaboration with customers, they are paving the way for future success in Chile’s stretch film industry – a victory that will benefit all involved.

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